“Forget My Sin. What Is Bad Is Bad.” The Irony of a Kito Guy’s Response to a Lecture

“Forget My Sin. What Is Bad Is Bad.” The Irony of a Kito Guy’s Response to a Lecture

I love it when gay men in our community are astute enough to catch on to the shenanigans of kito scum on hookup apps like Grindr. Because at the end of the day, their M.O.s almost never changes. And if you are not so consumed by konji, you may actually see the very clear signs of their inauthenticity.

However, while some of those who find them out go on to cuss them out and then block these kito scum on Grindr, this member of the community with the twitter handle @Kapreecon did something even I wouldn’t have the patience for: he lectured him. And their exchange is one of the most interesting things you’d ever find on Grindr. Especially when you get around to the fact that the kito guy was trying to pass himself off as someone with a moral high ground.

Yes, a criminal, an extortionist, an inhumane abuser of his fellow men that he is, is able to say (possibly with no sense of the irony) that gay men “just have to repent”, “just have to do the right thing”, and that we should forget his sin, while pointing out that “what’s bad is bad”.

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  1. Francis
    November 17, 08:35 Reply

    Shit escalated real quick at the mention of Lasu Igando exit. ?? The pic oga scammer is using is cute though

    • Pink Panther
      November 17, 09:04 Reply

      Lol. We are always ALWAYS supposed to get triggered by the mention of Igando. At the mention of all things Ojo, all gays should receive wisdom.

      • Doulton
        November 17, 17:51 Reply

        Hi Pinky.
        I think you should do a write up on areas we need to always second guess or be careful of.
        It’s not enough to know faces and all, we need to know areas popular for koto. I know that there would be legit people in these areas but please help us.
        Please, we need to know, someone might need it.
        I need to know.
        Thank you

        • Pink Panther
          November 17, 17:57 Reply

          I’ve already done that. There’s a post about that on the blog here somewhere. I’ll have to resurrect it though.

      • Audrey
        November 18, 15:02 Reply

        So because I Live in Igando I shouldn’t get laid again….#Sobs#

      • Nathan Bloom
        November 21, 11:16 Reply

        ???? At the mention of Ojo every gay must run, at the mention of Ojo every gay must flee ??

  2. Mandy
    November 17, 08:36 Reply

    There’s a psychological disconnect Nigerians get when they climb their moral high grounds to judge other people or to justify their wickedness on other people for their “sins”. It’s the reason Christians will go to church on Sunday and cheat on Monday. The reason some will justify the criminality of yahoo boys, but condemn Bobrisky for ruining the moral fabric of Nigeria’s. It’s the reason this kito scum will be preaching repentance when he’s a criminal. SMH.

  3. Mitch
    November 17, 12:09 Reply

    My nigga has time.
    There’s no need asking scum like this questions. There’s no need trying to educate them. Their stupidity is genetic. E no fit comot!

    Rather than trying to school him, use that time to construct better insult that will keep his stooooooooooooopid arse up every night, reeling with pain and misery, dump the insult on him and block ze animalistic bastard!

    No time!

  4. Delle
    November 17, 13:10 Reply

    Wow. He didn’t even leave room for questions. The minute oga said Lasu, Igando, the kito apparel was worn on him and more surprising, rightly so!???

    I like the time this guy had for him. He sure will have a lot to think about. That’s if he has the brains to.

  5. Uzor
    November 17, 14:20 Reply

    “You seem to have very little education” ??????? this must’ve stung

  6. kristo
    November 17, 14:58 Reply

    I school around igando tho ..
    never seen this kito stuff around dere …but ..hey! i dunno any queer ppl around.

    • Pink Panther
      November 17, 15:12 Reply

      A word of advice: don’t go on Grindr. Your soundtrack will change once you start visiting hookup sites in Igando.

  7. Richard
    November 17, 15:20 Reply

    Scums that’s what they are and like will ever be!!
    I love the schooling tho!!

    On a totally different note, please who else’s grindr is having problems working??

    • Wonda Buoy
      November 17, 22:11 Reply

      Are you sure it’s not the universe giving a sign to you. Better take heed.

  8. PennyWise
    November 18, 09:41 Reply

    He sha has time, me I just hit the block button ASAP..

  9. Fizzykareem
    November 18, 14:57 Reply

    I felt the shade when he said he should switch to a higher form of robbery ??..
    By the way can any computer scientist invent another hookup app,Grindr is getting popular

    • Mike
      November 18, 18:20 Reply

      Talk to pink panther, I think the LGBT community is not just serious, if there is a way to guarantee security through a mobile.

      But I’m Nigerian so I’m only interested in how it benefits me. kidding.

  10. Ima
    November 26, 16:10 Reply

    I mean, how difficult is it too invite these guys and poison then? I’ve had enough of the kito guys

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