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Photo-toons III

Lol. This Judgment Day is sha not looking good for any of us, is it?

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Lol. This is such an insult. Chai.


  1. Dominic
    August 01, 05:44 Reply

    Dear God, send to me a guy with such an upward ass this August. Amen.

  2. teajay
    August 01, 06:18 Reply

    OMG!!!!!!Ur kidding me Lmsao DARM!!!!!!! Trust me if dis guy was in a gay friendly country he soooioi going to be raped ! Like seriously gang raped LOL hen! Ki le leyi!

    • Absalom
      August 01, 07:21 Reply

      LMAO. This one say “Ki le eleyi!”

  3. king
    August 01, 07:03 Reply

    Sweet sweetness!!!! Gimme gimme gimmieeeee!!!! What a deep manjina he would have if only my long dicked out schlong would peruse d inner circumference of d probity!!!! Hehehehe ‘licking my lips and batting d eyes jo’

  4. mirage
    August 01, 07:20 Reply

    Whoopsidaisies and pinky was mocking me behind,damn that dude got it well!

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 01, 07:22 Reply

      Sweet Lord. I wasn’t mocking your behind. I was envying its well rounded bulbous shape. I’d kill to have that your ass. Wallai.

  5. Absalom
    August 01, 07:24 Reply

    Things I’ll never understand: the ass fetish. **raises teacup**

  6. chestnut
    August 01, 08:05 Reply

    Pls tell me this is some good photoshop! Comparing his ass to that of the girl beside him…lol.That ass needs it’s own private army of papparazzi.
    OAN: I’m back! Who missed me?(U pipu shoo not lie o!)

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 01, 08:11 Reply

      Oh heck yea! I missed you! So was it this kinda ass that kept you away for so long?

      • chestnut
        August 01, 09:18 Reply

        Lol…I wish! I’ve been super busy lately.

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 01, 08:11 Reply

      And yea, this is the kinda ass you insure for a million bucks. Move over JLo! 🙂

  7. lluvmua
    August 01, 08:10 Reply

    Hehehehehehehehehhehehehhee hmmmmmm seriously? Hmmmmm na wa oooooo. Cakes in public !! There is God ooo. There is God in everi fin we re doing. Those cakes u re displayiing will answer , continue. LMAOO

  8. trystham
    August 01, 08:25 Reply

    He could have that arse but he had better not have a complementing stomach…which I happen to see HMPH!!!!

  9. Johnny Bass
    August 01, 09:50 Reply

    Cakes for days, making waves…..uhhh lord!!!!!!, I wanna stick my face in that.

  10. Johnny Bass
    August 01, 09:59 Reply

    *Singing*….Peanut peanut peanutbutter, peanut butter……it better be jelly cos jam don’t shake……

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