The Proposal: Is There A Cis-Woman Who Wishes To Have A Child?

The Proposal: Is There A Cis-Woman Who Wishes To Have A Child?

My name is Sim, a Nigerian from the eastern part. I am 5’6 feet, muscular or stocky, depending on your taste, dark hair and brown eyes. My genotype is AS, rhesus positive RH+, and I am HIV negative. I am a gay man, 35 years old, a Doctor (MD), HIV Clinical Trial Manager and Infectious Disease Specialist. I currently live and work in the United States.

I am searching for any lady who wishes to share a life with me. As a gay man, I have no desire to wed a woman. However, any lady who wishes to have a child with me will be part of my life forever because the child will be our bond. I am flexible; if the lady wishes to be part of the child’s life, it is fine. If she wants to be compensated for being a surrogate of sorts, that can be discussed and arranged.

I will prefer the child to be born in the USA, but if immigration or visa issues deny this option, I will take care of the child and his/her mother, depending on the arrangement we both will come to prior to the pregnancy. I will not be able to sponsor her to gain US residency.

However, all this is flexible and negotiable and I am as honest as I can be.

Anyone interested should kindly email me at You should also please be knowledgeable of your genotype and RH status, as this is very crucial for genetic compatibility.

Submitted by Sim


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  1. Sim
    June 24, 05:59 Reply

    Thanks Pinky,
    Struggles of a gay man, any lady who shares same idea pls inbox me.

  2. Adedayo
    June 24, 07:08 Reply

    @Sim: Will this be a surrogate situation or co-parenting. I just want to confirm before I inbox you.

    • Sim
      June 24, 09:38 Reply

      Either works, it’s all about what we negotiate. I am flexible with this.

  3. Higwe
    June 24, 07:57 Reply

    One of the few instances I wish I were a lady ??

    * Imagine having a baby for a doctor based in the United States *

    Financial security for at least 18 years ?


    On a serious note Sim …you’ll make a wonderful father .
    You’re so pure, honest and drop dead gorgeous (don’t ask me how I know ) ?

    Little wonder Pink P is head over heels and lashing out at anyone he perceives a threat ????

    • Sim
      June 24, 09:39 Reply

      Thanks Higwe.
      ??? Happy Pride Dear

      • Higwe
        June 24, 12:17 Reply

        An amazing sense of fashion too ??

        • Sim
          June 24, 14:04 Reply

          You know someday I’ll know whom Higwe is.????

          • Higwe
            June 24, 17:04 Reply

            You kind of do already …we follow each other on Instagram ??

            But I’ll be damned if I make it easy for you -C .O ???

            • Sim
              June 24, 19:42 Reply

              Boy stop playing, u even know my initial lol.

              I will find you, even if it means going through all my Instagram contacts ?.
              C.O is my initial or a clue Mr Higwe?

    • Persimmon
      June 25, 18:25 Reply

      Fact is, C.O. is not a practicing physician in the US. He’s is yet to finish his USMLEs or even do a residency. He’s an IMG, who’s more of a researcher… Please, if you wanna ask for these kinda things. Please, please do place all the facts on the table.

      • Higwe
        June 26, 04:46 Reply

        Uhmmm ?

        Thanks for the info , I guess ??‍♂️

        Unfortunately I’m not one of the applicants (obviously ) so I don’t know if I need this .

        You do realize he made mention of the interested parties contacting him via his Email …. perhaps things will be a lot more limpid and specific there. ??

        • Sim
          June 26, 15:49 Reply

          Thanks @Higwe.
          You don’t have to respond to him, he is pained lol.
          Atleast I’m not homeless or jobless ?. Anyone on my social media knows what I do, u can distinguish my current job from clinical practice. Lastly to be a Father, u don’t have to be a Practicing physician, I earn enough.

          • Persimmon
            June 27, 08:58 Reply

            My apologies. I mean no harm… An MD is different from an MBBS, albeit both equating the same qualification. I have no issue with what you studied, but rather how you portrayed yourself. This is my field too and I didn’t study in Ukraine.

            To clarify, wether one studied medicine here in the US or for IMGs coming in, the goal is to land a residency. However, research is totally welcome as part of strengthening the match application process.

            I’m not in any way trying to knock your hustle sir, I may even go the same route as you to plant my seeds… However, I’m just saying you shouldn’t try to portray yourself as though you are an established practicing “MD” of some sort.

            Apologies again if I was too intrusive.

            • Sim
              June 27, 15:45 Reply

              What are u apologizing for? FACT- I ain’t interested in USMLE don’t confuse me with another person, 2ndly. I already have a 6 figure career with a large cooperation, which I landed because of the jobs (resume) I did in Nigeria prior to moving to the ?? . 3rldy, I believe I have both MD&MBBS and don’t worry about me honey, I’m fine. lastly I AM NOT A PRACTICING PHYSICIAN IN THE USA, I hope u can rest now.

              • Persimmon
                June 28, 01:08 Reply

                Like I said it’s all good and I apologise if I came off as rude… Gil**d’s pay rate & info is readily available on Indeed, Glassdoor n the likes.. Don’t mistake research grants for personal income.
                Once, more my honest apologies as I have a tendency of being brash and too nosy at times. ??

                • Higwe
                  June 28, 07:17 Reply

                  Can you stop already !

                  No one

                  No one on Earth

                  Persimmon – ?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️


                  If this apology of yours is remotely sincere , you’d have dropped this topic like since yesternever .

                  I don’t know the reason behind this information and I certainly don’t care but I’d love to let you know that neither my respect nor admiration for him has faltered since you dropped it … infact I’d say it increased exponentially.


                  It takes a real man to be proud of who he is *
                  From every indication , he’s pretty much financially capable of raising a child ….and frankly that’s the only thing that should matter to you , me and anyone else reading this post .

                  The man is not asking to grant anyone an employment opportunity , he simply wants to raise a child of his own.

                  You digging up his job specification was low , unnecessary and beyond petty.

                  Making snide remarks under the umbrella of apology is even more disgusting .

                  Do better ; live better – Kings .
                  We gain nothing by seeking to tear each other down.

                  And persimmon ….there is a thin line between being brash and outrightly being a jerk .
                  Just letting you know. ?

                  • Sim
                    June 28, 13:42 Reply

                    Thanks Dear @Higwe.

                    I know him, I wouldn’t have responded to his small mind if not that you interjected. When are we getting dinner @Higwe? Eba and egusi still my favorite or abacha.

                    • Persimmon
                      June 29, 00:19

                      …lmao. it’s not that deep & once more I apologise. Like I had mentioned, I’m the type that honestly get irritated by the least amount of ambiguity, and rather a stickler for facts in all its naked glory. There’s no ulterior motive or insidiousness in my heart for him whatsoever. I also clarified this fact in my previous and penultimate messages. I may have actually over stepped my boundaries… All the same. Best of luck in your search moving forward. ??.

  4. Patrick
    June 24, 15:45 Reply

    Wouldn’t it be easier to find someone in the US, as against a woman living in Nigeria?

    • trystham
      June 24, 19:52 Reply

      Lol. Boya he wants to do CSR -Corporate Social Responsibility

  5. Bussy
    June 24, 23:10 Reply

    Are you sure gay at all ??
    it’s your choice though but i just cant wrap my head around this
    what ever happened to surrogates over there , if you have no intention of wedding the woman????
    and the bonding bad???
    mehn you being gay kind of makes me wonder if other gays of your category in Nigeria are really really what ” words cant describe right now”??????????

    • Higwe
      June 25, 12:50 Reply

      I think he’s bisexual .
      I don’t know why he doesn’t want to embrace it though …maybe he’s scared he might hurt some of his close friends ….which is honestly pretty fucked up ?

      He has once admitted he prefers having sex with women.

      That out of the way , I think Sim will be a pretty good father .
      He’s well to do .
      He’s kind ….not the “kind ” that wants everyone to see ” hey look at me I have the kindest heart ” like some try hard pseudonyms on this blog …I think his comes from a very sincere place ….*I would consider myself an average psychologist *
      He has a sense of responsibility … that’s a quality lacking in many gay men .Most of the time we use our sexuality as an excuse to live selfishly ; but Sim actually uses his platform and career to help the LGBTQ community .

      I see nothing wrong with what he’s doing , he’s old enough , rich enough and might as well take the plunge ?.

      • Sim
        June 25, 13:40 Reply

        Be washing me Sir, nothing is hidden forever. Abeg show urself, someone is claiming ur identity in my inbox but I’m pretty sure tht ain’t u.
        U can save me some headache.

        • Higwe
          June 25, 15:10 Reply

          That person in your inbox is not me abeg .

          Please be careful sir , too many desperados and legerdemains .

          Looool ???

          Tufia ??


      • Bussy
        June 25, 18:04 Reply

        You’re right at some point, maybe I’m just jealous that he can ride both ass and pussy at the same time ??,or i naturally see bi people as being confused and should be avoided . ??
        it breaks my heart wen i see gay people suddenly wanna do things the heterosexual way ( having kids asides o).
        his choice though, maybe wen I’m done with med school in a few years, I’ll follow his step and chatter another gay person’s mind who looks up to me. ?

        • Higwe
          June 25, 19:00 Reply

          Sweets. …
          There is absolutely nothing to be jealous of , *trust me pussy is overrated *
          Just because he rides both , doesn’t make him better than you in anyway .
          You really should be proud of who you are .

          And having kids is not a heterosexual thing …even animals have offsprings and some of them do not even need to mate .
          Some species of birds , fishes , reptiles and amphibians can bear offsprings without contact with a male …as a medical student , you should have more knowledge of this than I do.

          So if whether you decide to have kids in future or not – it doesn’t make you more or less a person , it just makes you a father and thanks to technological advancement and the popularity of adoption anyone can be a father.


          As for your school , I’m rooting for you .I know you’ll emerge with flying colors and do great things in life .
          Keep working hard .??

        • Higwe
          June 25, 19:12 Reply

          It Doesn’t really matter.
          If you feel what you are is genuine and you’re not a mistake , then you’ll have no problem accepting others.

          Extirpate that mentality.
          The whole point of PRIDE is acceptance …..what does it say about us when we are clamouring to be accepted yet judge other people because they love more or differently ? ??

  6. Vincent
    June 25, 15:23 Reply

    Hi SIM, can I email you? But not concerning this issue but something else entirely.

    • Sim
      June 25, 15:38 Reply

      Feel free Mr. Vincent.

  7. Jas
    November 04, 17:38 Reply

    Does she have to be cis ? Can we be pan ? That’s if you still need someone.

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