I was fortunate to come across this blog the month it started, April 2014. I’ve tried my best to follow it and at first it was kinda a love-hate relationship. I was skeptical about it. I felt it would go the way of other groups. I made a classic mistake of equating it to a BBM or Facebook group, and boy! have I been proven wrong. It’s the end of 2014, and Kito Diaries is still standing. So kudos to Pink Panther, and the contributors, both in stories and in comments. To the numerous visitors who are yet to add their voice and/or share their stories, we still thank you and we remain patient; slowly but surely, you’ll break forth from your shells and we’ll be here to welcome you.

2014 came with its fair share of highs and lows, and like everything male related, it was sometimes a battle of egos. We read great stories and got introduced to various characters. Some people came with thirst that cannot be quenched by the Living waters, while others seemed to ram their ideologies down other people’s throats (pun intended). At the end of it all, we moved on, we laughed, we bickered, subtle hook-ups were made, the readership grew, and the blog got better. Kudos once more to us all.

This post would not delve too much into the past, even though the past helps secure the future. Like everything about a new thing, about the future, we have wishes. We have dreams of how good it would turn out. Some of us will make New Year resolutions. We’ll probably decree not to sleep around, to declare this year as the year of love, to spew less vitriol, have fewer orgies, leave religion, find a new religion, comment more on KD or comment less. Whatever your New Year resolutions are, achievable or not, it comes down to one person.


Whatever you went through in the previous year, it’s gone, it’s behind you. Don’t dwell too much on it. You have the opportunity to start anew. To those who were kito’d, I pray the pain helps propel you forward and never hold you back. I’ll like to believe you’re all smarter now after those ugly experiences, and we thank you for sharing your stories, they’ll help us get smarter too. Would there be no kito stories in the New Year? I doubt that, but my prayers are that they be fewer and far in-between.

To those who are battling depression, you’re not alone. Would this New Year lead to a total eradication of your depression? Maybe not, it probably might never go away but it can significantly be managed. When you feel you’re all alone, take a trip to this blog, read the stories and know you’re not alone. For every single male here, most have gone or are going through the same thing. Develop the feeling of brotherhood, that’s a first step.

Make the effort to step out of your gloomy zone, for contrary to what some people tell you, your sexuality does not define you, you define your sexuality. So seize the year and start battling that depression.

This year, some will find religion, some will abandon it. Whether you’re still sniffing the opium fumes or discovered enlightenment on the misguided guise of being an atheist, it matters not if you’re forever dead and evil inside. How do you plan on changing this New Year? Will you demand to be accepted but yet can’t accept the lifestyle choice of your fellow brother?

To those battling to blend religion and their sexuality, it’s not going to be an easy ride. You might not even find the answers before the end of the year. What I’ll tell you though is to take it one day at a time. It won’t be easy, removing yourself from a religion you grew up with; the consequences of fast withdrawal (pun intended again) might lead you on a downward spiral. If you plan on making religion work for you, don’t be discouraged. It is YOUR right to do so. If it makes you happy, then go for it. What I want us all to remember in this New Year is that no religion is inherently bad; it’s some people in it who screw it up. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, traditional or even atheism, they all speak of LOVE. So hold onto that and let it guide you into being a better human being.

As we step into the New Year, let LOVE guide you. Tolerance is the key and it helps shape the content of your character. You might have known only hate and ridicule; don’t soak it in and project to the world. Project LOVE. Project a strong and independent YOU. If you’re looking for love in this New Year, I pray you find it. Contrary to what some of us say, there IS love in the gaybourhood. You just have to roll up your sleeves, get down on all fours and find it.

Are you just looking for a shag, Kito Diaries is not the place to find it, but when you do find those shags, one for every day perhaps, please be protected. You might get an STD or you might not, I just don’t want this year to be the year you eventually do.

Is this the year you want to get married, to deviate suspicions from you… To make the endless questions stop… Or just because you’re bisexual? We understand, well not entirely all of us, but remember, it is YOUR life. You’re the one wearing the shoes, you’re the one walking in them. So take a long proud walk, and if we do get an invitation, we’ll be there to SUPPORT you. That’s what I like to believe we’ll do. If we make fun of you later, please take it in stride or tell us how much you’re hurt by it, some of us will try our best to stop.

There really are a lot of things I wish for every one of us in this New Year, but I won’t continue with the long boring wishes. This blog has come a long way in so short a time. Kudos to Pink Panther and every one of us, for what’s a blog without its readers.

Wherever you are reading this, raise a glass and toast to a better New Year.

Tell yourself this: “I’m not an aberration, I’m not a reject. I’m queer, I’m here and I’m fabulous.”


Written by Colossus