“The People In Your Community Are (Monsters).” – Said The Kito Scum

“The People In Your Community Are (Monsters).” – Said The Kito Scum

Our last kito alert update really got a rise out of many people, community members and kito scum alike. Some of the scum we exposed came to my inbox mainly to rant and insult me. I usually do not like engaging these people, but I couldn’t resist when one of them led with his confession: that he had changed and that he now has a job and has realised that victimizing gay men isn’t a means of livelihood.

This guy, Kevwe Rukky Max, had other things to say. Check out the exchange below.


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His name Gbabi Emmanuel Oryina, and he’s on Facebook as Sailor Emmy Oryina. His number is 08063689021. He stays in Ojo/Agbara area of Lagos State and is from Benue State.


  1. BoyToy
    February 24, 12:14 Reply

    Watching a toxic person like this Kito Scum scramble to do damage control is laughable on so many levels. Justifying his actions and turning it around on you is just an unconscious admission of his own character. He shall forever remain blocked!!!

  2. Earl
    March 19, 23:30 Reply

    Lol, I think your grammar was too much for him. I don’t think he fully understood everything you said. 😂

  3. Blue
    April 14, 06:32 Reply

    This idiot stole from me. What is he talking about? I don’t care if he has changed or not. His suffering in life is yet to begin. Sooner or later, he will vomit my money.

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