The Proposal: I Am A US-Based Gay Man Looking For A Woman Interested In An Arranged Marriage

The Proposal: I Am A US-Based Gay Man Looking For A Woman Interested In An Arranged Marriage

I am David, a 29-year-old gay Nigerian based in North America. I am currently looking for a lesbian, bisexual or (perhaps) straight woman willing to enter into a marriage of convenience with me. Or perhaps a woman who’s happy with having children with a gay man. If you are interested and you are based in North America (USA or Canada), it’d be perfect. But if you are based in Nigeria or elsewhere, I’d be very happy for us to work something out.

I am Yoruba. I am independent with a stable career. I an incredibly ambitious and would appreciate such spirit of independence in a woman.

Whatever else that is regarding to this arrangement, I am sure we can talk about it and come to an agreement on what will work for us.

If you are interested, please feel free to reach me at

Thanks in anticipation of your interest.

Submitted by David

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  1. Dunder
    June 23, 03:01 Reply

    Good luck bro. I’ll advise you limit your search to those legally in the West and patiently vet your options so as to save yourself a lot of tears. Custody battles and heavy alimony shall not be our portion.

  2. Anoni
    June 23, 09:29 Reply

    You should go to a lesbian centred group,i think that’s where u find women that are not sexually attracted to a man but looking to get into an arrangement too

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