Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Denies Reports He’s Been In An Extramarital Affair With Married Man

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Denies Reports He’s Been In An Extramarital Affair With Married Man

Media personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who recently got married to wife Cynthia Obianodo, has been dragged into some drama that involves married couple, Yoye Banks and Iyamilele.

An anonymous source opened up a Twitter account this week to spill tea on the couple, alleging that the couple’s marriage is a sham, that Yoye is reportedly gay and his wife only discovered this during their honeymoon. It was also alleged that the wife found out that the person Yoye is allegedly having gay relations with is a ‘newly married media personality who was on his grooms train’.

Well! Ebuka got married a few months ago in February 2016. He’s a media personality. And he was one of Yoye’s groomsmen. So, when the tweets went viral, everyone assumed it is him the source is talking about.

However, he’s come out to debunk the rumours by laughing off the reports on Twitter.

Check on the twitter tea spilled below, and further below, Ebuka’s response.tw1tw2tw3tw4tw5tw6tw7tw8

And Ebuka responded withe the following tweets:tw99

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  1. Rapum
    November 13, 06:21 Reply

    “How am I the last to know about us?” Classic. Haha.

    Nigerians: Leave us alone to fuck and love each other. No.

    Tor, let us marry women and ‘stay safe.’ No.

  2. Somebody
    November 13, 06:35 Reply

    This is wrong on so many levels but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the tea.

  3. y
    November 13, 07:19 Reply

    The epistle I typed just dissappeared. No strength to type again yo

    • ambivalentone
      November 13, 07:39 Reply

      Ahan!!! Please na. It MUST be sumtin serious for u to talk like this. Retype abeg. God is ur strength biko

  4. Mandy
    November 13, 07:27 Reply

    I’m just here thinking how the new Mrs. Obi-Uchendu is handling all this. Such a mess.

  5. Santa Diaba
    November 13, 08:32 Reply

    Lol. Well. I sha know that a lot of people have the tea on Ebuka. It was bound to spill, even a little.

  6. KingBey
    November 13, 09:00 Reply

    *Of course we have strong and detailed receipts* MmmmmHmmmmm. Dish them out baby ! Dish them out ! All the receipts and invoices ! ??????????

  7. Chizzie
    November 13, 09:05 Reply

    He and his brother, don’t know what they were doing to themselves in that family. But I guess it’s the norm for Catholic families.

    Someone really really needs to do an intensive and comprehensive study on the link between Roman Catholism and Homosexuality, cause I tell you there is a LINK. Something about catholism gays entire families up

    • Bade
      November 13, 09:40 Reply

      His brother is everywhere and he is married. Sometimes i wonder if his wife knows about him and decided to stay, or she is also queer or she is just dumb.

    • Chuck
      November 13, 12:51 Reply

      You’re either ignorant and unable to use inductivelogic, or you’re just prejudiced. In these times we don’t need to have erroneous theories floating around without refutation.

      What makes Catholic men more likely to be gay than Protestants/ Muslims?

      If you can’t answer that don’t link the two.

    November 13, 09:31 Reply

    What has religion got to do with this huhhh? Sweetie get yourself some chill pill…

    Don’t come and be generalizing…

  9. Bade
    November 13, 09:32 Reply

    Ebuka didnt date yoye tho.. Yoye was in a relationship with wonzoid his best man .Ebuka didnt deny the allegation, its just funny to him cuz the person spilling didnt get it right ..

      • Bade
        November 13, 10:48 Reply

        Well have got pictures of him ????

        • Francis
          November 13, 14:32 Reply

          ??? someone is a superfan of this wonzoid. Lol

          • Bade
            November 13, 15:08 Reply

            Am not a superfan, they are both following me on IG ??

    • Pink Panther
      November 13, 10:23 Reply

      Good Lord, Bade. You’re just brewing cup after cup ☕☕☕

  10. Haiku
    November 13, 10:14 Reply

    Seriously though, straight guys troll this site often. Now y’all are just opening and pouring out how queer he is when Nigeria doesn’t need to know. Ho my gourd! ?

    • Pink Panther
      November 13, 10:24 Reply

      Who are the straight guys? 🙂 Can they introduce themselves to us?

      • Cho
        November 13, 17:36 Reply

        True Mr Pinky. Straight folks do. I am one. Some stories are fun to read hence…
        But we all know the Yoye Banks gist as a Babcock boy so nothing new and nothing said so far is fresh gist. in fact I know way more than y’all about them.

  11. z
    November 13, 10:47 Reply

    all these people claiming receipts and invoices that they will never show

  12. Thobie chord
    November 13, 10:55 Reply

    Truth is no one will ever come out and say ‘i had sex with ebuka’ it’s always ‘we have receipts this and that’ or ‘they said, he said’ grow up people and stop spreading lies

  13. oys
    November 13, 13:01 Reply

    People spilled the tea mercilessly on blogs, I feel bad for him now

  14. Footuboolu
    November 13, 13:04 Reply

    More reason why I keep my shenanigans with elderly and MATURED men. We don’t have time for receipts. Take care of your side while I take care of mine. You fail to do that and get caught, don’t involve me.

  15. Khaleesi
    November 13, 13:38 Reply

    Ghen ghen!!! ‘oga why can’t you stay true to yourself’ lmao…. Those tweets are so mean! Biko dont drive the poor guy to suicide! There have been so many speculations about Ebuka’s sexuality … Yet no one seems to have concrete and undeniable evidence … Sha this tea sweet ooo ***smacks lips**** Aunty Pinky, please keep us updated biko

  16. Kerr
    November 13, 13:45 Reply

    I’d like to know how @iTruthWizard feels right now. I hope he/she got paid for all this .
    Nigerians and our penchant for not minding our fucking business

  17. Delle
    November 13, 13:47 Reply

    Hei! This truth wizard really lived up to his name o! See questions of the year!

    Biko, who is this Yoye dude? I don’t even know him. Another MGM palavaric nemesis ?

    And sentiments aside, Ebuka has always had gay rumours trailing him. MGMs everywia! ?

  18. DI-NAVY
    November 13, 14:04 Reply

    Some of y’all here will get married and when they dish out your receipts and invoices. I hope you survive it.
    Some jubiliating on another person’s agony.
    We all know staying true to ourselves in this part of the world is difficult. #nuffsaid

    • ambivalentone
      November 13, 19:56 Reply

      They shud marry quickly biko. I can’t wait. I need something to stimulate my interests in this monotony called ‘The World’.

  19. johhny
    November 13, 14:55 Reply

    I know some tea gonna spill. pls some go deep into the story.

  20. Bain
    November 13, 15:31 Reply

    “There’s no smoke without fire”….

  21. Charloxy
    November 13, 15:31 Reply

    Such a small world …have met the elder brother, he is gay too and he told me Ebuka is too,the elder brother is a banker yes…

    • Tiercel de Claron
      November 13, 16:25 Reply

      And you feel it your righteous duty to out the bro here,on your say-so only.

  22. Kenny
    November 13, 16:49 Reply

    Gay people, we are our own worst enemies really. There’s a chance the person that spilled this whole thing is gay. And some people are excited about this? It could be you. SMH!!!

    • Francis
      November 13, 17:11 Reply

      Lol. My dear if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life, it’s that showbiz ain’t for everybody. As long as you’re out of the closet to pipul, don’t venture into the spotlight. Someone will definitely spill the beans most especially out of spite.

      Today na dem turn. Tomorrow fit be our turn. So na party now so others can party on ya head later ??

    • baddest
      November 13, 18:20 Reply

      You re right bro,no doubt that this evil was done by a gay guy,maybe someone so bitter cuz he can’t be part of their gang or being ignored, this is why I will never be out in this gay community, they dont love or protect each other Atall, this things scares me,most gay men in Nigeria has no secret,they will say anything to anyone just cuz they re gay,see how they put Ebuka into someone else Wahala

  23. peaches
    November 13, 20:18 Reply

    first of all, some guys here call another out in the most annoying manner. if what he has said offends you, say so and don’t be an ass about it.
    secondly, whomsoever is doing the spilling is just a busybody. who makes anyone anybody else’s spokesman?

  24. Pankar
    November 13, 20:26 Reply

    What’s wrong with rumours? We’ve had plenty celebrity lesbian rumours. Simply refute them. You’ll have ur ‘guys’ they ll hv theirs. My word against yours

  25. Pankar
    November 13, 20:29 Reply

    Just leave no traces.. be careful for that law

  26. BIBI G
    November 13, 21:33 Reply

    Ebuka was the late Peter BELLOs boyfriend

    He has many reciepts every one in Lagos knows

  27. oys
    November 13, 21:54 Reply

    E don do o, tea spillers

  28. Gaya
    November 13, 22:47 Reply

    Hahahahahahahah. I came late oooo. See comments for KD. What Tea can cos. JESU!!! ?

  29. Flowery
    November 15, 10:54 Reply

    Ebuka likes Gym guys. He fucked a bouncer friend of mine and gave him real good money. Told the guy a fake name, and he pretended as if he doesn’t know him.

    But he covers his tracks very well unlike his notorious elder brother.

  30. Kingsley
    July 20, 16:18 Reply

    People should learn how to mind the business, that’s all I have to say. I come in peace ?? ?

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