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Editor's Desk 40 Comments

“I Did It For The Money” And Those Other Excuses Given When Caught Acting All Gay

These days, a self-identified “straight” public figure will be caught acting rather, well, “gay.” Maintaining a Grindr profile, for instance. Soliciting sex in a public restroom. Or being snapped by

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Editor's Desk 46 Comments


Oftentimes, I’ve had people wonder out loud to me about how alike me and Declan Odum from my series, Love and Sex in the City, are. They have asked if

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The Happenings 32 Comments

For Our Brothers With Wives And Girlfriends

I happened upon this post titled ‘5 Signs That Says He Is Gay’ and I decided to share for our MGM and MBM, you know, things you should or shouldn’t

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  1. Micky
    October 08, 05:18 Reply

    Lol. Love? I gave up on that a long time ago!

  2. Dennis Macauley
    October 08, 05:18 Reply

    When I was just outta NYSC and unemployed no one would hook up with me

    “So what do you do”
    I just finished NYSC, looking around for a job


    Are you there?

    “I don’t think our profiles match, have a nice life”


    I experienced this several times. Now some of those people try to come back now to famz (not like am rolling in millions or anything), but now I have become the kind of person they want to be associated with

    *rolls eyes*

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 08, 05:29 Reply

      Hahahahahaa!!! Oh yes, that crutch phase between being a student and being a worker. It’s a bitch.

      • maxonex
        October 08, 09:12 Reply

        You have no idea….hahahahahaha…thought I was the only one… Ndi ala… Now I’m doing exactly what they did to me then..
        Bishes…. I’m flying solo till further notice..

    • chestnut
      October 08, 06:23 Reply

      Wait, really? That’s strange cos u’re a fine boi nah(I imagine), and I know lots of unemployed hunks whose “dance-cards” are always full, no one is checking for their pockets; everyone just wants the ‘D’ and d cakes. Infact,some ppl find dem to be very easy targets: ( “u’re looking for a job? Don’t worry, I think I can help u find one…can u come to my house by midnite today?”)

      • Dennis Macauley
        October 08, 06:40 Reply

        My experience was very far from that. Nobody wanted to hook up so that I won’t burden them with bills, which was funny cos I have always been a hustler. I sold shoes and Jewelry back then so I was fine really.
        But then you know how shallow some of us can be

    • shuga chocolata
      October 08, 06:57 Reply

      I feel your pain DM, I am in that shoes ATM but I showed them what kinda stuff I had and left them tasting for more.
      I hated those shit like MAD.
      #nonsense and ingredient.

  3. daniel
    October 08, 06:00 Reply

    Different shades of LOVE……..

  4. Khaleesi
    October 08, 06:29 Reply

    the gaybourhood is like a meat market, only the best meat gets taken.

    • Dennis Macauley
      October 08, 06:46 Reply

      One of my friends who is very good looking and graduated from school with a record 4.92 CGPA breaking a previous record set in the chemistry department in the 1980s walks with a limp. He had a childhood paralysis bout that he later overcame, so he limps. Nobody would even shag him, how much more date him.
      He pretends that he is fine, but I know how much it hurts him.


      • pinkpanthertb
        October 08, 07:27 Reply

        *sigh* Nawa o. Ask me sef and I don’t know my feelings on the subject if hooking up with someone who isn’t aesthetically sound.

      • simba
        October 08, 08:59 Reply

        Ain’t we all vain..majority of us are vain. 2ndly ur friend maybe the cause of paucity in his shag supply, like over compensating and therefore becomes mean or views everybody with distrust disdain.. I know quite a number of incapacitated brothers tht gets shag more than me lol

      • maxonex
        October 08, 09:16 Reply

        Biko, let’s be vain for once….aren’t we allowed to be vain for once in our lives???? Can’t we just get what d fuck we want???

        Being easy on the eyes is a requirement oh…you need to feel happy when u wake up next to them..

      • gad
        October 08, 15:59 Reply

        Well,its not really a big deal.what one has lost physically one can recover far more on the inside.i knew one damsel way back in good in bed and has excellent character

    • Khaleesi
      October 08, 11:26 Reply

      I honestly deeply feel sorry for our ‘differently abled’ (I didnt say disabled) brothers, and no I won’t shag them and neither will you Dennis, I remember you specifically said that in a previous post where 2 lesbians (one being physically challenged) tied the knot in Sweden. Nevertheless, when I meet them, I go over and above the usual to make friends with and treat them with extra care – provided they are good people to begin with …

      • Dennis Macauley
        October 08, 11:28 Reply

        I haven’t said I am a better person, I’m just stating what happens.
        I’m prolly like the rest of us!

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