Tweet Of The Day III

Tweet Of The Day III

Image-2886This is brought to you from the Secretary General of the BeyHive association, Nigerian Chapter. And the sub is directed at you, yes you – you know yourself – who think that Queen Bey should not be at the top.

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  1. daniel
    August 29, 06:15 Reply

    Biko tell them, 2mao when important people are talking about Bey they’ll be talking about u know who and mama North, north ko, south ni. How many of ur FAVs can have a standing Ovation from everyone at the Grammys and at the VMAs?

  2. poshyydude
    August 29, 06:20 Reply

    @pinky I don’t really like her personality it too perfect for a mortal and much people worship her like a god which I don’t see why? But I do love her personality and there are many celebs who could do same as she as done so its no big deal and to me she doesn’t emit dis raw sexy-ness like Jlo so am still a good fan of Jlo sexyness

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 29, 06:32 Reply

      You don’t really like her personality but you love her personality…?

      • earl
        August 29, 09:42 Reply

        LOL…… You just had 2 pick the line…. Weekid biatch… LMAO…

      • Khaleesi
        August 29, 11:46 Reply

        Nne ehnnn… this kind ironic contradiction is not a small sumtyn ooo… its what lawyers call approbating &reprobating at the same time… @Poshy, my dear Queen Bee rocks, she’s too much!

  3. ray
    August 29, 07:48 Reply

    She’s overrated. Her voice grate on my nerves.
    All that screeching and yodelling.
    She’s just a tina turner wannabe.
    Watch all ms turner old videos.
    No originality in her.
    She copies queen diana ross and donna summer too.
    Now these are divas that are legendary.

  4. sensuousensei
    August 29, 08:29 Reply

    She is the female equivalent of Michael Jackson and without a second…

    • ray
      August 29, 11:21 Reply

      Michael jackson bawo?????

      Compare her to prince.

  5. earl
    August 29, 10:05 Reply

    Emmmm… Wats SerfBort biko….?

  6. poshyydude
    August 29, 10:08 Reply

    @pinky Sorry I don’t like her personality but I love her songs dats wat I wanted to say

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 29, 10:14 Reply

      And this unlikable personality is what exactly? Pray tell

  7. poshyydude
    August 29, 10:11 Reply

    I agree with Ray beyonce Is Tina turner wanna be and dinna ross she just not real to me

  8. trystham
    August 29, 12:34 Reply

    Is she like a queer world icon or sumtin??? Every ‘sister’ I know loves her. I can breathe n live without her, thank Goodness. That wud be too much eccentricity if I couldn’t. I wonder who lesbians idolize tho.

    • Razzajeburra
      September 03, 10:50 Reply

      Lmao!!! I’ve always wondered too. Answers pls….

    • Deola
      August 29, 16:21 Reply

      Get outra here!!!! Lmao!!!!

  9. poshyydude
    August 29, 16:32 Reply

    Abasalom and thryst will not kill me lmao owk lemme say I just watched her performance on grown woman its good but me still love some JLo sexiness lol gosh pinky u need to watch jlo first love video guys I almost tot I was having sex while watching it

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