Tweet of the Day: To LGBT Nigerians

Tweet of the Day: To LGBT Nigerians

Whether it is a tweet or a Facebook post, whether it’s a visit to a blog post or skimming through Instagram, whether online or offline, whether it’s during TV time at home or among friends, whether you’re coming with the force of a battering ram or the mildness of gentle chastisement, whether by action or with words, DO NOT STAY ALOOF!

This affects us all.

We can all contribute to lessen the hate perpetuated against us. We can all be a part of the reason why all the prejudice and homophobia will lose its foothold in this country.

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  1. Gag
    September 01, 18:42 Reply

    People need to go on Instablog and defend the community about what Wizkids baby mama is saying concerning Disney making Elsa ( frozen) queer

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