“Appreciating Your Fellow Man Doesn’t Make You Gay.” Actor Seun Sean Jimoh takes a shot at toxic masculinity

“Appreciating Your Fellow Man Doesn’t Make You Gay.” Actor Seun Sean Jimoh takes a shot at toxic masculinity

We all know those two words. The two words that straight men often trot out whenever they get expressive over another man.

“Hey, bro, I love the way you flex your muscles. No homo.”

“Sup dude, I’d really love to hang out with you sometime. No homo.”

Those two words that act as a cushion for the fragility of the average heterosexual man’s masculinity, God forbid any person listening to what he has said and mistakes that for a homosexual come-on.

Then there are those who’d rather die than pay a compliment to a fellow man. Why? They’d tell you it’s not “normal” for a man to say something complimentary about another man.

Let’s not even touch on the subject of how most (especially Nigerian) heterosexual men cannot say “I love you” to their homies, because of course it’s gay.

There are so many ways masculinity has been structured to not permit such expressive behaviour in men – and Seun Sean Jimoh is calling bullshit.

The actor took to his social media to address the issue of why anyone would call him gay simply because he admired Davido’s dimple.

He said he’d seen a video of Davido and fellow DMW talent, Mayorkun in the studio, and he’d dropped a comment complimenting the Aye singer’s dimple. That comment apparently drew the attention of some people who began insinuating that he was gay for saying what he did.

And Seun was not having it.

“A lot of people need to understand that when you’re comfortable with your sexuality, it should not bother you if people call you gay or not,” he said on an Instagram post. “If I see a man that has a nice body, I will say straight that, ‘Ah, omo, see this guy’s body.’ Because I’m comfortable with my sexuality. I know that admiring another man’s looks and another man’s body does not make me gay. I’m just comfortable enough with myself to acknowledge the things that I like on other people. I’m so comfortable with my sexuality that I can appreciate men.”

The Nollywood-Yoruba actor who wedded his wife in 2017 went on to lecture that “men need to be able to express themselves,” adding that “when you are confident in your sexuality, you will not have a problem appreciating stuff.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. Mikey?
    July 06, 07:50 Reply

    Finally an actor that has sense, he passed his message without painting us black. Well said and that no homo stuff is the most annoying thing I’ve heard, like if you tell me no homo I’ll respond with no love…..

  2. Black Dynasty
    July 06, 08:20 Reply

    Louder ooo, this is exactly how my str8 male friends are. Comfy in their skin and will compliment a guy if he looks great.

    We need more straight men like who can talk about this and go to the point without using queer guys for target practice.

  3. Mitch
    July 06, 09:48 Reply

    We need more people like him in Nollywood. Negro spoke truths without being disparaging to anyone.

    A man ndi uwa need to look up to and emulate.

  4. Jahbless_Azubuike
    July 06, 09:57 Reply

    I have those friends that will always say “no homo” when they are expressing their self.

  5. bamidele
    July 06, 13:43 Reply

    What a matured statment from a matured man. Most men who are sensitive to express their admiration for fellow men are actually doing so out of insecurity–to conceal something they’re trying to suppress. In fact I have an evidence-based example of such category men.

    It is pathetic that we use english to express our culture these days,and the practices seems to have elevated homophic attitude in many of ofor people; for example, in Yoruba language and culture (as well as I was told in Igbo version) it is no big deal to admire people irresepective of whether they are men or women. When somebody is goodlooking, you just say it passionately, without feeling suspicious. For example Yoruba word for beautiful is ‘arewa’. and this applies to both male and female, and everybody uses it with no drama attached.

    Indeeed, our postcolonial cultures alongside abrahamic religions have gone a long way in traumatizing people to not being able to be and express themselves/feelings. No wonder why our socity is being plagued by hypocricy.

  6. Cedar
    July 07, 06:08 Reply

    ”If I see a guy that has a nice dimple, like Davido’s dimple…”

    And he repeated it! ??

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