‘As a gay man, cancelling Looking was very painful.’ – says HBO president

‘As a gay man, cancelling Looking was very painful.’ – says HBO president

The President of HBO has apologised for axing gay drama series, Looking – but confirmed work on a one-off film to wrap up the series.

Dubbed the gay ‘Girls’, Looking debuted last year to mixed reception and ratings, though it won a place in the hearts of its gay fans.

However, the show, which stars Jonathan Groff, Frankie J Alvarez and Russell Tovey, lasted just 18 episodes across two seasons before facing the axe in March this year.

Subscription service HBO – which is also home to big-budget series including Game of Thrones – confirmed today that a film wrapping up the drama is set to air in 2016.

According to Digital Spy, HBO president Michael Lombardo told the Television Critics Association that it was personally “very painful” for him to cancel the show.

He said: “I thought the show, creatively, was really doing something that I hadn’t seen on any other show, particularly dealing with gay lives. As a gay man, in particular, I was very proud that there was a show that felt like it was dealing very honestly and openly with gay men and their lives, without putting them into a comedic mode.”

He confirmed the wrap-up film will air next year, with production beginning in the autumn. Looking was commended for dealing with a number of topical issues such as PrEP, substance abuse and hook-up apps.

HBO said previously: “After two years of following Patrick and his tight-knit group of friends as they explored San Francisco in search of love and lasting relationships, HBO will present the final chapter of their journey as a special. We look forward to sharing this adventure with the shows loyal fans.”

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  1. kacee
    August 03, 07:54 Reply

    I’m still upset with these people o, they only think about money (so annoying), can’t they just forget about that money for a second and make an impact in people’s life.

  2. Absalom
    August 03, 08:52 Reply

    Well, sir, as a gay man, you should be ashamed you had anything to do with approving that dreadful show about three men forever walking the streets like Nigerian schoolboys. Tufia!

      • Absalom
        August 03, 09:50 Reply

        Ehhhh… I loved it…sentimentally – because I was seeing “my people” there. But, mehn, the show lacked depth. The ONLY person whose story was intriguing had so little screen time. That was Lynn, the old man helping Dom with the restaurant business. I really wanted to know about his late boyfriend. But, alas.

        Even the major characters seemed like they were easily disposable…


        • Pink Panther
          August 03, 10:00 Reply

          Actually, what I said wasn’t coming entirely from sentimentality. I dunno what you’re saying about the show lacking depth. Perhaps it did, perhaps it didn’t. But it did well with handling some of the common issues gay men face, without the gloss of fashion and club-hopping, as some LGBT screen efforts are wont to do.

          • Absalom
            August 03, 10:12 Reply

            I didn’t say you were sentimental. I said I was.

            • Chuck
              August 03, 12:07 Reply

              The show lacked depth? That comment says a lot more about your expectations than it does about Looking. Patrick faced his fear of intimacy, negotiated an interracial relationship, and one of his friends started dating a positive guy. But since no one died or chewed the scenery you thought there was no depth. Keep watching Scandal, then. If you hsve to comment on intelligent, innovative TV, comment with better research and understanding of what emotional stakes are.

          • Absalom
            August 03, 13:12 Reply

            Yeah, Chuck, you’re so right! We haven’t seen any shows at all where a gay man is afraid of intimacy, nor one where a negative and positive guy man dated. Of course. 🙂

            I saw the show. I read about it. It. lacked. depth., I repeat s-l-o-w-l-y.

            If you wish to drown in your own bile over my comment, I’m more than happy to see you gone.

          • Chuck
            August 03, 16:31 Reply

            I won’t drown – I’m a good swimmer. Again, you fail to point out why the show was shallow.
            It seems you don’t know how to present a claim and back it with evidence and premises. Let me help.

            1. Show has depth.
            2. Show has depth because there are emotional stakes or motivations for the characters.
            3. For example, Patrick dumps Richie because Patrick is obsessed with his parent’s approval. Patrick is obsessed with their approval because he was bullied as a kid and thinks being gay is only ok if it’s super “respectable”

            Now try. 🙂

  3. Keredim
    August 03, 08:56 Reply

    Damn right he better be sorry. The Yamhead could have used a smidgen of the profits from Game of Thrones, to support looking.
    Looking, like he said addressed real gay issues faced by real gay men. None of that airy fairy drug fuelled 24 hour clubbing, bed hopping stuff by body perfect men,expected of gay men.

  4. Tony
    August 03, 09:00 Reply

    I am still sad that this show was cancelled. Personally, I could relate to the show. Can’t wait to watch the final chapter

  5. Tony
    August 03, 09:01 Reply

    I am totally going to miss this show. Still heartbroken

  6. Max
    August 03, 11:24 Reply

    Wasn’t following it, so I can’t relate.

  7. enKayced
    August 03, 11:36 Reply

    I wasn’t following. Never even heard of it until today.
    Doesn’t sound like I missed much by the way.
    Matt Bomer still does it for me as in ‘White Collar’ and the entire male of Criminal Minds aside Dr Reid also do it for me.
    That said, I noticed there is a ‘Kacee’ in here and one or two people may have mistaken her for me.
    So I’m thinking of changing my pseudo…

    • Pink Panther
      August 03, 12:05 Reply

      Trust me, no one has mistaken HER for you.
      Yup, kacee is a very delightful female.

      • kacee
        August 03, 12:53 Reply

        Thanks PP boo *blushing* u left me hanging yesterday and i’m so angry with u.

  8. Mike
    August 03, 12:13 Reply

    Pls oh , who can help with a link for the season two of looking

  9. Temi Cole
    August 03, 14:16 Reply

    That show was solid! The individual struggles of Patrick and his friends were very appealing and easy to relate to. I loved it all from plot to soundtrack to d way it was shot. It’s still a bummer that the show got axed…

    Can’t wait for d wrap up movie… until then sha let me continue watching my re-runs and admiring Kevin’s butt…

  10. Keredim
    August 03, 14:45 Reply

    Kevin’s butt?!?

    Oh well, I guess in the land of the assless the small ass man is king…

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