Beauty Guru Jeffree Star Posts About His New Boyfriend And The Internet Immediately Unearths His Identity, Outing Him

Beauty Guru Jeffree Star Posts About His New Boyfriend And The Internet Immediately Unearths His Identity, Outing Him

Jeffree Star and his long term boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, broke up eight months ago, much to the shock of fans online.

And it would seem as though the beauty guru has moved on, as he took to his Instagram on Sunday, August 23, to make a post that seemed to be his way of announcing that he now has a new man, and this one is Insta official.

The picture was of Star on the lap of a mystery man, whose face is hidden. In the intimate picture, the man’s arms are wrapped around Jeffree, who is also facing away from the camera. The picture is captioned: “Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year.”

Fans immediately began speculating over who the new man could be, and some guessed that it could be Jozea Flores after the Big Brother star took part in a video called “First Date Does My Make Up.” But that rumour was quickly shut down after fans noticed that Jozea doesn’t have any tattoos on his arms, and the man in the photograph does.

Those tattoos would eventually be the evidence the internet needed to unearth the identity of the mystery man.

The Shade Room on Instagram uploaded Jeffree’s picture post, which they captioned: “Okay! Looks like Jeffree Star may have gotten himself a new boo.”

It didn’t take very long before the identity of the man was found out to be a basketballer, and his information began circulating on social media, with The Shade Room making a follow-up captioned: “Whew! We found the man that Jeffree Star posted up with, and he’s a professional basketball player overseas, y’all!”

The man in question has since turned his Instagram onto private mode following the publicizing of his status as Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend.

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  1. Delle
    August 25, 07:37 Reply

    The internet, after Donald Trump, is the scariest thing on the face of the earth

  2. Black Dynasty
    August 25, 07:45 Reply

    Smh, well i wonder how long the relationship will last after this.

    I still don’t understand the need to put your business on the Internet. I still follow this saying. “If you won’t put it on a giant billboard outside your house, you probably shouldn’t put it online”.

  3. Mitch
    August 25, 07:47 Reply

    What is the point of outing him? I would never understand this whole invasion of privacy and constant need of internet denizens to be in the know of everything about someone.

    It’s creepy AF!
    People have a right to a private life, to do their thing privately. Not being outed and exposed like they’re criminals. Haba!!!

  4. Zoar
    August 25, 12:50 Reply

    That’s one Major disadvantage of this Jet Age. The Internet Age.

    Now People’s lives,Privacies and businesses automatically turn the worlds business just by a click away.


  5. Queen Blue Fox
    August 25, 12:59 Reply

    Why anyone would feel the urge to out someone who clearly doesn’t want to have his business out there is totally beyond me. If the guy wanted his boyfriend’s face seen, he’d have just put it there but nope someone had to run and do amebo!

  6. Chocolad??
    August 25, 18:20 Reply

    Sometimes I wonder if people know the difference between a gay man and a transgender? Or maybe it’s just me. But I think a gay MAN should look like a man. I mean…. I could’ve sworn that was a female.

    The internet tho…. Lord have mercy! ?

  7. Anoni
    August 25, 19:19 Reply

    Omo! And he’s a basketball player(which means he’s highly DL), i can’t even imagine the stigma from now, god go epp am
    I’ve also fallen for this hide face thing when i got down with one stylist like that, dude insisted on making a video “for wanking purposes”, i also pray my butt doesn’t make it to them blogs, i won’t know how to handle it

  8. Zoar
    August 25, 21:20 Reply

    He wasn’t even been dragged because he turned out to be Gay.

    But he’s been dragged because Jeffree Star has been a Racist all along. And the Basketball Player has a Baby Mama and a lil son he just abandoned to come frolic with The “high” and “mighty” Jeffree Star ??

    If all these are correct about the Black Man. Then he has serious issues.

  9. Peaches
    August 27, 23:34 Reply

    I am very afraid of the internet.

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