“What If Your Partner is Gay?” Watch What Nigerians Have to Say

“What If Your Partner is Gay?” Watch What Nigerians Have to Say

BattaBox-What-If-Your-Partner-is-Gay-July-2014-BN-Movies-TV-BellaNaija.com-01-600x339What if your partner is gay? What would you do?

“I’ll first of all report her to the police at the nearest police station,” says one man.

“It can’t be and it will never be in Jesus name,” says another man.

“I will not leave him, I will try to encourage him,” says one woman.

“I will take him for deliverance,” says another female.

BattaBox is back with another video and this time, they are asking Nigerians about the LGBT community, the question that has got to be the worry of every heterosexual partner. Watch below.

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  1. Dennis Macauley
    July 20, 06:07 Reply

    The very funny thing is that some of these people may actually have gay spouses and not know. The amount of weddings I have attended this year between a gay man and a clueless girl is alarming really. A lot of these marriages are ticking time bombs, cos if the woman ever smells a rat? God help you! A suspicious woman does gathers better Intel than the CIA

  2. deola
    July 20, 06:23 Reply

    Just Shows how far we are from ever being accepted. Most of the responses here make me sad, not cause of their nature, but the fact that these people are really ignorant and have no idea what they are talking about.
    As for the lad that says “something must be wrong somewhere”.
    Well excuse me sir, maybe something is wrong with you for harboring so much hate for your fellow human being.

  3. trystham
    July 20, 06:46 Reply

    I wish the respondents were a bit diverse n not just restricted to Oshodi bridge. That short Yoruba man who says he will report to the police cannot marry even if he were the last specimen of heterosexual male virility. Nonsense. “I whill not be hable to control my hangar”. Idiot oshi

  4. Chizzie
    July 20, 07:19 Reply

    notice how the ugly and skinnier ones had the most homophobic remarks? homophobia as with most forms of latent anger and hate always stems from some form of internal frustration. Hunger and poverty is often the case with homophobic Nigerians

  5. Iduke
    July 20, 09:06 Reply

    LmAoo. I had a good laugh at the responses and the comments so far. Trust me. Some of the respondents self are gay. Lmao. Imagine a gay guy there forming straight. When we no he will never shaggy a babe. B.t.w. Did u notice the presenter. Ignoring the fact the he’s out of place in front of a camera. He’s cute and I’m sure chizzie won’t mind a piece of him. Lmaooo. Thanks for making my day

  6. therealsalte
    July 20, 09:35 Reply

    @Chizzie pls easy b4 I will die with laughter here. #skinny? @Pinky pls we are tired of this james blabbing, it aint sexy at all. Plz change na, abi na only u waka come?

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 20, 10:05 Reply

      Write your own. Then you can get to dismiss other people’s works.

  7. Mart
    July 20, 12:58 Reply

    Bless the man who said marriage is for better for worse. You are in it for good and bad. At least there are still Nigerians who don’t think through the anus.

  8. Williams
    July 20, 16:52 Reply

    All those respondents aren’t in love with their spouses!!!

  9. Khaleesi
    July 20, 17:20 Reply

    bunch of brainwashed ignoramuses. Not all of them r really homophobic, i could see that some of them are simply acting on impulse – a result of a lifetime of conditioning that gays are evil, demonic, possessed, weird etc. Some of them actually have little or no hate in their hearts, just a pathetic lack of information. Supports my theory that it will take upwards of 70 – 100years for anything remotely similar to tolerance of gays to exist in Nigeria …

  10. Legalkoboko
    July 20, 17:36 Reply

    oh definitely he wouldn’t be heble to. His hanga will no longer be for hanging, cos it will go on the rampage! Lol!!

  11. kendigin
    July 23, 11:04 Reply

    Quite interesting
    so many pple are just way too blind and dumb

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