Traditional leaders in Edo State reportedly take action against Homosexuality

Traditional leaders in Edo State reportedly take action against Homosexuality

Traditional rulers in Egor local government area of Edo State were reported to have placed curses on homosexuals and same-sex marriages in an effort to curb increase in the rate of homosexuality in the area.

The Ochie Egor, Chief Nathaniel Enyeula, who spoke to newsmen at Egor, said the traditional institution and police authorities are working round the clock to arrest the spread of the “menace” which was supposedly spreading fast. Enyeula, who is also Chairman of Egor Traditional Rulers Council, said the chiefs courted the services of the Priest of Owema, the highest deity in Egor, for traditional libations. He stated that the chiefs, aided by the police for protection, moved from one family to another between the hours of 12 midnight to 1am, according to their tradition, where their children have been involved in homosexuality but failed to renounce, pouring libation.

Well, hopefully, the divine intervention of the deity Owema and the mighty strength of their traditional rites will purge the local government of homosexuality.

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  1. dale
    January 30, 07:36 Reply they realize that God no dey answer that kain prayers then they turn to dieties? my dear chiefs ancestors are only interested in sacrifice and not placing curses on innocent guys. and to think this same set of people will go to church on sunday?

  2. Queer Nerd
    January 30, 08:46 Reply

    But come to think of it… Some fucking traditionist coming to knock a deeper lifer’s door around 12-1 am…. Are they mad ni… They would die quick due to stress

  3. trystham
    January 30, 08:51 Reply

    Loooool. They must have cursed virtually every male and household there.

  4. Delle
    January 30, 09:59 Reply

    When I read news where homosexuality is used with such words like, “spreading”, I just sigh.

    I’m not surprised though at this news. Is it not Nigeria again!? ?????

  5. lluvmua
    January 30, 11:26 Reply

    such stupidity from my home town….. lol….. high time I leave that village

  6. Alex
    January 30, 12:02 Reply

    When you pour libation against something your ancestors and deities approve and honour. Lol

  7. Dunder
    January 30, 16:56 Reply

    Eyah… when they are ready to take such ineffectual and comical actions against poverty, ignorance and disease in Nigeria, they will look less like living jokes.

    Lassa fever is on the move again and actually SPREADING. These people should not be like TB Joshua that was delivering people from dog and cat spirits but locked his church and ran away when Ebola came calling. Take the fight to the den of actual lions.

  8. Lorde
    January 31, 09:25 Reply

    Because that is Nigeria’s most pressing issue

  9. beryl04
    January 31, 13:06 Reply

    Yet, the Fulani herdsmen can enter and slaughter them like chickens and they’d never thought of pouring libations.
    May their curses comes back to work on them in many folds. Ndi nzuzu!

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