The Proposal: I Am A Lesbian Interested In Marrying A Gay Man

The Proposal: I Am A Lesbian Interested In Marrying A Gay Man


I am a 30-year-old lesbian, working with an indigenous firm based in Lagos.

I have been miserable since I got back from holidaying with my family; the unending nag for marriage cut short my two-week-long planned vacation, and because I can’t afford to come clean with them regarding my sexuality (they’ll never understand it), I have decided to enter into an arranged marriage.

I seek a gay man who can relate to my plight. I know there are a ton of gay men out there who are under the same pressures as I am, and just want a convenient way to handle both family and take care of their peace of mind. I am interested in working things out with such a man.

For such an arrangement to work out, you should know that I take care of my shit, so I’d expect the same from him. We can both agree on what appearance the intended marriage will take in terms of children, living arrangement etcetera.

I’m open to whatever arrangement works out fine for him, with the exclusion of any sexual relationship.

I live in Lagos, but his location should not be a problem.

If interested, kindly reach out to ( – that is, two Ls before “essons5”).

Thank you.

Submitted by Emerald

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  1. Higwe
    January 06, 19:26 Reply

    This might sound weird but you should really take sometime to date whomever you finally choose .

    Fake marriage or nah …a marriage is still a marriage .

    You two may not be having sex , but there are still intimate parts of yourself that you’re still going to share with him .

    * Which will kind of leave you vulnerable to some certain extent *

    So , get to know your husband to be ?

    Make sure he’s not a cretin – that might hit on your brother on your wedding night.

    Ensure he’s not a dog , that will mate with every willing hole in your neighborhood leaving you looking like a ? while keeping up the charade.

    The fact he likes dick and you like pussy , doesn’t necessarily make him the perfect ” husband ”

    He might be a slubberdegullion.

    A sociopath .

    A manic .

    An aggressive person.

    Even a kitoer …that might blackmail you in the future.

    Reason you shouldn’t just settle for anyone.

    You two will eventually be found out
    *sadly every secret comes to light one way or another *
    But if you want this to have any sort of longevity while you figure out how to take the camel to the Oasis …you’d need a level headed man ,that could at least cover his tracks.

    No marriage is easy sister …but it helps if you can find someone on the same mental wavelength. …even if he likes dipping his fingers in oil ,while you prefer sauce. ?

    • Lyanna
      January 07, 16:24 Reply

      I believe you’re the level headed man???

    • Malik
      January 08, 07:10 Reply

      ?????????? Perfectly said.

    • Emerald
      January 09, 08:14 Reply

      Words of wisdom Higwe, many thanks

    • clamox
      January 10, 17:07 Reply

      I think the proper name is kito-ist.
      Nice advice.
      I can learn a thing or two from you.

  2. Rukky
    January 09, 18:48 Reply

    Well I’m a guy in a similar situation but I guess you’ve either changed your mind or been taken because the email address isn’t available.

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