Harmattan has been reigning for some time now. The days are long. The nights are cold. Enter your friend-with-benefits–also known as a fuck buddy, or Bae, for those lucky ones.

Urban Dictionary defines a friend-with-benefits as “two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved.”

It is someone you can get away with drunk-texting on Friday night from a bar after your fifth drink and not take hell for it. (Just make sure it’s James your Fuck Buddy, not James your boss. Yes, that can happen.)

It can also be someone who you would never date for various reasons, but whom you nonetheless love getting naked with from time to time.

Just in case you needed them, here are sex, er, six reasons why everyone should have a Fuck Buddy.

It’s Good Practice

A 2011 study examined the sexual behaviors of more than 24,000 gay and bisexual guys. Researchers found that young men aged 18 to 24 didn’t score well when it came to their lovemaking abilities. (I see-riously beg to differ) Anyhoo, the study says that maintaining a steady, no-strings-attached partner to practice with is a great way for those of you in the under 24 category to hone your craft. As a young gay man, you are fortunate to have plenty of time and opportunities to improve.

It Encourages Mentorship

On the flip side, for older gents who may not need any additional practice in the sack, being a mentor to a younger fella can be a beautiful, beautiful thing. Think about it: You’re teaching him valuable tricks of the trade which he can then employ for the rest of his life. Talk about making a real difference in the world.

It’s Beneficial To Your Mental Health

To the surprise of no gay man on earth, a study published in Social Psychology and Personality Science earlier last year found that people who engaged in regular casual sex reported lower stress levels and higher levels of happiness. (Sluts, before you begin to clap for yourselves, the study says regular casual sex, not every Tom-Dick-and-Harry casual sex)

Live Your Fantasies

Have you always dreamed about being bound, gagged, spanked, and/or peed upon? (If so, you’re not alone. This sex study found that even the wildest of fantasies aren’t nearly as uncommon as you might think.) This 2014 survey found that 47% of respondents fantasize about acting out their favorite types of kinky porn in real life. Now, you may not feel comfortable doing these “taboo” things with the future father of your children. Enter your Fuck Buddy. He’s the perfect person with whom to explore such activities. You know him. You trust him. And he won’t take it personally if you never call him again after things go unexpectedly awry.

He Can Provide You With More Than Just Sex

Got an extra ticket to Wizkid’s concert? Need a date to your friend’s wedding? Call your Fuck Buddy. Not only will he provide you with some hot company to make others jealous over during your outing, but he’ll give you something to look forward to afterwards.

It’s Fun & Convenient

Despite what your parents’ church may have tried to tell you, sex IS good. And gay sex is fucking awesome. This 2014 survey found that one in three people have a friend-with-benefits with whom they regularly hook up. That has to be proof of something. Having someone to sext for some late night hanky-panky at a moment’s notice is fun, not to mention far more convenient than hunting for it at bars and on Grindr. ‘Nuff said.