Photo Of The Day: For My Peace Of Mind

Photo Of The Day: For My Peace Of Mind

A KDian sent this to me. He was aghast, as was I. We wanted to be sure that THAT is a steering wheel, and not some D, even though I know some power Bottoms who can conquer it if it’s the latter.IMG_20150409_205326

So what do y’all think? Bearing in mind that THAT has something that suspiciously looks like veins running over it – steering wheel or D? Support your answers with postulations please. Lol 😀

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  1. simba
    April 15, 07:57 Reply

    Hmmmm… it has veins ooooo.#3rd Degree Anal tear.. Fistula, Among other things, came to my mind

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 15, 08:02 Reply

      Trysthie darling, you shocked? And see me thinking you might like ’em like this. 😀

      • trystham
        April 15, 08:08 Reply

        What do u think I am???? A bottomless pit??? *sniffs* That don’t look like ‘D’ to me abeg. The veins be like ‘to be continued’ reminiscent of Daddy’s frayed steering wheel

      • trystham
        April 15, 08:11 Reply

        shoot!!! That didn’t look right to me. I mean my Dad’s car’s frayed steering wheel o

  2. Colossus
    April 15, 08:04 Reply

    He is driving a Transformer and that’s it’s penis. Mechanical penis with mechanical veins

  3. kendigin
    April 15, 08:11 Reply

    Lord have mercy!!
    Y’all need Jesus!!!

    • Mitch
      April 15, 09:10 Reply

      I already have him, darling. He lives in me. :p

  4. Max
    April 15, 08:12 Reply

    Its a steering wheel.. It has an arc which looks like a part of a perfect circle..
    And also, the veins on D’s are mostly straight and random in symmetry, the veins in the picture are too curved and almost perfect in symmetry.
    The veins on the steering is due to ageing of the polymer used in making the steering, which is brought about by constant changes in temperature and pressure.
    Also the position of the subject in relation to the veined object is not consistent with the organ’s position on the body. His D will have to be at least half a meter long to be able to take that pic of it from that position.
    If there was anyone with that Big of a D, I think I would’ve heard about it.
    The last I checked, world record was still 9″ flacid. ☺

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 15, 08:13 Reply

      *applause* Max, you sound like you bagged a PhD for studies such as this. 😀

    • Max
      April 15, 08:26 Reply

      Lmao @Pinky & D..
      Oops Deola

    • Mitch
      April 15, 08:49 Reply

      Max, the number 1 professor of Dick anatomy! Shaa, your postulations are quite in order

    • Khaleesi
      April 15, 17:38 Reply

      ooooo Chi m!!! Professor Max,PhD; life chair of the centre for Phallogic studies, University of Western RainbowLand

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 15, 17:40 Reply

        Phallogic studies… University of Western Rainbowland… Hahahahahahahahaaa!!! Khaleesi oo!

  5. wytem
    April 15, 08:20 Reply

    It looks more like a steering wheel.
    I dont think its in nigeria cos its on the right. Our vehicles are lefties abi?
    If that was a D….me thinks even power bottoms go fear am

      • trystham
        April 15, 09:48 Reply

        looool @ it had beta be. Feeling…inadequate?

  6. Mitch
    April 15, 08:51 Reply

    Hell no! That can’t be no D! If it was, death awaits whoever it…………….

  7. Mercury
    April 15, 09:24 Reply

    Oh Lord nooo!!!!, that’s so not a d

  8. Brian Collins
    April 15, 09:26 Reply

    I hope for the sake of sanity that that is a steering wheel.

  9. tobby
    April 15, 09:31 Reply

    lol!.. That’s not his penis!, it can’t be!!

  10. Teflondon
    April 15, 13:42 Reply

    “and not some D, even though I know some power Bottoms who can conquer it if it’s the latter.”

    **paints nails while whistling**

  11. Lanre S
    April 15, 16:30 Reply

    It’s not even a wheel or a D. It’s a Steering Rod. And it is Power Steering. That means if you’re a Power Bottom, you can just Ride On and shout ‘Jesus! Take The Wheel!!”

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