“The Shit You Have To Unlearn As A Nigerian Is A Lot.” – Elnathan John

“The Shit You Have To Unlearn As A Nigerian Is A Lot.” – Elnathan John

From the social cluelessness to a normalized disregard for fellow humanity, writer Elnathan John talks about all the ways Nigerians are problematic, especially when they leave the environment of this country that enables their toxicity and find themselves on foreign soil where these attitudes are baffling.

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  1. Eddie
    March 14, 11:32 Reply

    Note to self:_
    Avoid heterosexual Nigerians in the diaspora….

  2. J
    March 14, 12:01 Reply

    LOL their boldness is what intrigues me the most, they have this sense of entitlement, very literate most times, but quite uncivilised.
    It’s disturbing, just like saying🖐 uwarka to yourself.

  3. Malik
    March 14, 13:20 Reply

    Well said 👏👏 I love this guy! Some Nigerians need to hear that that is not how people behave outside. I suppose open my Twitter account to follow this guy. Born On A Tuesday was a fantastic read. Can’t wait to read the new one.

  4. Dreamdave
    March 14, 19:25 Reply

    Lol…… but really, I love to see women cook. Oops, my Bad (he laughs finding, hiding his face)

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