Quick Question: What is it about antigay folks denigrating anal sex?

Quick Question: What is it about antigay folks denigrating anal sex?

Yesterday, I was going through instagram, when I happened upon an instablog9ja post about some little-known Nigerian celebrity placing on blast some guy who tried it with his homophobia on her post. Check on it below:temp_regrann_1454152108822IMG_20160130_120900

Then a cross section of the comments:IMG_20160130_120910

And then, there it is:IMG_20160130_120921IMG_20160130_120947IMG_20160130_121009

Oh, and just recently, one part of the PSquare dynasty, you know, the older brother Jude Okoye, tweeted this:tweet

I don’t get it. What’s the fascination antigay folks have with anal sex, to keep using it as some form of insult? Don’t they know that shit is DIVINE? That some of us in the human population actually get a taste of heaven while engaging in it? 😀

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  1. ken
    January 31, 05:49 Reply

    Lol….the truth is many people secretly enjoy being fucked in the ass. and its not only gay men, there are straight guys who enjoy anal sex as well.

    Sex is stimulation of body parts for pleasure. Its to be enjoyed and explored, whether alone or with ur partner(s). But of cos, religion came in and made everything look bad and dirty.

    For those who say as shld be only for shitting, then what of vagina that emits all manner of stinky juices??

    • pete
      January 31, 07:27 Reply

      Pray, tell me the stinky juices the vagina emits? You behaved exactly like the guy up there who apologised & went off tangential with the anal sex part.

      • ken
        January 31, 10:43 Reply

        I dont wont to believe anyone can be this slow, but u always manage NOT to get any sarcasm no matter the form. Its a pity really.

  2. Kenny
    January 31, 06:51 Reply

    The answer to your question is simple. IGNORANCE!!!

  3. Henrie
    January 31, 07:17 Reply

    You’ll be surprised the amount these guys ignorantly ‘know’ about anal sex. I was on a Facebook thread recently where this homophobe’s detailed description of anal intercourse got everyone concluding he was a self-hating homosexual. My take was that he’d tried something once but it turned out pretty bad whereupon his hatred began. The sexual imaginations of these religious pervs is boundless.

  4. Promise4all
    January 31, 08:40 Reply

    Fucking without Vaseline? iDied. I just hope butter will be used.

    As for anal fascination, na jealousy. They have not tasted a guy’s own, they have always tasted and will keep on tasting the backside of girls if they are not ass-o-phobic. Let them get a taste of pure heaven. PP abeg sacrifice ur ass for their conversion.

  5. Zol
    January 31, 11:13 Reply

    Ignorant people piss me off so much, its like if you know nothing about it, be quiet and educate yourself instead of running your mouth like an overfed dog. Smh.

    I’m like that female so much, I like to go out of my way to make these ignorant people feel like the proper fools they behave like.

    The other this guy who I don’t know from Adam was like at his wedding, he’ll place me at the gay section of the wedding since I never have a gf and I was like if there’s even a gay section at any wedding, I’m not attending, wtf.

    Such irritants, I can’t, not this cold sunday morning. Nonsense.

  6. #Chestnut
    January 31, 11:28 Reply

    Lol. That “Cynzydexy” chick just spoke my mind. So who was he planning to designate to do the fucking?himself?

  7. segs
    February 02, 13:20 Reply

    I wish I can just take one homophobic dude and rape him lol but that’s stupid I cant do that shit? the way straight people use to carry them selves en as if they are better smh, even the ugly ones to would be like don’t touch me gay ass nigga and me I will be there like seriously if I work on that dick bitch you will fucking live

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