Hello, my name is Dennis Macaulay. And I want to introduce you to an as-yet unnamed series that I will be writing here on Kito Diaries in the New Year. This is something I have wanted to do for some time, but I’d always second-guessed my writing skills. PP supported the idea and I decided to go ahead with it.

What to expect? (Please do not roll your eyes yet) Random thoughts and musings based on the things that happen daily as part of my chaotic life. It will not be fiction; it will be more like a diary, even though some things will be tweaked a bit where necessary to conceal identities. I will be sharing a lot of my opinions (which I must warn are usually unpopular), my daily experiences and the things I have learnt in my old age of 28 (okay, that was tongue-in-cheek).

What I ask of you is to keep an open mind while you read each journal. Even for the “one” that thinks it’s another product of my overactive imagination, just be nice and spare me the vitriol please. To my friends who will have to be included sometimes? I apologize beforehand (feel free to beat me up during pizza nights). To the one who will find my writing a bore-fest, I apologize ahead too.

Let me finally state that I am not a “writer writer” like some people here, so also pardon me if you don’t find it Chimamanda-ish. Also seeing that it’s about my real experiences, there are times it may come off as show-offy, at least there will be other stuff PP will post that you can enjoy.

I hope you will find it worth your while weekly.


*Dennis Macaulay is an alien ship wrecked on earth and trying to figure out humans……LOL