I’d always thought of myself as a very cautious person who could avoid getting victimized by being careful. As the firstborn child to my parents, I grew up with too much of my mother’s warning about not talking to strangers to let go of my guard whenever I am around people I am not acquainted with. And because of this, I was able to stay out of trouble as I grew older.

Well, by 2018, I was 27 years old. I am a well-traveled man because of the nature of my work as a manager in my family business. In November, I met this guy named Abdul on Instagram and he was living in Kano at the time we got acquainted. I was in Abuja then and we’d been chatting for awhile.

When an opportunity presented itself for me to travel to Kano for a business meeting, I informed Abdul, telling him that I’d only be there for three days. I told him I’d be lodging in Grand Central Hotel, Kano, and we began making plans to meet.

As the day of my trip approached, I began to feel unwell. I was coming down with malaria. I couldn’t however let this interfere with my trip. It was an important issue that I was going to Kano to take care of and my father had trusted me to see it through. I couldn’t let him down.

I got to Kano and that first day, I was attending to my meetings. Abdul kept calling me, no doubt wanting to know when we could meet up. I finally texted him, letting him know that I would call him once I got back to the hotel. His reply was a surprise: he said he was at the hotel already. I was in my mind like: Wow, OK. Then I texted him back, that I would be there shortly.

I was really battling with my health and needed to rest from the trip. Plus the day had waned and some progress had been made with the issues we tackled during the first day’s meeting. So, I called the meeting to a close, apologizing and making my excuses to the other people in the room. They seemed understanding.

When I got back to the hotel, I met Abdul in the lobby. According to the hotel manager much later, he’d been sitting there for about an hour. We reacquainted ourselves with each other, this time face to face, and I took him up to my room. Once inside, he took off his clothes, leaving just his boxers, and then he slid unto the bed. It was all so fast and I was a little surprised. I shrugged it off, and took off my clothes as well before joining him on the bed.

Stuff happened. He came. I came. I was sick, and so, I didn’t really enjoy what we did. Thereafter, I went into the bathroom to wash up. I didn’t pay much attention, but I believe Abdul must have snuck to the door and filmed me while I was taking my bath.

I finished and came out to the bedroom. I was still naked, about to put on something, when a knock sounded on the door. Before I could react, Abdul had gotten to his feet and gone to open the door.

I want you to understand that most of everything I did in the next several hours was driven by a purely instinctive need to protect myself. Now, as I watched Abdul get up to go open the door, without looking at me to ask if I was expecting anyone, I immediately recognised the danger that was coming. And I did the first thing that was important: get dressed. I wasn’t about to let my vulnerability be heightened by my nakedness.

As I was getting dressed, the three guys were storming into the room. Even as my heart was racing, I tried to calm myself by thinking about how it would all probably come down to money. I’d heard about kito situations and I knew that if I played my cards right, I may get out of this without being seriously hurt.

Things happened as you would imagine. They were aggressive, a few slapping around, and then the talk about money. I told them I didn’t have any cash on me and that my transaction limit for the day had been exhausted. This was actually true; I had made a lot of transactions that day with both my ATM card and through transfer. All I had on me was five thousand naira, which I’d intended to give to Abdul when he leaves my hotel room.

So, there was no cash and no transfer. Things got heated as we started arguing. They were starting to get belligerent and I could see that they’d soon resort to beating me up. Fortunately, a knock sounded on the door. They immediately got silent and told me to shush. This was puzzling to me, because I would think that in a situation like this, they would welcome the drama of onlookers. When one of them opened the door, it was to a man who identified himself as a guest in the next room. He’d apparently been disturbed by the noise coming from my room and had come to investigate what was going on.

This was when I stopped thinking rationally and simply wanted to be free of the kito scum. Realizing that these guys shushing me meant they didn’t want the intrusion of other people, I suddenly began shouting at the man at the door that these guys were kidnappers. As I was shouting, the other guys in the room tried to pounce on me, but I was already on the move. I fought my way to the door. There was a bit of confusion now, and this enabled me to break past the one at the door outside.

I was running.

As I fled from my room, I continued shouting, for someone to call the police, that there were some guys trying to kidnap me. I was shouting as I ran, and I could hear the sounds of feet stomping on the ground behind me – a confirmation that Abdul and his guys were in pursuit.

I got downstairs, dashing past confused onlookers, past hotel staff and other guests. I was soon outside and out the gate. I just wanted to get away. I waved at a keke that was driving toward me, jumped into it and ordered the driver to just drive.

As he engaged his gear, I saw the guys running toward the gate. One of them saw me in the keke and he began shouting and pointing. We were ahead and when I looked back, I saw them scrambling into another keke. I turned to my driver and told him to lose them anyway he can. That he must not let their keke catch up to us. It was then I realized that there was a woman and her child already in the keke, and I began rattling off an explanation about how those were robbers who were trying to rob me. I didn’t even have my shoes on and I looked miserable enough for the woman to believe my story; she turned to the keke and encouraged him to move faster and ensure that those guys do not catch up to us.

After some crazy twists and turns, during which time we dropped off the woman and her child, we finally lost Abdul and his guys. And the keke driver took me back to my hotel.

Things were crazy at the hotel, with the hotel manager coming to me full of questions. My next door neighbour served as a convenient backup for my story of those guys coming to my room to kidnap me. An investigation was carried out using the CCTV cameras, as the hotel management tried to identify the guys. Not much came out of it, but I was able to get myself transferred to another room. The hotel management wanted me to file a complaint with the police, but I declined, saying I was fine, since I didn’t lose anything.

Meanwhile, the hoodlums kept calling me with threats that they would release the video that Abdul took of me bathing on the internet unless I comply with their demands. I called their bluff, telling them to go ahead and post the video. If they did, I never got to know; they soon stopped bothering me and I eventually finished my business in Kano and returned to Abuja.

Written by Ahmed

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  1. Lopez
    June 24, 08:34 Reply

    In the north, especially in Kano, don’t hook up with anyone in a hotel or in private, they usually will only kito you after sex or during it. No matter how acquainted you are online, meet in public space and assess the person. They are usually young, barely educated, flamboyant with crazy hair styles, bleached skin… they are not hard to be identified. They are amateurs and the only thing they can hold against you is exposure. I’ve personally helped in recovery of belongings of kitoed guys just by threatening them. The only reason they keep getting away with their crime is nobody wants exposure, other than that they are petty criminals who are also scared.
    P.s: no pictures?

  2. T.T
    June 24, 09:13 Reply

    So sorry for all that you went through. You were really smart even in crisis. May I suggest that you show us some pictures of Abdul.

  3. Oba of Benin
    June 24, 10:50 Reply

    Mr Ahmed,! Feel for you but of all glad you escaped those couple of hopeless teenagers waiting desperately to feast on the vulnerables. Without much ado, can you please give me a job? like help a brother? yahoo no just join now.

  4. Mandy
    June 24, 12:56 Reply

    If this story and that other previous Umuahia kito story have taught me anything, it’s that to overcome, you have to be bold, brash and willing to risk it all in order to secure your freedom. There shall be no wallflower smeh-smeh victimhood here, oh no.

    Glad you made it through, Ahmed.

  5. Gad
    June 24, 16:02 Reply

    This is Cool. One way to put those criminals off is to do something. Don’t just allow yourself to get slaughtered like a gentle lamb

  6. Delle
    June 24, 17:48 Reply

    To think you even had it in mind to give him 5k

    People are evil shaa. Your good intentions will never spite you, Ahmed.

  7. Icandy
    June 24, 20:58 Reply

    Sorry about what happened. See be very careful of those Kano boys. There was a time one visited me and tried that rubbish. I showed him what I was made of. My guy ran away before I could even finish making a call….???

  8. Fabuluz
    June 25, 03:35 Reply

    In March 2018 during NYSC in Dutse Jigawa State after been sex starved for nearly 6 months. I decided to hook up with this guy who had been hitting on me and then it happened, same scenario played out.
    I escaped the day by playing them that I have agreed to transfer their 50k demand, while I promptly sent an urgent message to my neighbor who is an SSS to my come to my room. Once he stepped into my room, I declared them all robbers and watched the drama as they wallow in fear.

    That day I caused konji and remained celibate until after service.

  9. Houston Scholar
    June 26, 06:06 Reply

    Ahmed, I empathize with you, and I am glad that you displayed uncommon bravery in the face of the assault against you. I shared this story with my friends in Kano. Please can you kindly share the picture of Abdul? Abdul and his gang of friends need to be thoroughly punished by other community members. There is nothing that infuriates me like reading a Kito story of community members victimizing and subjecting other community members to extortion. It is despicable. Please share his picture, and the people in Kano will take up this matter.

    • Ahamed
      June 26, 16:04 Reply

      I think pink panther forgot to use the pic I send but unfortunately I did send a pic

      • Pink Panther
        June 26, 16:54 Reply

        Do resend the picture please. Because I didn’t find any attachment in the mail you sent e.

  10. DEE
    July 07, 01:54 Reply

    GOSH, thank God you came out unharmed. Presently in kano as well and i can testify to the fact that this is exactly their method of operation., they are quick to want to get laid and the next minute demanding a ransom or exposure. although have not had an experience with them yet sha but after series of stories from friends concerning this kano guys ehnn have vowed to remain celibate and make use of my hand and lotion majorly in order to avoid story that touches the heart till my master’s program would be over sha Inbtw Mr. Ahmad i shuffle btw Abuja and kano, this baby boy would not mind a hook up ooo. Lemme know if my request is considered

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