Very recently, I was interviewed and in the course of the interview, I shed some light on my ideals, speaking on causes I support like feminism and gay activism. The interview was mainstream and garnered some reads. Expectedly, a number of friends sought me out privately to discuss aspects of the interview, majorly where it concerned my feminist views and LGBT standpoint.

Amongst these people was a Facebook acquaintance. This guy (who I’ll refer to as HIM) had engaged me in the past in rousing conversations centering on Feminism and Gender Equality. So when he came around, I had no idea what he was going to take on.

That soon became startlingly clear to me. Check on our chat below and sound off your opinions in the comments section:inbox1inbox2inbox3inbox4inbox5inbox6inbox7inbox8inbox9inbox10inbox11inbox12inbox13inbox14inbox15inbox16inbox17inbox18

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