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On Saturday evening, a few minutes past 5pm, I walked into Belmund Cakes to collect my cake and pay up the remaining balance.

I also wanted to see Ifeanyi – I mean, my Ify. The phone conversation on the night of the threesome with those two fuck animals was quite long and flirty. And the next day, it grew into lengthy chats and another night call. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I was willing to play this one out. A little adventure never hurt anyone. Well, okay, it does, what with the kito stories everywhere.

He was perched on the stool behind the wooden reception desk, taking a booking from a customer. He didn’t notice me when I got in. So I took some time to study him. He was not taller than 5’11, with a slender body hewn with toned muscles. Afro hair with tight curls. Skin reminded me of milk. His features had a faint sculptural cast.

Damn! He’s pretty, I thought to myself. All I wanted to do was to cup his face in my palms and kiss it everywhere. He turned me on so badly.

When he lifted his head from his entry book, his gaze flicked in the direction of the entrance, and he saw me. Then it happened again. Like the first time. It wasn’t just a customer service thing, I concluded then and there. It was a part of him – that smile that looked like it could slice through ice. And when he beamed that way, he brandished a brilliant set of white teeth, each sticking out from a very pink strip of gum. And in his eyes was a look I couldn’t place. It had familiarity in it. It wasn’t meant for customers.

When it was my turn to be attended to, I walked up to him. We were smiling sheepishly at each other.

“So is it ready?” I said.

“Yes, red velvet and chocolate frosting.”

“Good! Thanks! How are you? And work too?” I looked him squarely in the eyes.

“Well, not bad at all.” He returned my gaze even more squarely.

Wow! We were on to some real shit. He disappeared into their backroom, which I supposed was some sort of bakery or confectionery or something. Five minutes later, he reappeared with a huge fancy box. He placed it on the desk and opened it for me to inspect. The cake was flawlessly beautiful; the confectioner was really skilled at his job. I counted out five one thousand naira bills, and handed them to Ifeanyi.

“So, this is actually for a birthday bash,” I began, “All night. You want to attend? I promise you a wonderful time. Please don’t say no.” I was real. I meant every word. I wanted desperately for him to be there.

When he opened his mouth and looked like he was going to decline the invitation, I pleaded some more, making baby faces and fluttering my eyelids at him.

He sighed – and smiled that smile again.


“Okay, I’ll come. Where’s the venue?”

“Thank goodness,” I breathed. “It’s at Independence layout.” I called out the address and watched as he scribbled it on a piece of paper. “Just ring me when you are near, I’ll come out to get you.”

I walked out with my box of red velvety cake, feeling good with the way my encounter had turned out. I couldn’t remember the last time I had an official date. Even if that wasn’t what this was exactly, still…!

I shrugged as I walked out into the evening.

It was Chief’s fiftieth birthday. His family was away in America for the summer break. He couldn’t be with them because of some business ties. This was convenient because it gave him the liberty to treat his boys to a lavish treat – a heavily-secure gay party. Admittance was strictly on screened invitation. There were no ‘plus one’ entries. The venue was at his second house – the one less used. There was hardly a gay resident of Enugu who didn’t know Chief one way or the other. I used to be his favourite boy, going on weekend trips with him and fucking all day long. The money flowed, in dollars too. It lasted a while, until I grew from paramour to a sort of personal assistant, and began setting him up with fresh boy pussies. My connection to Chief was the avenue through which Lanre and Bob were able to get into the party without invitations.

By 10pm, the party was in full swing. There were guys everywhere, dancing, drinking and making out – your typical gay party doubling as an orgy. There was no call from Ifeanyi yet. I put my phone in vibration mode in my jean pocket, so I would know the moment his call came through. Even then, intermittently, I dug out the phone to ascertain that I hadn’t missed his call. I was that anxious to see him.

After a while, I gave up thinking he’d come. So I decided to distract myself from my disappointment. I scanned the environment, checking out the party for any action. I was extremely horny.

And my lusty gaze fell on a fresh tall glass of water. He was dark-skinned and nursing a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. I slouched over to him and smiled. He smiled back. And soon, we were chatting away. His name was Marvelous.

Marvelous and I talked for a very long time. He told me he came with Bliss. I knew Bliss. That bitch! He had a way of acquiring the freshest boys under his wing. It wasn’t long before Marvelous and I began flirting. I could feel the lust rising. And just when we were about to move our flirtationship to the next level, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I checked it out. It was Ifeanyi.

Hot damn!

With suddenly fountaining excitement, I excused myself from Marvelous’ company and hurried out of the room. This was major market spoiling, but the spoiler was Ifeanyi. My Ify! I didn’t mind. I went out to the gate, and beyond, he was waiting inside a taxi.

I took Ifeanyi in through the back door and up to an empty room. The house was big with about ten bedrooms. The moment we were ensconced in the room, I couldn’t hold myself back. I started kissing him, and he responded. Our hunger for each other flared and we almost ripped each other’s tops off as we kissed. I pushed him over onto the bed behind him. Then I laid down next to him, letting my hand wander down his firm, hot flesh and into his pants.

We were both greedy with passion as we took turns in sucking on each other’s hard cocks, with me managing to take Ifeanyi’s cock all the way to the bristles as I played with his heavy ball bags. He panted and jerked spasmodically against my mouth every time I did this. And it pleased me.

“Fuck me…!” he gasped.

Then he sat up and after we had lubed up and I had strapped on a condom, he was lowering himself onto my waiting dick while I sat on the bed, my back against the wall. He eased his asshole down my entire length. Soon, the sounds of naked flesh slapping against naked flesh filled the room as I pumped my cock in and out of his tight crack faster and faster. Ifeanyi hung on and bounced with gusto, meeting me thrust for thrust like a cowboy riding his horse.

The bed creaked and rocked about as we changed positions. I looked into his face as I carried on sinking my cock in and out of him. Our breathing got heavier, the thrusts more urgent, and Ifeanyi worked his dick more feverishly with his hand. With our last cries of ecstasy, we orgasmed, with me ejaculating into the wrap buried deep inside Ifeanyi’s ass, while he shot out thick, pearly-white globs of hot jizz all over his satisfied body.

It was such amazing sex and the most satisfying thing that night. We cuddled for a bit until I could tell from his soft snores that he had slept off. I wasn’t feeling sleepy. So I slid from Ifeanyi’s grasp and returned downstairs to the party. I saw Marvelous in the midst of some boys, chatting and shimmying occasionally to the music. I joined them with a drink. We bantered and danced a bit. Marvelous’ stare was rapt on me, and when we danced, he ground very sensually against my body, turning me on with each brush of our bodies.

Soon I was panting for more, and he seemed to understand my need. He took charge, dragging me out to a secluded corner of the verandah, where he unbuckled my jeans and drew them down my legs. He slid down and took my already erect dick into his mouth.

Oh God! I gasped as he began working my dick most exquisitely with his tongue and mouth. He was a master in the art of blow jobs, and soon I was peaking. I kept expecting him to withdraw as I felt my erection turn stiffer and swell harder than it was. I was panting heavily, a sure signal that I was close to climaxing. He sensed this and carried on fellating me, faster and faster, until with a harsh grunt, I jerked forward at my hips and ejaculated in his mouth. He held my dick in his mouth, the warm insides working over my throbbing dick and making my orgasm even more sensational than it usually was.

When I flopped out of Marvelous’ mouth, I was well and truly spent. He got back to his feet and spat out a glob of saliva over the rail. His eyes were shining as he turned back to me.

I began breathlessly, “You are –”

“Marvelous?” he supplied with a grin.

I broke out into a breathless laugh. And we rejoined the party. A few moments passed though and I had to excuse myself from my company and went back upstairs.

I was in the hallway upstairs, with rooms on each side, and I saw Bliss walking out of the room where I’d left Ifeanyi. Startled, I asked him what he went in there to do. My tone was a growl, and he noticed.

He stepped back and raised his hands theatrically to me. “Camdan, haba! I merely missed my way.”

“Yea? You missed your way while you were looking for what?”

Bliss chuckled. “That’s for me to know and for you to wonder.” He gave me a wink and a lewd cackle before moving around me and down the hallway.

I stalked into the room. Ifeanyi was still in the bed, his handsome face even handsomer in repose. I observed him for a moment and he didn’t stir at my presence. I nodded to myself as I decided that nothing could have happened. I stripped off my clothes and joined Ifeanyi beneath the duvet. He turned with sleepy eyes and reached his hands for me. I cuddled him back, sighing as I took in the sweetness of the moment. The sensation of bliss was the last thing I felt before I drifted off to sleep.

Morning came, and I woke up, stretching on the bed. Ifeanyi was there beside me, yawning.

“How was night?” he asked with a smile. That smile.

“Oh, it was…” I paused and a grin crept over my face as I said, “marvelous.” Memories of everything I’d gotten up to the previous night were rushing in. “And how was yours?”

His smile slowly turned into a coy grin of his own as he said, “It was blissful.”

Goddamnit! Bliss! You bitch!

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