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What I Wish for 2016

#1: I wish I could tell mommy that her little boy whom she raised to marry a woman and bear her grandchildren was Born This Way. I wish that when

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A Word From Me To You, My Brethren

I’m not much of a blog or website guy. For me, surfing the Internet simply means Facebook, Badoo, instagram and the occasional trip to Manchester United’s website, with just the

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Tim Cook talks about being gay role model

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes devoted much of its episode to an interview with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple and the most powerful gay man in the world. While

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Photo-toons III

Lol. This Judgment Day is sha not looking good for any of us, is it?

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That Piece About The TIERs Human Rights Day Event

On December 17, I was at the TIERs Human Rights Day event. It was a spectacular function. The speakers were wildly brilliant. And I met Elnathan John. Oh, also, it

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I received an e-mail from PP, politely but sternly (like a school teacher telling her students to submit their assignment) asking me to submit a story about the one gift

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Photo Of The Day LIII

When you see it… lol Erm, with the exception of Masked Man (that is, the him in that incredibly erotic Christmas sex story), did anyone else get summa this for

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In this year, we have laughed, fought, supported, scorned, and loved amongst ourselves. The differences and togetherness will remain no doubt on till next year. But in this one day,

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What We Are Most Grateful For At Christmas: 15 Gifts 2015 Gave To KDians

Last year, I asked KDians to tell us what they’d like for Christmas. The responses I got were varied and humorous. This year, the theme changed to gratitude. I simply

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A Very Christmasey Sex

It is the twenty-fourth of December. We finish from the bar at nearly midnight. We are high on booze and stoned from weed. The streets are getting noisier and rowdier.