I’m looking for a perfect beginning to this article, but seeing as words have repeatedly failed me, I’ll just go with the obvious: We are not the cause, we are the cure!

To borrow the words of some of our KD brothers here, the ‘Religidiots’ and their adherent ‘opium-pipe’ followers we presently harbor in this country deserve an Oscar for the numerous hardships we are subjected to daily, all in the name of law, order and justice.

Once upon a time, we had a speaker of the house, whose name literally translates to ‘The two Bank thieves’, who was hell-bent on ensuring that Nigeria had 24 hours of electricity daily. It is pertinent to note, at this point, that the same Bank-ole was, according to sources, the sole importer of Mikano Generators in Nigeria. Suffice it to say that many parts of Nigeria did not and still do not have 24 hours of light in an entire month. Talk about 2-timing!

I believe gays are behind that, No?

In my area in Lagos, we had this man of God with the fire of the gospel burning brightly in the veins of his entire family. His 17-year old son, obviously under same anointing, impregnated his 19-year old sister.

Gays are also behind this, No?

Most public buildings in Nigeria are presently inaccessible to People living With Disabilities (PWDs) yet we have a huge number of them in this country. As a citizen, I am to believe that they also have the right to Freedom of movement, but No, since no Senator, Governor or even President has a case of Polio-gone-bad, the system will continually deny their existence! Recently, at the last Paralympics, our Nigerian contingent won a lot of medals and was feted as is the tradition. At their grand reception, they were presented with cheques of varying sums. Amidst their joy, the one question they asked each other was: ‘At which bank do we cash this cheque and how do we get in?’

Maybe the gays in Nigeria also caused this.

We – and by we, I mean the LGBT community in Nigeria – suffer a lot of injustice and still come out tops.

It’s funny how the government made a law banning and criminalizing same-sex unions and relationships when they have continually denied the existence of our kind in this ‘pure and holy, whole-grain, thoroughly filtered, one-of-a-kind’ country.

Why buy bleach when you have no whites?

The way it’s going, the Nigerian LGBT community would probably have to travel abroad, compete and win in some sort of Gay Olympics or World Cup. Then maybe, just maybe, the Nigerian government at that point would begin to look and really see us as we are.

We are not the cause, we are the cure!

Written by enKAYCed

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