If you saw a woman’s husband cheating on her with another man, would you tell her?

That’s the question ABC’s candid camera reality show, What Would You Do?, is asking in a recent segment that set up a scenario featuring a man on the “down low.”

Set in a restaurant in Atlanta, a married straight couple, both actors, are celebrating their anniversary and having other customers take pictures of them as they honor their love.

But when the woman gets up to use the restroom, the man’s gay lover runs in and kisses him on the lips before loudly complaining that he hasn’t told his wife about their affair yet.

That’s when things get interesting, as other diners experience different levels of shock, amusement and frustration over what they just saw.

One man couldn’t stop laughing as he told the waitress what just transpired, while another woman eventually broke down in tears after confronting the couple.

There was a wide array of reactions, but thankfully, none of them involved homophobia.

Watch the segment below to see how it all turns out.

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