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After a lot of deliberation with concerned KDians, we have decided to release iDuke’s first name. He is simply known as Ese. We thought it wise to take this step

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What Did Cain Do Wrong?

I read the Bible for the first time when I was about 13 or 14. I loved the capsules of stories put together in the different Bible storybooks that my

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KD’s Fashion Police: BET Awards 2015

Hey guys, its John Oceans again. Since my last post, I have met a guy, fallen in love, cheated on him and gotten dumped. So, I’m back on the market


  1. A-non
    January 06, 04:35 Reply

    If you ask me, na who I go ask?

  2. Ace
    January 06, 04:42 Reply

    Abegi all na wash! How dem conduct this kain survey? Oga make dem dey well.

  3. gad
    January 06, 04:50 Reply

    No 2 could be correct but I have a lot of doubts about no 1

    • A-non
      January 06, 04:53 Reply

      And your assumption is premised on….

  4. Lord II
    January 06, 04:54 Reply

    Oh boi with only an average of 24mins???? Naaa it must be a man to a woman jo….why? coz ave known some tops to have gone on way longer and even after 5 mins of landing back on earth he asked to go again and d bottom (if I recall well was a hausa boi) just eyed us and reset his chute….ahhhhh! Mbanu a woman seriously WONT deal with some power bottoms!

  5. Stickysly
    January 06, 04:59 Reply

    It is my belief that the figure is padded.
    As Nigerians, we tend to pump ourselves up and have an over bloated impression of our abilities.

    Simply put: many Nigerians lied during the survey.

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 06, 05:37 Reply

      No we dont!

      24 minutes?

      That’s just for take off na! Mid air and landing nko?

      Some “pilots” need waaaaay more than 24 minutes.

      ****sips Arabian coffee****

  6. Mr Kassy
    January 06, 05:30 Reply

    The survey is based on KD’s Mr tea pounDing Mrs tea.*pouts innocently*Thank me later boys/MEEEEN!

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 06, 05:35 Reply

      Does this your comment in anyway refer to me?

      ***cold icy stare***

      • Max
        January 06, 06:14 Reply

        Dennis I have a question for you…

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 06, 06:33 Reply

        Max shoot, but erm remember I have vicious dogs before asking!

        Oya am listening!

      • Max
        January 06, 06:35 Reply

        What’s the breed of your dog?

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 06, 07:45 Reply

        There is a rot and a German Shepherd. I prefer German sheps tho, as they are so sweet and teachable as well as incredibly smart. They are quick to know who your friend is and won’t bark at them next time they visit.

        Rots to me are divas and very high maintenance! Bitch won’t eat eba, won’t eat anything that doesn’t have meat or fish smell, but the German Shepherd eats everything.

      • Max
        January 06, 07:56 Reply

        German Shepherd… Thats the answer I was looking for.. So I was right @Pinkie.

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 06, 07:57 Reply

          Eh-eh, don’t just drag me into this conspiratorial talk. *fleeing*

      • Max
        January 06, 08:10 Reply

        You’re already in it dear.. So drag your Lil butt out here and let’s finish this…

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 06, 08:10 Reply


        Now I know why you were asking! OMG! You devious little knix!


        ***off to fly toy planes***

        Two can play that game baby

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 06, 08:12 Reply

          Hehehehehee!!! Good Lord. Dennis. Max. Y’all behave yourselves now.

      • Max
        January 06, 08:18 Reply

        Hahahahahaha @Pinky, you emebo… I’ll get you for this… I surely will..

        You had inside help @Dennis..

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 06, 08:27 Reply

          I did not do anything oooo! Aswear! Dennis happens to be as good an investigator as you. 😛

      • Max
        January 06, 08:33 Reply

        Oh really, good to know ☺

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 06, 09:24 Reply

        Sweetheart in a former life I was in the CIA.

        Leave PP out of this, I had no help. I just connected the dots a long time ago

      • Max
        January 06, 09:41 Reply

        Gini?? Long time ago?? *looks @You with side eye**

    • s_sensei
      January 06, 07:59 Reply

      “Bottom fucking a top” would sound so…refreshingly different. Lol

  7. KyrxxX
    January 06, 07:16 Reply

    Definitely a man fucking a woman! No man is definitely going to b on me beyond ten minutes! Am so pulling ur out nd locking my heaven’s gate! Kilode! How e dey do am? Na on top me he wan die nii? D pain alone self……….. Hell No!
    By the way, this survey is ridiculous! Was there a competition? Were cameras planted in rooms of some selected me? Asi Asi! Men can lie but Nigerian Men r d greatest liars of all time! 24min average keh? Akuko Mike Ejiagha!

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 06, 07:20 Reply

      ‘Kilode! How e dey do am? Na on top me he wan die nii? D pain alone self……….. Hell No!’

      Hhahahahahahaaa!!! Kryzzz, you and I share the same sentiments.

      • Max
        January 06, 07:24 Reply

        Pinky, I thought you like them to ride you till thy kingdom come…

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 06, 07:25 Reply

          And you deduced this from the abundant times you’ve watched them ride me to this coming kingdom?

      • KyrxxX
        January 06, 09:56 Reply

        Can u imagine Pinky? Its just sheer ridiculous! Even if he took what d hausa would call “magani burantashi” self! Inukwa!
        Nd Max, I always told you bad company corrupt good manners but you would never listen! Always @ a tea party with one married man that loves his brew in diff flavours! U see! Riding till thy kingdom come okwa ya? Issoright.

  8. Williams
    January 06, 07:51 Reply

    Most of the Nigerian respondents were probably Efik!

    • Mercury
      January 06, 11:20 Reply

      Wanna talk of efik people, start from an hour.

    • Brian Collins
      January 06, 12:52 Reply

      Is it that Efik men are serious unrepentant liars or they make time stop in bedmatic scenarios. #askingforaconfusedfriend

  9. Reverend Hot
    January 06, 08:09 Reply

    Hahaha! It has to be man and woman na! Which kain hmo will publicize how long they had sex for this country!

    • Micky
      January 06, 09:17 Reply

      Am sorry but am I the only 1 who finds something wrong with this comment??

      • Reverend Hot
        January 06, 12:23 Reply

        Really sorry if it sounds offensive. I mean no Naija gay guy will want to implicate himmself by telling people how long they had sex with another guy

        • gad
          January 06, 20:33 Reply

          Don’t be too sure. Many, Infact 85% of naija gays will do anything so far as stipends are attached to it

  10. Mercury
    January 06, 10:47 Reply

    Abegiii….24 mins ke, in my hay days, before that stupid haemorrhoid incident, I’ve gone an hour 40 mins, he was under d influence tho…..and yea the last type I topped I went for an hour…..then again it’s because I’m ibibio (calabar as y’all call it). SMH…..funniest stereotype ever.

      • pinkpanthertb
        January 06, 11:26 Reply

        Dear Gawd! An hour?! What are you, digging for mineral ore inside the ass?

      • Absalom
        January 06, 14:03 Reply

        An hour is very ok na. But an hour 40 minutes…okay, if the both of you don’t die at it nothing will ever kill you!

    • gad
      January 06, 11:25 Reply

      Where can one go for trophy collection for sexual prowess? What’s the value of the prize?

  11. Chizzie
    January 06, 17:27 Reply

    well I think this is fairly correct. Most Nigerian tops take forever to come…atleast majority of the ones Ive encountered. In my mind while he’s pounding ferociously i’m usually like : dude pls cum already

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