Woman Gets Pulled Over By ‘Hot’ Cop, Goes on Hilarious Rant

Woman Gets Pulled Over By ‘Hot’ Cop, Goes on Hilarious Rant

“If the police department hired more hot police officers, we wouldn’t have violence anymore.”

U.S. citizens’ relationships with police officers are tense at best, and at worse, fatal. That’s why it’s so nice to see someone have a playful interaction with a police officer after being pulled over.

That’s exactly what happened in the video clip below.

A woman got pulled over by a very attractive police officer, and simply had to tell him how attractive he was.

“You are the hottest cop I’ve ever been pulled over by… and you were so respectful and so nice,” she said. “You came over, you communicated what you needed — and then you were hot. See, if the police department hired more hot police officers, we wouldn’t have violence anymore, ‘cause all you would do is what you did, just walk over and say, ‘Hey, let me see your driver’s license and ID,’ and do that smile right there…”

Watch the full video below.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    November 19, 08:06 Reply

    That was cute actually… hmm but he was fiiiine though.

  2. Delle
    November 19, 08:48 Reply

    He can harass me any day! I swear if you are cute, you can get away with a lot of things, sometimes even being homophobic! ???

      • Delle
        November 19, 13:02 Reply

        It’s reality. I never said I sanction it.


        • pete
          November 19, 13:26 Reply

          Reality? So, you can be realistic instead of some utopian world most of your comments seem to emanate from.

          • Delle
            November 19, 17:03 Reply

            Ah you really must hate the truth, this one.

  3. Foxydevil
    November 19, 23:12 Reply

    Not my type.
    He looks sheepish and clownish.
    I love men that look like men. ?
    Someone like seal or a younger wole Soyinka. Those ones can pull me over anytime.

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