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  1. maxonex
    October 02, 06:07 Reply

    Saw an ass like this yesterday night @ the cinema…had to reposition to get a better look…damn…it was so unbelievable… The odd thing is that the dude also packs a shutgun… Meanwhile he was busy checking me out before my friends came over and he suddenly lost interest…

  2. Keith
    October 02, 06:19 Reply

    Ive seen one lyk dis too in my ex school hostel, d guy is somtin else, got me drooling literally buh he is as straight as they come

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 02, 06:21 Reply

      Life is so unfair. (I guess, to Tops). For how can one have cakes like this and be straight. lol

  3. gad
    October 02, 06:27 Reply

    This type of pix can bring plenty bad luck in the course of the day.Pinky,pls spare some thoughts for us

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 02, 06:33 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaaa!!! Oh gad, you gave me my first laugh of the day

  4. Keith
    October 02, 06:34 Reply

    Lol these cakes are the types that gets the straight horny bunkmate digging dirty

  5. JArch
    October 02, 06:45 Reply

    ooohhh Dennnniiisss…. Where are you darling.

    We’re serving up cakes for breakfast love.

    • Dennis Macauley
      October 02, 07:09 Reply

      Oh sweetheart I’m hear alright!

      Cupcakes and cream you know is my favourite breakfast

  6. daniel
    October 02, 06:47 Reply

    This one has all his problems behind… The world is not a funny place for a guy with such ass.. Ur kito comes as big as ur ass.. Meanwhile, I saw one months ago, I swear it was a calculated attempt to seduce me, dude brought his boxers down and half the ass was out, I’m sure beyonce was singing in heaven the day God was making that ass, and the way the hairs aligned, Jeez!! Fighting a hard-on on the road was the result of my lustiness.

  7. Dennis Macauley
    October 02, 07:08 Reply

    Chineke! (in onitsha man’s igbo accent)


    This is not cakes, it’s a shrine where you worship with your face 7times a day!!

    PinkPanther! Thankyou for improving my blood circulation more than my morning run would ever do!

    King!!! Mr T!!! Back off, I got here first!

    • JArch
      October 02, 07:11 Reply

      Bwahahaha ohh Dennis…. Do I need to enroll you in Cakes Anonymous?

      • Dennis Macauley
        October 02, 07:30 Reply


        This is one addiction I don’t wanna break, so no thankyou very much!
        I will pass!

        U nibble on these kind of cakes while he stands! And then you……

        *spots Mrs Macaulay*

        Changes page to

  8. lexus
    October 02, 07:13 Reply

    At last it’s up. that’s all his pinky. He s truly endowed

  9. chestnut
    October 02, 07:36 Reply

    Badonkadonkdonk!!! This is too much for one person ooo! I don’t know if anyone else ever noticed this, but hausa guys are blessed with massive behinds (their women too, but hijab no go gree u see am wella); up here, u’ll see a slim hausa boy, skinny as a t.v remote, but looking like they’re dragging d actual t.v behind them!(And I don’t mean ultra-slim t.v. O!) They be logging that ass around like a heavy guilty conscience…*sips tea*

    • Dennis Macauley
      October 02, 07:54 Reply

      I saw this waiter the other day @ Jevink! Very tight pants, and then behind

      He would easily give JLo a run for her money!

      I struggled to concentrate on my food as he kept sashaying up and down the restaurant, knowing fully well that I was watching him!

    • Lanre Swagg
      October 02, 11:21 Reply

      I can Totally testi-fy to the hidden legend of slim guys and the heavy secrets behind them…

    • Mr Bassey
      October 02, 16:33 Reply

      I know Right, like my friends mechanic and his brother…..Hausa guys with such rich cakes, I stare all the time.

  10. JArch
    October 02, 09:05 Reply

    Meanwhile, I can only imagine what Idris Elba’s sausage would look like in between those cakes

    Only if Pinky and Dennis were swingers and loved to share *sighs*

  11. Legalkoboko
    October 02, 10:06 Reply

    wiaris my ATM card!
    This is pure wickedness Pinky.

  12. #TeamKizito
    October 02, 10:12 Reply

    My friend has cakes like that but, doesn’t have a cute face. (What he doesn’t have in front of the oval ball on his neck, he makes up for with the bright future behind him. Girls, boys get jealous most times.) To the guy in the photo and to my friend, I say (in Snoop Dogg’s voice), indeed you’ve got a bright future behind you.

  13. s_sensei
    October 02, 10:30 Reply

    I have never been interested in “cakes”. And I don’t get it when people run amok cos of ’em. Well, we can’t all be the same.

    • anonymous
      October 02, 11:52 Reply

      Asin all these noise over bumbom, I seriously think every thing should be in moderation i.e. Body parts (bumbom’ inclusive).
      I’d take a well defined and muscled bumbom over this any day.

  14. Lothario
    October 02, 12:36 Reply

    *falls off my chair in the office* Say whaaaaattttt??????

    *drooling * I want oooooo

  15. Lothario
    October 02, 12:37 Reply

    Problem is, guys with big booties like this aren’t usually good in bed….#IceFishBabes.

    They just lie back and complain about everything.

  16. Mr Bassey
    October 02, 16:27 Reply

    *drooling*…aaaahhhhh. I want oooooo, by the way I kinda tried that orgasm therapy thingy last night when I felt a bit feverish…it worked.

  17. king
    October 02, 18:30 Reply

    Hmmmm this and a little slimmer….oh just my type….Dennis ok I give him to you and I don’t mind sharing oooooo…..or even a minaj….shay Mrs maucaulay won’t mind wink wink

  18. lluvmua
    October 03, 00:43 Reply

    *swings cakes into diaries.* lol @ cakes . This guy is still learning jawe!!! Am more endowed lol *runs off wif heavy cakes* lol winks

  19. Bane Salazar
    October 10, 06:27 Reply

    Please can you kindly post his full Instagram name so I can stalk the rest of his pics? Thanks.

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