This is clearly an excuse to look at gifs of Chris Evans’ and Chris Hemsworth’s arms. Don’t act like you’re not on board.

An intrepid reporter at MTV asked the cast of Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron the most important questions in life, namely, “Who’s bicep is this?”
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By now we’ve all had lifetime passes to the Guns Shows of the Chrises — Hemsworth and Evans — but Robert Downey Jr’s iron arms had everyone stumped. These young guns better recognize.3 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo2_400

So in the interest of, oh, I dunno, cinema, let’s take a look at how the Avengers hunks stack up.

Chris Hemsworth: The reigning king/mythological god of biceps4 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo9_4005 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo10_400

Ruffalo had the nerve to unleash the guns6 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo9_400

And got shot in the face7 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo8_400

Chris Evans: No slouch in the arms department, Captain America is giving Thor a run for his money8 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo7_4009 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo4_40010 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo5_250

He even makes this god awful goatee look vaguely sexy.11 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo6_400

Jeremy Renner: Don’t sleep on Green Arrow12 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo3_50013 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo4_50014 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo2_500

Mark Ruffalo: Last and probably least15 tumblr_nnl53j3LDr1qiohboo3_400

But luckily Dr. Banner has some other, impressive qualities16 tumblr_nnl58rmUqJ1qiohboo1_500