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Tweet Of The Day VI

What are your thoughts on Bisi’s reply? I thought it was brilliant, but I know there are peeps here who believe otherwise about the self discovery of sexuality. Related

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“Homosexuality is a form of identity crisis.” Self-proclaimed sexuality doctor, Chukwuma Joseph Chima, has all the answers

In a recent Facebook post, an average Nigerian man, Chukwuma Joseph Chima, who calls himself a “sexuality doctor”, posited his thoughts on homosexuality. It is such delightful, IQ-dropping read, y’all.

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Random Questions XIX

I have a friend who had been seeing this guy for about a year. And one time, when I buzzed my friend on WhatsApp, the responses I was getting alerted

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    • Mandy
      February 28, 08:35 Reply

      Homophobes for one. lol.

  1. Yazz soltana
    February 28, 22:29 Reply

    This is the real naija my guys in all its beautiful perverseness..

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