Rainy days were created for cuddling, Adaora thought, as she lay languidly on her bed while her eyes followed the path of falling raindrops on her window pane, while the sound of rain played like music in her ears.

Warm hands moved across her bare midriff, and Adaora clasped one of them in hers and brought it to her lips, giving it a gentle kiss.

“I love you, babe,” a gentle voice whispered in her ear, and Adaora turned around and looked into a pair of eyes that she had always thought were the most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever seen; a deep hazel green, haunting and mesmerizing.

“I adore you, my darling,” she replied, all the love in her heart threatening to burst out of her chest, while a pervasive sadness for what was to come threatened her with tears.

One cheeky tear escaped however, and her hazel-eyed lover moved forward and kissed it away.

“I should be the one crying, you know. I’m the one whose girlfriend is getting married,” Adaora’s lover said, lifting up Adaora’s hand to inspect the empire-cut diamond glistening on it. “Five carats, huh? Impressive, but I believe Chief Nweze can do better. Fucking cheapskate.”

“For God’s sake, Liliana, don’t bring him here,” Adaora said, yanking her hand away. “This is our time, our place, our moment. I don’t want to think or talk about that wedding when I’m with you.”

Liliana sighed and pulled away, turning to face the ceiling. “But how can we not discuss the wedding, when it is what is bringing our relationship to an end, Adaora? You can’t afford to be in denial about this…”

The tears began to fall, and Adaora stood up from the bed and strode over to the window.

She was being childish, she knew. She had known that some day, she would have to marry Chief Nweze; after all, he had paid for her university education, catered to her widowed mother’s needs, and also provided for her younger brother’s education as well as providing her with a monthly stipend that more than covered her shopping, feeding and miscellaneous needs. The piper had to be paid, and now was the time. She had been shifting the time forward with lame excuses: “Let me finish NYSC,” “I want to work for a while,” “Work is stressful, let me adjust to it”… Now, after working as a corporate sales officer in one of the top banks in the country for two years, there were no excuses available any more.

“It would hurt less if you weren’t moving all the way to Abuja,” Liliana said, lifting her lithe frame from the bed. She walked towards the window to wrap her arms around her girlfriend.

Adaora inhaled Liliana’s heady scent and sighed.

“For someone whose girlfriend of ten years is getting married and moving away, you’re pretty calm, Lili,” she husked.

“You know my sangfroid is legendary, babe,” Liliana said, after letting out a breathy laugh. “Besides, Abuja is just an airplane ticket away. You may be marrying Chief Nweze, but you will never stop being mine.”

Adaora sighed, her gloom slowly sifting away with the love and conviction of Liliana’s words. She turned round and enveloped Liliana’s supple lips in a passionate kiss.

“My Liliana,” Adaora murmured against her girlfriend’s lips, her nipples taut and aching as her passion built up.

“You’re wonderful,” Liliana responded, her slender agile fingers finding the entrance to her girlfriend’s nether lips.

And their desire overwhelmed them both.


“Well, you’re no fun today, Lili,” Siji muttered, scowling heavily at Liliana. She looked up at him and made a face and his scowl disappeared as he guffawed loudly. “You do look like a million bucks though,” he added, taking in her flawless, honey-coloured, make-up-free skin, artfully-tousled wavy dark hair, and the sleeveless mid-thigh-length, hot-pink, flared gown hugging her lithe curves.

“Stale gist, boo. I always look good. Next?” Liliana responded, a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

“Aha! Is that a smile I see? C’mon, let it out!” Siji said, lightly tickling his best friend’s ribs.

Liliana promptly yelped and broke out in laughter, punching his lean arms. “For God’s sake! Behave yourself!”

“I made you smile though. Mission accomplished,” Siji said, wrapping his arm around her and hugging her tightly to his side.

Liliana hugged him back. “I love you, bro,” she said, looking up into his handsome face with its perfect eyebrows.

“Love you too, babe,” he replied, kissing her gently on her forehead.

They were both seated on a bench at the Palm’s mall. Siji had dragged Liliana out in an attempt to lift her spirits. Contrary to her affirmations of strength to Adaora, Liliana was shattered by her lover’s impending nuptials. Siji knew that, because he knew Liliana. He had known her since childhood and the both of them had even grown up as neighbours. No tough girl exterior could fool him.

“Someone would see us now and think you are my girlfriend, not knowing that the teams we play for are soooo different,” Siji muttered into Liliana’s ear, chuckling.

Liliana chuckled along with him. It was to be expected. A handsome well-built man and a beautiful exotic-looking woman, in a public place, their arms entwined around each other… Of course, a passerby would assume they were in a relationship.

“But would it be so horrible if people thought we were dating though?” Liliana asked.

“No, but what would be the point? We aren’t dating each other and we are both gay,” Siji replied.

“Societal acceptance would feel nice though. I don’t care about it, but I’d like to feel what it’s like. Wouldn’t you?” she queried, not sure why this idea was suddenly blooming.

“What exactly are you driving at, Lili?” Siji asked, drawing out of the embrace and looking his friend dead in her mesmerizing eyes.

“I am asking if you’d like to be my boyfriend.”

Written by Santa Diaba

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