“Bobrisky Says She’s A Woman But Does Not Respect Women.” Activist Mavis Calls Out Bobrisky’s Misogyny

“Bobrisky Says She’s A Woman But Does Not Respect Women.” Activist Mavis Calls Out Bobrisky’s Misogyny

Bobrisky plays around a lot with their female identity online (most recently, posting a video of them with a baby bump, with the caption “Bae, we gonna have a baby soon, yaaay”), and at least one person has had enough of it.

Activist Mavis Ishanqueen took to social media to express her displeasure with Bobrisky’s unfettered misogyny, which she believes is proof that Bobrisky is “a man who likes playing dress up”, who “does not respect women”, and who “relies on his male privilege to get away with so many things that a woman couldn’t.”

Check out her post below:

“Bobrisky is starting to cross the line with his antics. He’s starting to make a mockery of women and their struggles for respect within the society.

“For the majority of Nigerians, Bob is nothing but a man who likes playing dress up. They do not take him seriously. Bob says that she’s a woman and wants to be addressed as a “she”. However Bob does not respect women. Bob himself constantly relies on his male privilege to get away with so many things that a woman wouldn’t.

“Bob slut-shames women. After Bob has published his latest video about doing runs, hooking up with married men and having sex in god knows where, he’ll still come online and call a woman ashewo and olosho.

“A woman would know better than to publish a video with such content online. But Bob is a man. Men are not called ashewos. Only women are.

“Bob jokes about having periods, but Bob has never had a period in his life. He doesn’t know that for millions of women, their period is a time of the month they anticipate with horror. Tossing in bed, rolling on the floor, stooling and vomiting. Millions of girls around the world skip 7 days of school every month because they cannot afford sanitary pads. Thousands of women have opted for a hysterectomy to free themselves of horrible period cramps. Women ingest a huge amount of hormones every year to either regulate, suspend or ease their periods. But Bob doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

“Now Bob is claiming that he’s pregnant. And nobody is cursing him. Nobody is asking him why he would get pregnant out of wedlock. Where the father is. And if he knows who the father is.

“Could a woman get away with such?

“What about the women who are desperately trying to have babies and can’t. Now they come online and see this clown with a fake baby bump, making fun of an experience that nobody expects him to have. Nobody will ever insult Bobrisky by calling him barren or a man. Bob is a man!

“Bob is insulting the collective intelligence of women who have to fight every single day for our right to be. I wish he’d borrow some sense, and understand that being pregnant as a single woman who proudly does runs and fucks married men is a privilege that women do not enjoy.

“Anytime a person insults Bob, it is never to shame him for being a woman. Instead it is to shame him for choosing to be a woman. Why would he? Why would he throw away his masculinity to embrace the one gender that the society likes to hate for no reason at all?

“Well Bob knows why. As a man who dresses up as a woman, he gets to have the best of both worlds. The attention of men who are attracted to trans women without the misogyny that comes with being a woman.

“Trans women want to be included in the feminist discourse, but trans women are also oblivious of what it’s like to be born as a woman and the experience of womanhood from the very first day they are born on this Earth. Nobody hates transwomen for being women. People hate them for giving up their masculinity. It’s a different type of hate and it’s not misogyny.

“Bob can change back into his male clothing and go back to being a man any day he wishes, and the hate will stop. Women cannot do the same. A woman who wants to stop experiencing the hate that comes with being a woman has to take tons of hormones, change her appearance through surgery and do away with her breasts. And perhaps grow a penis. That’s the only way you can escape misogyny. By changing everything about your outward appearance.

“This generation of men who like dressing up as women and reinforcing negative stereotypes – especially those IG comedians, need to be lectured on what it’s truly like to be a woman. It’s not just wigs, makeup and clothes. It’s also pain, suffering, humiliation and fear.

“Those are the true reality of being a woman. Everything else is sugarcoating.”


A few weeks ago, Bobrisky took to Instagram to post a video rant against women who supposedly come on their comments section to dismiss their female identity. “Do you know I use your gender more than you?” they said, taking a swipe at women. “I use your gender pass you wey get toto, wey get breast. Is it by toto? There’s hole everywhere. There’s hole in the mouth, there’s hole in the ear, there’s hole in the ass. Plenty holes are available. I use this woman pass you.”

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  1. Flexsterous
    July 16, 09:27 Reply

    This bobrisky is a troll and people give him too much attention. If he isn’t fed this attention, he’ll shrivel up and die

    • Jimmy
      July 16, 10:38 Reply

      But just saying he’s a troll and we shouldn’t pay him mind is dismissive of the women who have to deal with the fact that bobrisky has the following and him reinforcing these stereotypes about women does harm people. So yes, he should be called out anytime he goofs.

    • Mandy
      July 16, 13:28 Reply

      But that’s just it, he is not anywhere near the neighborhood of shriveling up and dying. He in fact has a powerful influence. And as with Simi or AY the comedian or really any celebrity who talks out of turn, you have to call them out so the reaction to their behavior doesn’t come off as encouragement of the bias they’re displaying.
      There’s only so much ignoring you’ll ignore this Bobrisky, and it’ll come off like an unwitting endorsement of his bad behavior.

      • Flexsterous
        July 18, 14:51 Reply

        I doubt any Nigerian is looking to him on feminist issues, people have been calling him out for years and he still hasn’t changed his stupid views, especially since he knows he can get under people’s skin. So I think its time to try ignoring

  2. Fred
    July 16, 10:15 Reply

    Is it safe to say that Mavis Ishanqueen is unraveling the mystery behind JK Rowling’s Transphobia?

    • Black Dynasty
      July 16, 12:27 Reply

      This is exactly what i was thinking whilst reading. This is what JK has been trying to say but people refuse to listen or try to understand.

  3. Mitch
    July 16, 11:52 Reply

    Did you see me comment on Mavis’s post, huh, Pink Panther?

    Maka chukwu, I’m tired of telling women to leave this nonsense blanket acceptance they’re extending to this fool of a man, but they’ll insist on calling him “she”.

    Na still them e go dey use dey catch cruise, dey make yeye in public.

    Ogbasakwanu m?

    • Jinchuriki
      July 16, 23:15 Reply

      I hope when bob responds, she’ll do well to ignore. This fool will want to bring her down to his level and beat her.

  4. Mandy
    July 16, 13:22 Reply

    Just go on KD’s instagram and see how gay men have turned this into Oppression Olympics. “Oh, she should shut up because she can’t be saying that women are suffering more than LGBT people in the hands of society.”

    As if that’s the issue.

    The issue here is that Bobrisky is problematic as fuck and has initiated a new form of misogyny that’s very insidious because even women and those who claim to be feminist allies can’t see it as clearly as they’d normally do when it comes from a masculine presenting man.

    • julian_woodhouse
      July 16, 18:06 Reply

      LMAO… You want them to talk and be labelled transphobic…. God forbid no!!

  5. julian_woodhouse
    July 16, 19:14 Reply

    This is the reason why I’m a bit apprehensive about what the trans movement is trying to achieve.
    We live in a world where feminist movements are trying to deconstruct gender roles because of how problematic they are and how they box people. We’ve all heard the saying that “masculinity ” is a prison and we cage boys in and tell them they must act a certain way, not cry, not be allowed to be or show any signs of “femininity” which is seen as a weakness and on the flip side, we tell women they must stay in their prescribed roles as “necks” of the family and other problematic tropes that limit individual aspiration and ones ability to live very fulfilling lives.
    That being said, we have a movement that is only serving to further entrench these problematic tropes by saying to be a woman is to wear makeup, have a vagina and be feminine. And Tada! You’re a woman. What then happens to women who don’t fit into that mould.
    For context, imagine if white people could undergo surgery to become minority races and then started emphasising they should be given slots allocated to minority races by virtue of affirmative action. We would call those white people racist without blinking an eye, and tell them they’re a plethora of ways they can appreciate minority identities without becoming those identities. Before I start lecturing, human rights is different from saying let’s give transwomen rights that were accorded to women specifically cause of the historical context of their identity and several other factors pertaining to them.
    Ideally, we should live in a world where guys can apply makeup and be feminine and ladies can be Butch without backlash or having to call themselves women. They’re real issues that are being ignored here in an attempt to conflate all struggles together as some oppression Olympics.

    • Malik
      July 17, 10:34 Reply

      OMG. You deserve a beer.

      Or a bottle of exotic wine (you sound pretty refined)… Lol

      Very well said and your analogies are brilliant. Thank you.

  6. Dimkpa
    July 17, 02:19 Reply

    The problem here is misogyny and not Bobrisky. It is true he can get away with posting about runs while other women can’t. However the reason other women can’t is misogyny and not the existence of transwomen. If there were no transwomen, people will still get called ashawo. Society has an expectation of women that needs to change whether there are transwomen or not. It is because of misogyny that Bobrisky has to rely on male privilege to get by sometimes, without it he would not have to

    Again, I take exception to this idea that transwomen are just men playing dress up. That’s just a lie. I am not trans but I understand that it is not simply playing dress up that drives transwomen to suicide. It is not a simple passing fancy that makes someone live their truth even though doing so means a high likelihood of getting killed. Dave Chapelle said in a comedy skit, that he believes trans people exist for one thing, no man would ever want to cut off his dick.
    As gay men we should understand this, we face a similar struggle just not as tough as transgender community.

    Is Bobrisky misogynistic, I don’t know. Never met the dude. However if he is, is it possible that with all the abuse he gets as a woman, he has grown to hate being a woman? We all know about internalised homophobia, where gay men hate being gay because of the homophobia they experience. I have recently learned that part of the reason that black young men in racist societies kill each other is because they project the hatred of themselves, which builds up from racist experiences unto other black men. It is not a stretch that transwomen might feel the same.

    We as gay men should be more understanding of the transgender struggle. It is our struggle. They fought for gay rights. Marsha P Johnson that started the stonewall riots was a transwomen. Let’s not join the oppressors.

    • Mitch
      July 17, 16:55 Reply

      Point of Correction:

      Marsha P Johnson didn’t start the Stonewall Riots. Marsha wasn’t even there the day the riot started.

      Secondly, Marsha P Johnson wasn’t a transwoman. He was a gay man who crossdressed, a fact he reiterated time and time again.

      This posthumous transing that is being done to gay and lesbian icons simply on the grounds of their nonconforming appearance is another major problem the trans community and trans activism is causing. But today isn’t the day we’d talk about it.

    • Ken
      July 18, 07:08 Reply

      Hear hear!

      I totally agree

    • Flexsterous
      July 18, 14:59 Reply

      Thank you very much this is what I’ve been trying to say, what benefit could there be in being turning into a woman in a patriarchal world. Bobrisky does NOT speak for other trans women.

  7. Rehoboth
    July 17, 08:17 Reply

    That’s why I hate ideologies/identities/politics/dogmas that do not want to be debated. Let people discuss Bob without being labelled transphobic.

    Is gender dysphoria still a thing?

  8. Ken
    July 18, 07:11 Reply

    Same women that hate gay men with passion will come online to criticize a transeomsn and still the same dumb gay men will support them! Rubbish. Bobrisky pepper them jor. The more u nag the more he becomes popular and cashes out. Cry me a river!

    • DBS
      July 22, 21:16 Reply

      You know, there are some women who are actually homosexual. And they definitely appreciate gay men.
      Bobrisky is insulting all of these women and his actions should be condemned.

      Bob is not just peppering woman, he is peppering ALL women too, lesbians included.
      So if you want to support his crap, be sure to keep this in mind.

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