Hi, KD.

My name is not Bobby. I am a passive member of this blog community, and I have never commented on any post. But I do read them all. And I must say, y’all are a really intelligent and funny lot.

I like to be direct and plain. So I’ll just go straight to the point. No smart words. Turns out I’m HIV positive as well, and I commend the previous guy who came forward with his story. I commend your bravery, dude.

I talked to Pink Panther about a series, chronicling my life, from the moment I discovered I had the virus. PP said it’s a cool idea and asked me to write a pilot. I did and he said it was lovely. I asked him to name the series, and he called it “Before I Die.” I fell in love with the title as soon as I heard it.

The series is going to be about what I have been going through from that moment that changed my life, and how I’ve been managing everything. Expect drama, a little comedy. It’s going to be educative as well. Some people don’t really know what it’s like, so this is my way of teaching them.

I’m not much of a writer though, so don’t forget to drop your criticisms. Whether you choose to be constructive about it or not, words don’t get to me. So anything you talk, nah you get ya mouth. Lol. Enjoy sha.

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