Previously on While We Were Yet Kids: It was a ghen-ghen moment when one of the hottest boys in my set, Vince, walked up to my window when my boyfriend-of-sorts was out of the classroom, and wrote me a note that said: ‘I want to kiss you right now.’

Talk about making use of a window of opportunity.

And now, the story continues.


JBoy – you remember JBoy of the Suits And Ties series – well, he’s one of my oldest friends. We go way back to the first day of the first term of the first year in secondary school. He was also a Lagosian student, belonging to a small group of junior boys who were wilder and worldlier than the rest of us. They were tearing eye at 185 degrees, whilst we were just beginning at 1.6 degrees. My friendship with him was a classic case of opposites attracting; he saw the world through a wider prism than I did back then.

So I could not understand why I was so shocked when he revealed what he revealed to me. “Wait, you have been doing what?!” I gasped, startled by what I’d just heard.

“Having sex,” he said with a blithe laugh.

“How?” I swept a look over his body, as though a cursory glance would explain how sex between two SS1 boys worked.

“Are you serious? You don’t know?” he asked.


“You’ve never done it before?”


“All those times in JSS3 that you and Joshua were doing your thing, you two never did it?”

“We never even kissed,” I wailed. “Tell me nau!”

He chuckled, that sound of superiority one makes when he has information you need. Then he said with a wink, “Don’t worry. I’m sure Vince will teach you everything you need to know.”

Ah yes, Vince… Let’s retrace our steps back to that night at the classroom, shall we?

I want to kiss you right now.


I looked up from those words, the most beautiful sentence in the English Language, and faced him. He winked at me. I swallowed hard.

“So…” he said.

You have to ask? I thought, before nodding and saying, “Where?”

“Come, let’s go,” he said, backing away from the window.

All thoughts of Joshua gone from my mind, I hastened up from my seat and out of the class. Vince was waiting for me at the end of the classroom block corridor, and silently, we began to walk. My heart was palpitating very fast at my nearness to him. I’d never been this close to this boy before, his scents filled my sense and I felt hot, cold, and breathless all at the same time at the thought of what we were going to do.

“You don’t talk much, do you?” his voice rumbled next to me.

I gave a self-conscious laugh. “No, but even if I did, I don’t know what to say to you.”

“You like me, don’t you?”

Does our principal have a big belly? Is Senior Kana wicked? Do people need oxygen to survive? “Yes,” I answered in a breathless tone, not minding how cocky the question sounded.

“Good,” he said, “because I like you too.”

If I wasn’t anticipating the kiss, I’d have probably died right there and then. Vince Okwoche just told me he liked me! Oh my God!

Before long, we got to the car park. That apparently was our destination. It was this small expanse of tarred environment that was usually deserted at night due to its lack of proximity to the hostels. There were no street lights here, so it was shrouded with darkness, and a cluster of trees flanking one side of it provided the perfect cover for our intended intimacy.

Vince took my hand and led me to the trees. We sat on an upraised slab of concrete separating the loamy soil upon which the trees were growing from the macadam of the parking lot.

Then we turned to face each other.

He looked at him.

I looked back at him. My eyes were transfixed on his for a few moments, before moving slowly down to the pouty swell of his lips – lips that now seemed to loom before me as he inched closer to me. My heart began racing and I swallowed saliva again and again. This wasn’t going to be my first kiss – oh no, that honour had gone to the boy who opened my eyes to the wonders of gay sexual acts back in JSS3.

But this kiss – oh, it was important. I didn’t know why but I knew it had to be right. It had to blow my mind.

It did both and more.

Vince pulled me to him and kissed me. It started slow, with our lips enmeshed and tongues darting this way and that. It was immediately obvious to me that he had way more experience at this than I did. And through the passion, I felt a flicker of jealousy for all those other males and females who had tasted the magic of Vince’s kiss. The jealousy was shortcircuited into a sense of possession, a smug feeling that I was the one here now. That feeling emboldened me; I pulled myself closer to him and kissed him back with everything I had, everything I wanted to be. The kiss quickly caught fire, and soon we were gasping for breath as we went on and on.

In no time, that gratification was no longer all we sought for. I wanted more. And clearly, so did Vince, because his hand snaked its way to my pajama trousers, slipped in through the waistband and –

Okay, this would be the sex story of two fourteen year olds. You must be a pervert if you expected me to narrate it. 🙂 But the summary of it is that we kissed and wanked to extreme mutual satisfaction. And the moment I ejaculated, groaning and spasming in Vince’s arms, I knew this was just the beginning, that his were the only hands I wanted to touch my body and his lips the only one I wanted to kiss me for a very, very long time.

After that night, my breakup with Joshua was swift. Vince and I were in the same House but in two different dormitories; however, I began to spend my nights with him on his bed, at which times we got very frisky with our hands and mouths working different parts of our bodies while the entire school slept on. I felt like such a fly guy, you know, the boy who had a hot boyfriend and a great sex life.

And then I got to talking with JBoy and he imparted that nugget of truth to me: that sex was more, way more, than what I was used to, that apparently, some boys were already screwing themselves and penises were not just for masturbation and the middle of the laps. The truth of how much more my ass could be used was revealed to me. I was both intrigued and horrified. The horror won over, because Vince was well-endowed, and the thought of that getting into this… I just couldn’t deal biko.

So even though JBoy urged me to make the suggestion of anal sex to Vince, so he’d know that I knew about it and might be interested in trying it out with him, I didn’t. I was so besotted with him that I knew that all he’d have to do was ask, and I’d want it for him, whatever my misgivings were. So I kept mum and my ass remained virgin and unexplored.

Vince and I stayed together all through SS1, SS2 and then SS3. It was such an idyllic relationship. His girlfriends came and went, but I remained at the high table. There were a couple of propositions from other boys in my set, wanting me to hook up with them, offers made in jest or as off-handed remarks; I don’t think any of them really expected me to say yes, it was clear to everyone in the know that Vince and I were dedicated to each other. Of course, senior boys of my SS1 and then SS2 classes didn’t know this, and if they did, they didn’t care. And so, what a senior boy wants, a senior boy gets. (But that’s a story for another day)

When we got into SS3, there was this boy who’d been a day student, who suddenly made the switch to being a boarder. His name is Kanu. Kanu and I were in the same dormitory. He was this fast-talking, good-looking boy who believed a little too much in his charm, and was arrogant enough to think it worked on everyone. First we became dorm-mates, and then friends; I liked him. When he flirted with me, I flirted back. When he asked for us to visit the football field after night prep for some nookie, I said no. He took the rejection well.

Then Vince got into some school trouble; he and some of his cohorts violated a school regulation and were caught. The principal slapped them with an indefinite suspension, and they were removed from the school premises. I was devastated by this development. The love of my life was leaving school indefinitely?! What sort of wicked principal was this? Had he not heard of ‘to err is human, to forgive is divine’? That afternoon, when I came back to the hostel from our classes, and I stepped into Vince’s dormitory to see his mattress stripped of its beddings, I felt an aching emptiness. How was I supposed to survive without him? And this wasn’t a suspension that had a timeline; it was indefinite. He could be gone a short time or a long while; I would never know how long I’d have to grieve and wait for.

But life had to go on. It did go on. The classes, the hostel shenanigans, the fraternizations – life in school didn’t have time to coddle my breaking heart.

And then Kanu came forward again, with his charm and fast talk. Could we please be together the way I was with Vince? he asked. I recoiled from the idea, and gave him a flat No. Now this rejection he didn’t take very well. He got a little upset, said a few mean things and stormed off.

During this period, the school authority had passed a mandate that it would no longer tolerate the act of SS3 students having their meals smuggled out of the dining hall using the serving pots. The school knew SS3s didn’t like eating along with the rest of the unwashed masses students in the dining hall, and had junior student smuggle their food out to the hostel; the authority simply wanted the medium of the smuggling not to be the serving pots. The school house masters and mistresses cracked down on the dining hall prefects to ensure that this instruction was not violated.

And then came the evening when I was on a stroll to the hostel. I could see the tide of students teeming from the dining hall in the distance; dinner was obviously over. As I walked, I spotted the junior boy who I recognized as Kanu’s school son. He was hurrying along with a serving pot, and I instantly knew that was Kanu’s dinner. I called the junior boy over to me.

“Why are you carrying dining hall pot to the hostel?” I barked at him.

The fear of an SS3 boy’s wrath is the beginning of any junior boy’s wisdom. Clearly this boy read that line of the scriptures, because he began stammering his explanation: “Senior… it’s–it’s Senior Kanu that said I should bring his food.”

“Don’t you have your plate? Couldn’t you have put the food in your plate?”

“The food is plenty – it’s one pot…it can’t enter my plate.”

I sighed. I wasn’t even mad at the boy, my annoyance was with Kanu, who should have known better. He should have made proper arrangements for how his food got to him, which didn’t involve breaking a school regulation. (Yes, you got me. I was a bit of a Goody Two Shoes back then)

The next day in my classroom, I was huddled with my best friend in one corner, gossiping. My best friend was a girl, Nora. We’d been in the same class from JSS1, and our friendship solidified to BFF status when we got to SS2 and she became one of Vince’s girlfriends. (Yes, I know, I was supposed to hate her, but instead I went and made her my BFF) As part of our gossip, I brought her up to speed on my displeasure with Kanu over his flouting of a school mandate. Seated a few yards from us and overhearing our gist was a classmate, a female dining hall prefect, Chioma. She didn’t react to what she learned; she didn’t even let on to us that she’d been listening. She simply filed the information away.

And then, it was evening time. And time for dinner. It was one of those rare dinners that even SS3s went to the dining hall for. I was in the midst of friends, and we were conversing as we approached the commodious hall. We got to the vast entranceway; just beyond us was the multitude of hungry students who were seated and chattering while waiting for the dining hall captain to give the order for dinner to begin. Plates sat empty on the tables before the students and the aroma of jollof rice-and-beans wafted from the serving pots centred on each table.

And then someone loomed before me. It was Kanu, a very infuriated Kanu. His lips were peeled back in a snarl and his eyes were shooting sparks as he spat at me, “So you went and told Chioma that I’m smuggling food with dining hall pot, eh?”

“What – No!” I began.

“Liar!” And he swung his hand.

A second later, his palm struck my cheek with a startling sound that silenced a greater part of the hall, drawing the shocked attention of spectators, and which had me rooted right there, frozen under the wash of my humiliation.


Written by Pink Panther

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