Girl Crush Monday: Beyoncé

Girl Crush Monday: Beyoncé

Screenshot_2014-09-05-18-09-30Our very first girl crush just came in, from a female Kitodiariesian bearing the pseudonym Rose Blush. And her ultimate crush is Queen Bey. The Queen of Pop… The First Lady of Music… The Mistress of the Beyhive…

Good choice, Rose Blush. Can you make room for me to sit on that crush train with you? 🙂Screenshot_2014-09-05-18-03-24

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  1. ray
    September 08, 11:10 Reply

    The first lady of music bawo??
    Overrated dumb bleached blonde with negligible talent.

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 08, 11:20 Reply

      Yes ray, we can see you in all your green-eyed glory.

      • JArch
        September 08, 12:15 Reply

        Hahahaha green eyed glory…

    • Chizzie
      September 08, 12:57 Reply

      Do u know whats just sad? Having this much anger over someone who in all honesty isn’t even aware u exist.

    • earl
      September 08, 16:26 Reply

      Ook… Now am goina go Rocky Balboa on yo’ lousy bitchy ass… Say that one more time….???? Dumb ass mofo… Wen u ve done 0.01% of what she has done…come holler at me.. Till then… Go get a man glue for that ass…and SIT it onna 13-inched dildo…!!!!

  2. lluvmua
    September 08, 11:25 Reply

    Ray don’t say that jooor #ALLHAILQUEENBEY she’s wonderful and splendid *rating* 5stars

  3. Deola
    September 08, 11:47 Reply

    Nicely done Rose. All hail the queen.

  4. Absalom
    September 08, 12:13 Reply

    *ons fan to be blowing my hair*

  5. daniel
    September 08, 12:50 Reply

    *Curtseys* no greater female crush than Beysus..

  6. Fabb
    September 08, 13:03 Reply

    Na jealousy go kill dem… *eyes ray* |ever since I was a lil’ boy Queen Bey has been my number one! I love her… Chai, but she’s mr. Fat cheeks’ wife. Ray darling, if its paining you much… Die! *rocking to Beyonce’s Grown Woman*

  7. chestnut
    September 08, 14:09 Reply

    The bodies on this woman and Kim K are just gifts that keep on giving. No matter how many times I see those curves, each time my jaw still drops!

  8. @Eden_nude
    September 09, 06:02 Reply

    #allHailQueenBey! Queen Bey stands out amongst all women. A successful career and a beautiful home is never served on a platter of dish… As for Mr. Fat Cheeks, I still have a score to settle with him!

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