Dear Diary,

I miss Tim. But I was still in the stage of anger and denial. As usual, I stayed away from any online activity for a while, just to take my mind on the sad event, even though deep down, I was a little mad at myself for reacting too fast.

Weeks passed and I opened another account, and moments after logging on, I saw Tim’s profile. I hit him up and when he requested for pictures, I kept my fingers crossed and sent a photo.

“You!” he started. “What do you want from me?” And as expected, he flew off into a rant. “You blocked me! Very disrespectful!” Then he added finally, “Do not hit me up again.”

I was still in the phase of anger, so I didn’t care to reply or apologize. I simply wanted to move on to the next.

But it became difficult. Very difficult.

I was starting to seek guys in terms of specifics. I realized I was looking for guys that were just like Tim. They had to have the same body type, height and age. I told myself it wouldn’t be hard.

Time passed and I let my guard down one day and hit Tim up, with an apology. He wasn’t having any of it, and I suddenly found myself wondering if I had caught feelings for a guy whose attitude and antics I did not care much for. I convinced myself it was just the good sex messing with my head and that if I found someone else just as good, I’d forget Tim.

Then the day came.

This time, I was scrolling down my chat history to see guys I had chatted with in the past, who may have had potential but seeing as I was trying to get back with Tim or get a guy just like him, I may have ignored them. As I scrolled, I happened upon this heavily pixelated picture.

Normally, I ignore such profiles right off the bat because of the poor-looking picture, but when I read the profile, I was interested. He was the right age, height and he was Latino. I responded to his message, which he sent weeks ago, and after a while, he responded.

We started talking and he said he was currently on vacation, but he was going to return on Sunday, which was perfect for me, as Sundays are the days I usually have time. His name was Miguel and we exchanged numbers. And I waited.

The day came and I sent him a text, asking if we were still going to meet.

His reply was: Please send me more pictures.

I sent one and he requested for more. So I basically sent him half of the pictures in my picture gallery. He sent his too and we planned to meet later in the day.

The time came and I texted to confirm.

Sorry, I’ll be meeting with a client soon, let’s meet another day, was his reply.

I was royally pissed but said it was ok.

Minutes later, he texted me: How soon can you get here? I can move the appointment to a later time if you can get here soon.

My GPS said I would get to his location in 25 minutes but I lied and told him I’d be there in 15. Well, it wasn’t actually a lie, all I needed to do was hit the gas harder and drive faster.

I arrived at what seemed to be a big beauty center. I quickly Googled the name of the place and I saw his picture as the owner, with the place having a 4-star rating by customers. He told me to walk in through the backdoor. I did and met a guy wearing nothing but a Christian Andrews underwear and sneakers.

He looked like a villain from a Telenovela, that mean brother who wants to take over the plantation. He had a short mustache that completed the mean look and a deep accent when he said welcome and added, “Thank God you look like your pictures.”

He shut the door behind me and walked me up to his white, themed house.

In my head, knowing I about to have a great time with this mean-looking Latin lover, I silently said, “Fuck you, Tim! Fuck you very much!”


Written by Duke

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