Dear Diary,

So, Donald trump is the President-elect of the United States, and some people have taken this news as a win for homophobia.

I honestly do not get it!

Is it that these guys are so buried in all their hate that they fail to see the bigger picture? I have started to hear statements like: “Even though I wanted Hillary to win, it is good that Trump won, so he will get rid of gay people.” (Face palm) Or “Trump will cancel all these gay laws”, and Trump gay this and Trump gay that. And I ask myself, is that all you guys are concerned about? Not about his temperament, policies and ideologies? Not the fact that Hillary Clinton won popular vote but the flaw of the electoral system declared Donald Trump the winner? Not the fact that this man has no political experience ever? Not the fact that this man has said every hateful thing imaginable?

I guess all that does not matter as long as his main objective is to “destroy” the kingdom of the LGBT and its alleged power over America.

I am starting to see that this hate is looking more like fear, and I don’t know how what two consenting adults do with their lives and privacy makes people scared.

Congratulations to Donald Trump and fingers crossed on his government, one which a commentary tagged a “win against political correctness.” (Whatever that means)

I also heard folks in Nigeria are celebrating his win because of (you guessed right) gay people. But Trump, in his recent backtrack on his policies, has said that the “Marriage Equality Law is settled”. He is not going back on that or changing it. I wonder how the homophobes felt when he said that. Did they see the world crash before their eyes?

I remember a woman calling from Nigeria to tell my mum that she is glad Hillary didn’t win because as president, she would allow every form of pervasion and that Donald Trump is a man of God! I just gave up.

These guys forget all the other things he said he would do, like review immigration policies; for instance, if you come over to the US to give birth to your child, your child does not automatically become a US citizen; something many Nigerians love doing. This and many other “reforms” that he said he would take care of are okay, as long as he is against gay people, yea? Every assault and discriminatory statement he made is okay as long as he is against gay people. Every disregard to women and no experience on how to rule the government are okay as long as he is against gay people.

Well, joke’s on them. He has said he isn’t going to focus on that now. Let’s see if these homophobes will move on to more important issues.

In fact, if anybody is close to being a child of God among the two, it is clearly Hillary. She stayed and honored the vow of marriage even when her husband cheated on her, unlike a man who is currently on his third marriage and brags about grabbing pussies.

Oh well!


Diary, I met this very cute guy. He is a definitely a 10, always hitting me up, sending messages which I always try to reply, and always willing to meet.

But I am not that into him, and I don’t know why.

He has this small online content platform and always works from home, meaning he is almost always available. If you are a follower of the gay online community here in the US, chances are you may have seen some of his works.

And I think that is what is keeping me away from him. He is one of those online gay figures, a position that means he gets to meet a couple of these porn actors and personalities, a situation I do not want to be involved with.

Honestly, I am not sure if that is the reason, but I don’t understand why I do not feel the same way for a guy as cute as him. I’ve always thought physical beauty amounts to a great percentage of attraction one feels for a person. I guess I was wrong.

Written by Duke

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