Deceased Man’s Secret Male Lover And Widow Battle Over Who Gets The House

Deceased Man’s Secret Male Lover And Widow Battle Over Who Gets The House

When 32-year-old Masiye Moyo died on May 19, he left behind a house, a widow, four children, and a secret male lover. Now, the BF and wife are in a heated court battle over who gets the house.

Moyo was a former captain at the United Touring Company in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. He and his wife Christina Sibanda had four kids together, ages 5 through 14 years. Mayo also owned a small house out in the suburbs. That’s where he allegedly kept 30-year-old Bruce Kazembe.

According to Kazembe, he and Moyo had been companions since adolescence, and Moyo had promised him the house after his death. But Mayo’s widow begs to differ. She’s now trying to evict Kazembe.

“My late husband assumed ownership of that house from his employers in 2012 and Bruce should prove to us who authorized him to stay in it,” Sibanda said. “We’ve the keys and we don’t know how he got in, which on its own is a crime.”

She continued: “He’s not even talking to us and each time we go to the house, we don’t find him. Some property is missing already and he has also rented out some of the rooms.”

Moyo’s younger brother, Matthew, has also joined the legal battle. “What pains us the most is that Bruce has been living in that house illegally,” he said. “We’ve served him with papers but he has refused to vacate the house. He claims Moyo sodomized him and promised him the house. We want him out so that the widow can use it to raise the children.”

But Kazembe says he’s not budging, saying his dead boyfriend “offered me the house to conceal this wickedness.” (The wickedness being the fact that he was carrying on an extramarital affair with another man – Kazembe himself apparently)

“I’ve been disowned by my parents and the court should consider my status,” he said. “I can’t fend for myself and I can’t marry anymore.”

Before his death, Moyo granted power of attorney to his wife, which allows her to oversee his assets, including the house.

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  1. evans
    June 30, 04:01 Reply

    The man is all at fault…..why would he do dat when he knows women can be a prick sometimes. Mtshwwww! This is why I don’t buy d idea of monogamy!

    • Mandy
      June 30, 04:04 Reply

      The idea of monogamy? What does monogamy have to do with the ongoing drama?

      • Jamie
        June 30, 08:26 Reply

        As confused as I am, sure…

      • Tiercel de Claron
        June 30, 11:58 Reply

        The deceased seemed involved in polygamous relationships,albeit with both same n opposite sex

  2. evans
    June 30, 04:07 Reply

    Yes! That’s as if the man used his boyfriend cos I see no reason why he can’t leave the house to him

    • Mandy
      June 30, 04:17 Reply

      Did you read the post very well? Becos your comments are sounding like you didn’t understand what the gist is about.

  3. pete
    June 30, 05:26 Reply

    Before his death, Moyo granted power of attorney to his wife, which
    allows her to oversee his assets, including the house.

    the BF is fighting a lost case.

  4. Max
    June 30, 05:42 Reply

    There’s no case here. The wife will win. The Kezembe dude is silly.

  5. Gad
    June 30, 06:17 Reply

    A man will not “will” a property to someone orally and give powers of attorney to another over the same property. This kazambe guy is either lying or was deceived. Thats what a guy gets when he uses his ass as a meal ticket rather than getting educated and a job. He apparently used his ass more than his head. He will lose the house and might even get sentenced for criminal trespass

  6. kacee
    June 30, 06:51 Reply

    Lol, there is no case na. He is supposed to save what he has, but nooo he’s crazily n stupidly going to court,too much money…mtchewww *going back to watching Yanis Marshall dance tutorials*

  7. Ringlana
    June 30, 07:14 Reply

    Shooo For this Modern age, “He will the House”Orally,The BF should have acted Wisely,that’s why I Trust we Black B**ch, it goesthis way Darling “Wud you pls sign and will the Property to me legally becus of story that’s touch. No dulling gUys dee Vex.

    • Gad
      June 30, 08:04 Reply

      Even if there is a written document in his favor he will still lose the case because there are certain technicalities that will come into play. In cases involving different categories of properties certain types of documents are needed. Even if they are there, there are processes to undergo before they become valid and not voidable.

      • Ringlana
        June 30, 11:49 Reply

        He Screwed it all by sayin. I’ve been disowned by my parents and the court should
        consider my status,” he said. “I can’t fend for myself and I
        can’t marry anymore.”
        To muah That’s Self Pity,

        • Gad
          June 30, 12:52 Reply

          Just sad and disheartening. The next step is to start a black mailing business.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        June 30, 11:54 Reply

        Not if the property was deeded and transferred to him while the deceased yet live,then it wouldn’t count as part of the man’s estate.That doesn’t seem the case here tho.The wife wins on all counts.

  8. Sinnex
    June 30, 07:21 Reply

    This one na serious Gobe oooo….

    Bruce should just go and lick his wounds, he can’t win the case…not in that country sha.

    • Gad
      June 30, 08:05 Reply

      Even in America he can’t win.

  9. trystham
    June 30, 08:49 Reply

    Oh!!! Its ‘sodomized’ and ‘wickedness’now ehn? You can’t fend for urself and u can’t marry anymore??? i’m not sympathetic to ur case abeg. There are children involved. If ur country recognises homosexuality, good for u. If not, get a grip.and MOVE ON!!!

  10. Colossus
    June 30, 09:01 Reply

    The man screwed him in life and in death

  11. OMG!!!It's HYPO
    July 01, 05:25 Reply

    This Kezembe is so foolish,I understand his plight (if there is any truth in his claims) buh in all, he shld b considerate n drop d case,we r talking bou 4 children nah! #KezembeIsWicked

  12. Lothario
    July 01, 18:43 Reply

    Where do you start sorting out this one from now?

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