An international production company is looking for individuals in the Nigerian LGBT community who want to share their story in a high-end documentary.

They are looking for people with compelling personal stories in which their sexuality and love for another individual have put them in conflict with their family, religion, and friends.

Applications should be aware that this will be a long-term documentary production and will require a significant amount of time to deeply explore their lives and the conflicts they have had to face.

Interested individuals must be gay or bisexual, able to articulate eloquently in English, be in love with the same sex or have been in love with the same sex, and must have an overall compelling story about their experiences of being gay in Nigeria

And above all, there’s no anonymity associated with this project. The subject must be willing to show his face on camera. The documentary however is not intended for the Nigerian airwaves, if that is any comfort. There are reportedly already a lot of Nigerians indicating interest, but their stories only span narratives of sex and abuse. The company is more vested in stories about love and conflict.

Anybody interested should contact me via email ( for me to pass along the contact details of the production company’s point man for further enlightenment.

And do pass along the word. Perhaps there’d be more people out there, Nigerians, who want to tell their stories with their identities stamped on it.