The Ghanaian Christian Right Wing Has Petitioned God Over Homosexuality

The Ghanaian Christian Right Wing Has Petitioned God Over Homosexuality

The religious Right Wing of Ghana is really bothered by the “threat” of homosexuality to their country, and they have taken their grievances to God.


The Network of Intercessors for Ghana, a branch of the Intercessors for Africa (IFA) has held its annual prayer summit with a petition to God to judge the insurgence of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in Ghana.

Leading the group to present the petition to God was Amelia Croffie, the Financial Secretary of the group, who said that there was the need for the group to stand in the gap to prevent what was already happening in other African countries.

The petition was made to God in the “court of heaven” as was indicated by Croffie, with the leadership of the network and the IFA as petitioners.

“We petition you that there will be no law legalising same sex marriage in Ghana,” Croffie declared. “We petition you secondly that the promoters and sponsors of such legislation should be blown away by the east wind of the Lord. Thirdly, we are petitioning you that the counsel of the wicked against the Lord and Ghana should be over turned. Fourthly, we are petitioning you, oh great judge, that you protect our children, our wives, our husbands from abominable of homosexual, bisexual and transgender. Fifthly, father, we are petitioning you that you grant our political leaders and pastors boldness to stand up against legalising same sex marriage in Ghana.”

The network also petitioned God to set confusion in the camp of the promoters and sponsors of the LGBT, “that no two will gather together to conspire.”

The witnesses of the petition were identified as “the blood of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the voice of the church registered in Heaven and the voice our giving.”

Croffie noted in the petition that homosexuality remains an abomination to God, quoting the legendary verses Leviticus 18: 22 and Romans 1: 26 to back up her claim. She said the argument was that the respondents, which are promoters of the LGBT, were conspiring against the instructions and decrees of God and therefore the need for the Lord to overturn their actions.

She said that it had become even more imperative to petition God over this issue, because the LGBT had risen in recent times to push their agenda through lobbying of parliament to repeal the criminality of their act from the Criminal Code. She noted that when things are not put in order and the existence of the LGBT is legalised in Ghana, “it would not only demoralise the country, but would also defile the land.”

The network prayed for God’s intervention for the country and cried for revival in the nation as well as for God’s protection.

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