It was really weird.

The moment he started touching me in the darkness of my room, I was confused as hell and scared my heart would jump out of its place in my body.

Was it possible that Ikenna was touching me? Was he high? Oh my God! I couldn’t believe it!


Ikenna was the ‘straightest’ guy I could think of. Rumor had it that anytime the catholic prayers were to be held in the quadrangle of the girls’ hostel, girls spent endless hour trying to look good to get his attention. He didn’t try too hard at all; the girls just fell like leaves in winter. He could literally fuck any girl in the hostel by simply telling her “I want to fuck you”, and she wouldn’t find it any bit offensive. He was that hot.

I remember  how he loved to wear briefs at night with nothing else, sitting by the balcony of the hostel and rubbing himself subconsciously as he did his late night reading. Those nights I looked forward to, wishing I could see beyond the briefs that hugged his fair skin and huge thighs. I would look at him, taking in every part of his body.

But I knew he would never be mine. Or so I thought.

I ruled him out as a possibility. I told myself it would never happen between us, not even after all the girls in the world were dead. Not only was I not his type, seeing as he is straight; I was also not exactly the poster boy for male sex appeal. So with time, I killed or rather suppressed every ounce of emotion and attraction I had for him.

And then, I met and got acquainted with Dubem in the hostel. He was the flamboyant type of guy – hip-swinging, hand-clapping, cat-walking and female-voiced guy. He told me how he was dying for Ikenna.

“The guy is HOOOOTTTT!!!” he would squeal, waving his hands with legs raised on his seat, to embellish how attractive he believed Ikenna to be.

I would laugh, and one time, admitted I’d had a crush on him, but had grown past it with time.

“That one na your own o,” Dubem said then. “I must fuck with that guy before we graduate.”

And true to his words, he tried everything to get Ikenna’s attention. He cooked for him, knowing full well that Ikenna fed mostly on noodles. He prepared mouth-watering meals and made sure Ikenna had the first bite. He engaged Ikenna in conversations, wore tight clothes whenever he went to Ikenna’s room, and went through all the routines a thirsty guy would get on with to get the guy of his dreams.

And more.

He took the thirst trip a step further by waiting to see when Ikenna had his bath, and followed after him so he could catch a sneak peek of Ikenna’s ‘glorious’ body.

“Chai oooo, that boy’s dick is the life!” he told me once after one of his sneak previews. “So big and suckable,” he said lustfully.

I laughed and told him to take his thirst easy. At this time, I was in a budding relationship, and Ikenna was out of the picture.

Then the day came.

It was one of those after-exam nights. I was done with my exams and decided to do justice to the movies on my roommate’s hard disk before he went home. The guy seemed to have all the movies in the world and I was hoping to see at least a good number, and copy the ones of interest for my stay home. The hostel was virtually empty, almost everyone had gone home, save for the late ones as myself who are in no rush to go home, considering that I would return to school a week or two after resumption.

He came into my room. I was shocked to see him as he entered, and it must have shown on my face, because he said with a smile, “Guy you dey fear?”

I laughed and said, “Which kain fear?”

He came to sit beside me on my bed as I returned to my movie. A scene from the movie got violent and he asked, “Omo, which kain bloody film be this?”

“Django,” I said.

To which he enthused, “Confam!”

Seeing that he was interested in seeing the film as well, I pulled out the earphone from the laptop, letting the sound fill the room from the speakers, so he join in. His body brushed gently against mine as he got comfortable beside me, and I could tell he had just finished having his bath. He was wearing his briefs as usual, and I was holding back an erection which sprung up from nowhere.

I thought I was over this guy, I said in my head. He seemed to be loving the movie as he watched, so focused, with furrowed lines on his forehead. I imagined that was the same level of concentration he put in his studies, because it was a known fact that he was a killer in academics.

Now tell me who wouldn’t want to fuck with this guy? His hotness flowed both ways.

I got up to open my wardrobe to prepare myself a plate of cereal and asked if he was interested.

“Eh! Bring am, bring am,” he said, hitting his palm expectantly on the bed to show how excited he was at the offer.

I obliged and brought out every provision I had on the table beside him. His eyes widened and he chortled, “See enjoyment o! Jesus, thank you for bringing me to this room!”

I laughed at that. He started helping himself with the cornflakes, and was being modest while serving himself. I told him to take freely as I would be leaving school soon and my roommates were gone for the holidays, save for the one whose hard disk I was with and who was currently at his girlfriend’s place to return in two days. He didn’t hesitate after this new offer, and proceeded to heap his plate with the milk and milo, spreading it abundantly in his plate of cereal. We continued with the movie, eating and laughing and analyzing scenes of interest.

Then, the power went off. We continued to watch till my laptop displayed the low battery warning. We both cursed and feigned suicide because the movie had been getting intense. He lay down on my bed and pulled out his phone while we talked about random things, waiting for the power to come back on. I lay beside him, pulling out my phone too and doing nothing in particular as we talked. I noticed his display light fade and the room became silent. I continued on my phone still.

Then, I felt something hit gently against my behind. I let my phone light die off too, and lay still, my heart suddenly thumping fast. Ikenna continued pushing his crotch against my behind, and that was when I died.

He put his legs across my body, kissing the back of my neck and pressing me back against his body. Then, he whispered, “Check your door.”

Still dazed, I stood up, feeling like I was dreaming and went to bolt to door. Could this really be happening? I asked myself. I went back to the bed in total disbelief.

He went full force, kissing me and pulling me close to him while squeezing my ass and wrapping his legs around me. I imagined he had had this thought in mind for a while, because the way he touched me was like he knew me. He took off his briefs, and I felt an emotional high when his erection jabbed against my body. His dick was everything I’d imagined. Big and suckable, Dubem had said. Yes indeed, his dick was the life. His skin was soft and warm, and his kisses were passionate and deep as ever. He pulled my hand to his dick and when I stroked it, he groaned and kissed me deeper.

He mumbled, “Keep stroking it like that.”

And when I did, he would let out a swearword and pull me closer. I could feel his heartbeat. The room became hot and the bed seemed to be spinning. I couldn’t still believe it. I thought it was part of those my dreams that felt so real. I pulled away from his lips and sucked on his nipples. He went hysterical at that.

“Yeeessss!” he groaned. “Yeeeesss – just like that. Fuck!”

The way he reacted to my touch turned me on more. I couldn’t believe I was pleasing the hottest guy in school. I moved to his dick and gave him a deep throat. If this was going to be my one and only chance with him, it had better be very good. I sucked him harder than I ever imagined I could, and he showed he was loving it by the way he held my head and ground against my face, while muttering, “Fuck! Oh yes, Fuck!” We were drenched in sweat and our bodies began to stick and make slap-slap noises as we played. He finally filled my mouth with the creamiest cum I’d ever had. Maybe it wasn’t that creamy, but since I was still enraptured by all that had just happened, it might as well have been ice cream that he ejaculated in my mouth.

We let out our sighs of satiation, with mine mostly that of disbelief, and lay there on the bed, still, until the power came back on. We awkwardly returned to watching the movie with the subconscious knowledge that this was meant to be a secret. While his crush – my friend – was still trying to find ways to get him, I knew I’d always say this in my mind: “I hit it first.”

Written by Ace