‘Marriage Is What Every Man Must Do.’ Actor Gbenro Ajibade Says

‘Marriage Is What Every Man Must Do.’ Actor Gbenro Ajibade Says

Tinsel actor Gbenro Ajibade recently made the cover of May’s edition of Reloaded Magazine, titled ‘The 007 Issue’.Gbenro Ajibade 06

In it, he talks about his 2016 plans, the offers he’s been getting from Hollywood, and reflected on his marriage with fellow actor Osas Ajibade nee Ighodaro. He also considers marriage something integral, hence the quote: “Marriage is what every man must do on this earth.”Gbenro Ajibade 07

I’d have loved to know the context of this quote before I express my opinion on its total bunkum, but that’d require me buying the magazine as the internet doesn’t have anything elaborating on it. All the websites want to do is gush over the hunky star’s magazine photo pizzazz. Oh well, here’s other pictures from the issue.Gbenro Ajibade 08Gbenro Ajibade 09

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  1. KryxxX
    May 29, 06:42 Reply

    ….and afterwards, pull a TeeBillz on us abi? Anugo m! I haff hear thee!


    If not for d fact that he is serving a sexy, hot chocolate realness eh **stares @ Osas & 2nd pix intensely** I would haff asked him to jejely puo m n’uzo lemme see road biko!
    Everyman must do indeed! Na ako ihe na-agba ka tyre motor!

    • Pink Panther
      May 29, 07:20 Reply

      I swear. It’s his chocolate goodness that’s earning him a pass from me.

  2. KryxxX
    May 29, 06:46 Reply

    And doesnt he have a striking resemblance to a particular vocal Kdian? Hmmn…….. He sure does oh!


  3. Magdiva
    May 29, 07:15 Reply

    Most times, people who say things like “everyone must get married” have something they are hiding …… In their closets ??

  4. Keredim
    May 29, 07:33 Reply

    Nice pictures…

    But PP (or anyone), how is he a “Tinsel(town?)” actor?!?

    • Santa Diaba
      May 29, 07:37 Reply

      Tinsel is a Nigerian series, and he’s one of the lead actors.

      • Keredim
        May 29, 07:56 Reply

        Thank you Santa.????

        I did google “Tinsel” nothing about the series came up, until i added “Nigeria”???

        Thanks for the clarification????

  5. Santa Diaba
    May 29, 07:40 Reply

    The reason why this statement is annoying, is the fact that someone spilled some tea on him. I haven’t verified that particular serving of tea however, so I won’t say anything more.

  6. bryannnn
    May 29, 07:51 Reply

    “Marriage is what everyman must do on this planet earth”………why did you divorce UTI? ???? (Brings microphone closer to his mouth)…..

    • Santa Diaba
      May 29, 07:57 Reply

      Ahhhhhhhhh bryannnn. So you have drank this tea too? ???

    • Magdiva
      May 29, 08:17 Reply

      I saw UTI and thought urinary tract infection. ? And like keremdi, decided to google and add Nigeria.

      And what do you know….. ??.

  7. Absalom
    May 29, 08:15 Reply

    Wait, he was dating Uti? He was dating his doppelganger? NO! That’s the height of narcissism na. ?

    • Absalom
      May 29, 08:17 Reply

      Ohmygod, how were they fucking?!! Did they get each other’s names mixed up in bed?!! Omg! Oh.My.God!!!

  8. bruno
    May 29, 08:27 Reply

    this kind of thinking is dangerous even for straight people. this is why the quality of nigerian marriages is really in the gutter.

  9. Kenny
    May 29, 09:02 Reply

    But we don’t really know what he meant now….. Has anyone read the full story? He could be experiencing marital bliss and saying all men should marry to experience it. He probably wasn’t condescending or saying we should all get married because of societal dictates. Just saying

    • Pink Panther
      May 29, 10:53 Reply

      And that’s why I reserved my opinion until I’ve read the magazine to understand the context. Unfortunately, I may never do, because I don’t see myself buying the magazine.

  10. Ringlana
    May 29, 09:17 Reply

    Two side to these story,yea marriage ,all men is surely to get married MGM ,a slap on ur butt in a movie won’t be bad.??

  11. papasmurf262
    May 29, 11:06 Reply

    ” I’m the kind of actor that wants things done for real in a movie, like a slap”…. Erm…. Come closer please… *bats eye lashes*

  12. Kainene
    May 29, 11:50 Reply

    Mtchewwww “marriage is something every man must do” stupidity in its rawest form. See his mouth *sneaks peek at gbenro’s crotch, goes back to newspaper*

  13. Dickson Clement
    May 29, 21:28 Reply

    Apparently Catholic Priests are Not REAL Men? Hope we will get to read the whole article and not judge a sentence.

  14. Mr. Big
    May 29, 22:55 Reply

    Honestly though, he did say marriage, not marriage to a woman….. If marriage to a man is what you want, by all means help yourself.


  15. RAY
    May 30, 06:14 Reply

    Yup his chocolate goodness brought me back hear. I see you all still “pink in the sacks”.

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