The Award Season Is Here

The Award Season Is Here

Nigerian_Blog_Awards_websiteThe Nigerian Blog Awards 2014 Is On! And someone needs the help of KDians to get nominated.

Not me o. lol. Kito Diaries is too controversial for such mainstream awards. Maybe, I’m wrong…I don’t know.

But this post is about a KD reader whose blog is in the running for nominations. The blog name is And it’s a literary blog that majorly details the actual lives of three biological brothers and their half-sibling, and all the drama they get up to in their family.

So here’s a humble request for y’all to take out a minute of your busy schedules to nominate for BEST NEW BLOG.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward but here is how it’s done:

1) Simply click on this direct link –

2) Kindly read through the instructions.

3) Fill your name, email address (functioning email and one you can easily access) and answer to the panelist question – either yes or No, that’s your decision

4) Write in the box in front of ‘Best new blog’. DO NOT include http:// or www.—for example, enter, not or or

5) Then click on ‘Submit notification’

6) Finally and most important, please do refer back to you email inbox to confirm nomination via the link that will be sent to you. Without this confirmation, all steps will be invalid.

Thank you so much. Please remember to spell the url correctly. It’s

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  1. enigmous
    January 21, 04:46 Reply

    Done. Any other request?

    Good Morning my KD family.

    • Pete
      January 21, 05:08 Reply

      Yea but it’s not for public consumption

  2. enigmous
    January 21, 05:15 Reply

    Lol, Pete. What can this “not for public consumption” request be?

    Speak, am listening.

      • enigmous
        January 21, 05:49 Reply

        So pinky, how best do you think “not for public request” can be passed across?

        Any ideas?

      • Pete
        January 21, 06:38 Reply

        Via Pinky of course

  3. Ace
    January 21, 05:24 Reply

    Hehehe Ok Mr. Pinky

  4. Pete
    January 21, 06:27 Reply

    I have a dream that soon blogs like Kitodiaries will be mainstream and will be rewarded for service to humanity

  5. Dennis Macauley
    January 21, 06:33 Reply

    As a sharp business man that i am, how much will be my cut when you receive the prize?


  6. Colossus
    January 21, 09:27 Reply

    I’ve said it somewhere else and I’ll say it here. The process of voting in this Nigerian blog awards is the most cumbersome I’ve seen. For something online, its quite WAEC-y.
    When you think of voting, you’ve got to memorize the rules or write it down, like an expo. You have to be really close to a nominee to go through the stress

  7. Lord II
    January 21, 15:19 Reply

    Ah too much work jo! Jamb question and answer session this fyne day.

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