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Bami was punctual. Twenty minutes later, Timi heard a knock on his door. In those twenty minutes, he had found himself vacillating between anger and nervousness. He wanted to pounce on the boy the second he was in his house and beat the devil out of him. But he wasn’t a violent man. Besides, what good would a beating do other than fill the boy with a determination to out him? He found himself struggling with regret that he’d ever given Bami his number. Or had ever gotten to know Sucre. Or was ever gay –

OK, so that was a stretch. He didn’t regret being gay. He had too much love for ass and dicks to regret his homosexuality. He was just reminded about how much he resented being gay in the life he was born into.

By the time he heard Bami knock on the front door, he had made up his mind to have a conversation with the boy and try to reason him out of this madness. He opened the door and waved him in. As he walked past him into his house, Timi caught an impression of his delicate profile: those lush lips and thick lashes above well-structured cheekbones. The boy was a beauty. As he walked ahead of him into the parlour, Timi had to make a conscious effort not to stare at the slight swing of his pert behind.

“Thanks for having me,” Bami said politely as he settled his lithe frame into one of the sofas.

Timi almost couldn’t believe this was the same chap he’d been chatting with, who’d come off as so crass and offensive.


All doubts of the two people being the same person vanished when Bami went on to say, “I thought you would bail out on our deal.”

“Bail out?” Timi raised his brows. “I don’t remember agreeing to anything.”

“Yet,” Bami said, his lips spreading into such a lascivious smile, Timi was momentarily unsettled by how it transformed him from the fresh-faced teenager he’d always known him to be to a worldly seducer that had clearly lurked underneath all this while.

When he slipped his tongue out of his mouth to lick his lips, Timi found himself stiffening.

Oh God no! The boy looked just so sexy and fuckable. And so fucking young!

Even with that last thought, he could feel his dick starting to strain against his underwear, and he found himself actually considering fucking him.

Talk, Timi! You said you’d try to talk to him.

He sat down on the far end of the sofa from Bami and began, “Look, Bami. This cannot happen, because you’re a kid and I’m married.”

Bami laughed, a mocking exclamation on what he’d last said. “Married?” He lifted his brow at Timi, his eyes merry with amusement. “Come on, Timi. You clearly do not even care about that.”

That was supposed to strike a nerve in Timi, but it didn’t. It was the truth, and he couldn’t believe how stark this truth got before his face, coming from the mouth of a nineteen-year-old who wanted his dick.

He stared at the boy. “What happened to the sweet Jesus boy everyone in church is so proud of?” he said.

“That Bami gets left behind in church.” As he spoke, he sidled across the sofa toward Timi. Timi sat unmoving until Bami was close to him and he leaned forward, his warm breath fanning Timi’s face, and said, “The Bami here just wants to get ravished by your big dick and take it like a pro.”

The words got their desired effect. Sparks shot through Timi’s nerve endings and his dick tumefied inside his underwear. Reason died a swift death and desire took over.

He grabbed Bami’s face and the next thing he knew, they were kissing feverishly. Those lips he’d often idly fantasized about slid and slipped against his, and he found himself getting even more turned on by the taste of them. Bami was a really good kisser and Timi couldn’t get enough of him.

It was a thready moan from Bami that jarred Timi momentarily out of his passion. He pulled back, coming up for air, reaching flailingly for common sense. Bami moved to reclaim his lips but he leaned away from him.

“You’re so young…” he croaked. “So fragile…”

“And so capable of taking you inside me,” Bami said breathlessly.

Timi looked into his eyes, searching for reasons why this kid would go to this length just to get fucked by him. His thoughts strayed to all the nasty things he could do to his twinkish body, and his dick started getting harder again.

Bami was leaning against him in such a way that he could feel the jerky motion of Timi’s hard-on. He smiled at the knowledge that Timi’s resolve was weakening. And then he grabbed Timi’s at crotch, massaging his dick through his trouser. Timi wasn’t sure, but he felt a slight hesitation on Bami’s part when he encountered his hard-on. But it was so brief, he figured he must have imagined it.

“You know that I’m like ten years older than you, right?” he tried again, desperately fighting a losing battle.

“Yeah. So?” Bami said breathlessly, his mouth searching for Timi’s.

Rationality was again thrown out the window when his hand slipped through Timi’s now-unzippered crotch and caught hold of the dick, skin against skin.

Timi officially lost the battle then. Fuck this, he thought almost angrily. If he wants the D, I’ll give it to him.

He felt himself letting go of his self-control as he mounted Bami, taking charge of the situation. After making out heatedly for several minutes, during which they’d managed to shed their clothes, everything strewn in every place across the parlour in their determination to not get too far away from the heat burning between them, Timi was ready to fill Bami’s slutty hole. He hefted the boy up in his arms and while kissing him, made his way to the bedroom. Condoms. Lubes. And he was finally poised behind Bami, ready to dig into his boy-pussy.

He was pushing in, when he heard a loud gasp, then a whimper. And Bami was pulling away from him, his hand pushing back at Timi’s hips.

“Stop! Please, stop! Get off, get off!” he cried out.

“Whadda – I wasn’t even going in hard…” Timi protested, his desire sharpening his voice with annoyance.

“Just get off please!” Bami wailed and slid further away from Timi.

Timi was astonished when he saw the distress on his face, a sight that instantly doused his passion but fired up his aggravation.

“What is this, Bami?” he snapped. “I thought you said you could take dick like a pro?”

There was some silence, during which Bami sniffled, not meeting his gaze. Then he said in a small voice, “This is actually my first time.”

“WHAT!” Timi shouted.

The boy recoiled.

“Are you fucking kidding me! You’re a virgin and this is how you wanted your first time to be? Blackmailing me for sex?” Timi was incensed. “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT, BAMI?” he shouted.

Bami flinched again. The look he lifted to meet Timi’s glare was sorrowful and a little frightened. In that moment, he looked every bit of his nineteen years of age.

“I had heard so much about you and how big your dick is and how good you are in bed…” he began, his tone that aimed to seduce before now very miserable. “And I just wanted to see for myself. I haven’t really done anything with anyone. I haven’t gone past kissing and blow jobs. I didn’t know it would hurt so much.”

“Oh Bami…” Timi groaned, feeling his anger begin to deplete.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” he cried. “I had no intention of doing anything with those screenshots, please believe me. I just got it into my head that you were the one I wanted to disvirgin me, and I became desperate.”

Timi sighed and settled back on the bed, feeling as deflated as his flaccid penis.

“I’m sorry…”

“I’ve heard you –”

“I’m truly sorry, Mr. Ayomide…”

Timi winced. Mr. Ayomide? Now, he was well and truly never going to ever have anything sexual to do with this boy.

“Go downstairs and put on your clothes,” he instructed. “I’ll be down with you in a minute.”

He watched as Bami slid out of the bed and hurried out of the room, the jiggle in his pert ass not even remotely arousing to him anymore.

Then Timi got up to pull on another pair of trousers. He stood before the vanity mirror and chastised himself for almost doing what he’d always found himself too principled to do: having sex with a teenager.

And that teenager was a virgin.

He felt the goosebumps of horror ripple across his skin. As he pulled on a shirt, he realised he needed to talk to Bami. To really talk to him about what it was clear he didn’t know. About sex. About safety. And about how to not ever make the mistake of blackmailing anyone with their homosexuality. The next person may not be as nice as he was.

Written by Ariana

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  1. Colossus
    July 21, 06:15 Reply

    Well that was……..different. Nice read

    • Cedar
      July 21, 07:55 Reply

      Exactly, not the way I expected it to go down.

  2. lonz
    July 21, 07:10 Reply

    Bami is a lucky young man. On another planet, he would have been fucked silly, he would have been raped without mercy.

  3. Jay
    July 21, 08:03 Reply

    Timi is a man with a good heart. However, Bami can not be trusted.

  4. Mandy
    July 21, 08:24 Reply

    Well, that was unexpected. That Bami almost deserves to be raped. Just imagine. You don’t even have the cojones to back up your blackmailed seduction. His naivete is his saving grace. A guy like this in real life would have to be educated properly otherwise they could potentially grow up into the kitoers we have in our community. Come to your house, fuck with you and then clap hands for you.

  5. Jay
    July 21, 08:43 Reply

    @mandy The potentiality of him been a kitoer is high. His a conniving young man whose naivete can not be seen to have clouded his desperation. He’s a goal getter in a bad way because if he goes on like this he would do anything to achieve his aim. I hope the talk works.

    July 21, 09:45 Reply

    Bami is lucky he didnt get raped, kitoed or even killed. Didn’t see this turn of events coming.

    “I had heard so much about you and how big your dick is and how good you are in bed…”
    And, may this kiss and tell behaviour would not be the end of our community in this environment.

  7. Omiete
    July 21, 10:48 Reply

    ???????????????????. Why am I not surprised I was actually expecting an ending like this. You know what they say about people who talk too much.

  8. Black Dynasty
    July 21, 13:00 Reply

    Sighs, the stupid young man is lucky Timi is a decent guy otherwise it would be a different story. Not quite the ending I expected but good writing nonetheless, i enjoy unpredictability.

    Hopefully the idiots that play with blackmail realise it’s never a joke and sometimes retaliation might cost you your life. Heck, it’s a criminal offence in most countries.

    Yes yes lol, i know it’s fiction… but still

  9. Bussy
    July 21, 15:15 Reply

    I’ll take it like a pro ,oya take dick na but no he’s screaming like a woman in labour room ????
    just cant stand teens ah swear maybe i just did metamorphose into an adult without that being one ?

    las las big shout out to men like Timi, who can control themselves in situations like that especially the “about to penetrate part” cos others would’ve still taken advantage of bami,to clear the konji.?

  10. Black Coffee
    July 21, 15:36 Reply

    OMG, take it like a pro and you’re here screaming.

    I can only imagine the self-control Timi gathered to not rape or harm the boy sha.

    Nice piece! ?

  11. Bee
    July 21, 22:57 Reply

    Lmao. I understand and support the message y’all are trying to pass across but this portrayal of the teenager as an empty-headed childlike creature is quite lazy and laughable. This is 2019; 10-year-olds are smarter than this. And, besides, I doubt that the teens you’re trying to get across to even read KD.

    And the kito scum littered everywhere are mostly uneducated/unemployed so … ?

    • Pink Panther
      July 22, 07:46 Reply

      Isn’t that a bit of a single story? Not all teenagers, even in 2019, are sharp and smart. Especially considering the underlining factor of sexual desire. If we are gay society of smart people, we wouldn’t have people falling for kito schemes.
      And really, after reading Kito Diaries for years, you should know better than to think all kito scum are mostly uneducated and unemployed.

  12. Jaya Anand Kumar
    July 22, 14:50 Reply

    What, that’s it?????
    Where’s my blood and gore and perhaps a finger or some teeth for souvenir purposes???
    Ugh!!!!, one reason why i cannot stand teenagers no matter how cute.

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