How The Okada Ban Made Things Hard

How The Okada Ban Made Things Hard

When Abuja enforced the ban on commercial motorcyclists known as Okada, other major cities followed suit.

I wondered how I was going to be making it to work and back, as okadas were the fastest means of transport in the clogged motorways of the bustling city. I patronised a regular okada rider, his name is Chuks. He is a handsome, light-skinned muscular guy in his early twenties. We simply took to each other from the get go; whether it was his looks, his pleasant manners or the fact that he spoke perfect English unlike the other okada drivers, I couldn’t quite tell.

I eventually found out that he had completed his OND already and wanted to go further but had no one to support him, so he had left the east for Abuja, and taken to okada riding to make a living.

His enthusiasm and enterprise made me like him even more, and I wanted to know more about this educated okada boy. I just didn’t know my chance would come so soon.

It was that first day the okada ban was enforced. The police seized motorcycles all over town and traffic was mad. I suffered greatly that evening, like most other commuters who were trying to get home to the suburbs from the city centre.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the clouds gathered, heaven opened and the downpour descended mercilessly.

I was drenched, and pissed off at my sorry life.

Clutching my bag to my wet chest like a market woman, I huddled underneath a guava tree, shaking like a leaf in the wind and watching to see if I could get an okada to stop. But they either zoomed past without stopping, or parked under the shaded areas where the crowds stood in the pouring rain.

That was when Chuks spotted me. He flashed me that toothy grin and when I didn’t smile back as usual, he slowed down, revved his engine to where I was, and asked why I was downcast.

I told him how stressful getting home had been and that the heavy rain had really dampened my spirits. He said, “O boy, na so we see am o, Wetin man go do?’ And then, he offered me a ride home since he was closing for the evening. I accepted happily, killing two birds with one stone – getting away from the cold windy bus-stop and being close to my favourite okada rider.

As he leaned forward and spread his thighs, a cylindrical bulge lined up along the inner side of his right thigh, one I couldn’t believe was anything other than a sleeping snake, a hidden weapon – or both. I stared and almost forgot to mount him – sorry, mount his okada – until he revved the engine and I started from my awesome reverie.

So off we vroom-vroomed on his throbbing Kawasaki along the bumpy route to my apartment inside mammy market.

Even though the ride was rough, the bumpy road served other purposes: every time Chuks manoeuvred over a bump, I automatically shifted into a position closer to him, and in a matter of minutes, we were body to body, his broad, muscled back to my chest, as we galloped along the wet bumpy road. It felt warm clinging to this okada rider; he didn’t seem to mind either, he was my shield from the stormy rain. He was thoroughly soaked as I was, and through his taut wet shirt I could see every detail of his sinewy muscular body. My loins stirred, and the space between my jeans and his buttocks suddenly felt tighter. I tried to adjust but it was too late; my lunging erection was nestled firmly in Chuks buttocks through his worn out linen trousers. I doubted he wore underwear because the heat of his flesh warmed my skin directly, like there was nothing between us. Every next gallop, Chuks nestled back a little till I wasn’t sure whether we were riding or fucking anymore. Whichever, it drove me crazy.

And he drove me home.

And when we stopped at my compound, the bike lunged forward and stopped with a jolt that threw me against Chuks. I had to prise my erection out of the cleft between his uplifted buttocks as I climbed down.

He looked at me, still with that boyish grin and refused my hundred naira fare. He said, “O boy, na de way you tanda for rain make me carry you, I don close for today…’

Gosh. I couldn’t believe he was being so nice.

As he made to go, I placed my hand on his and caught his gaze. I stuttered something about coming in and letting the rain die down before proceeding. He accepted without reluctance and switched off his engine. He parked properly and I ‘packed properly’ too, while his back was turned, all the while ogling the muscular round behind that stretched his wet trousers as he bent over.

In the house, I tossed my shoes and clothes off and put a large towel around me. I told Chuks there was a hot shower in the back, and I would fetch a hot drink meanwhile.

When I walked back in the room with two glasses and a bottle of Johnny Walker, Chuks’ naked torso was standing at my window admiring my graduation portrait on the wall. He had my towel on, and his body glistened with water from the hot shower. With his back to me, I studied his amazing form, from his sculpted shoulders to where his fleshy buttocks bunched up and disappeared into the wet towel.

I stood behind him and reached a glass around him. He was startled by my entrance and turned swiftly, knocking my other glass out of my hands. He apologized and bent to retrieve it, as I said not to worry and tried to get it before he did. In the process, our eyes locked again and my emotions gave way, as did the front of his towel, to reveal a tumescent phallus which made my bottle of whiskey look suddenly small. I gasped, he still smiled, and we both stopped on our knees, the empty glass still rolling at our feet.

The tight boxers I was wearing did nothing to conceal my poking penis, whose bulbous glistening tip simply pointed at the devilishly charming okada rider in front of me.

It seemed like an eternity and then he was on top of me. I fell underneath him and we grasped at each other and everything came off, and we were completely naked.

I reached out behind Chuks and grasped those muscular buttocks as our mouths met and his long strong tongue prodded deeply into my mouth with a passion that sent smoke to the ceiling.

I bit at his lips as he chewed on my tongue, then descended to his pointed nipples and sucked them till they dripped while Chuks moaned and tightened his firm grip around my raging rod. His pulsating erection must have been up to a foot long by now as he flipped over, spread his legs apart and said in a husky tone, “O boy, fuck me – I need it now-now… e don tey…”

I didn’t hesitate to fulfil his request, as I lubed his hungry hole with my ever-ready baby oil and sunk every one of my sheathed eleven inches deep inside his muscular ass…to the hilt.

Chuks whimpered and moaned like a woman while I made love to him that night, pistoning his smooth pussy with my engorged pulsating prick like a pile driver until oodles of sweat and oil glistened all over his manly buttocks and my taut, veiny, fully-erect man-shaft.

He was mine and I was his, and as I slid in and out, he kept calling out my name, asking me to give it to him. Thankfully, because of the pouring rain, we were screaming up a symphony and nobody heard our cries.

We made love endlessly like two eager warriors until we were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning, Chuks drove me to the bus-stop, but not before we had kissed and sucked each other’s lips and swollen flesh for breakfast. His appetite for sex had no limits, it seemed, and neither did mine.

That was how I found love with a handsome okada rider. Our love, and our love-making, blossomed for the next six months, until Chuks found admission at Auchi Polytechnic, and moved back to the East.

We see each other from time to time when we can, and I support him in his endeavour to finish his education. We are a match made in gay heaven. And to think that this romance nearly never happened until the sudden okada ban…

Written by Lanre Swagg

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  1. Obatala
    August 16, 05:27 Reply

    Lanre did that really happen? if so, kudos.

  2. king
    August 16, 05:31 Reply

    Woooow isn’t it every gay man’s dream to sleep with the helps and by that I mean the okada riders, house boys, gate men, taxi drivers, barbers and yes sometimes the mechanics…..mmmm and to think some of them could just be as gay as queer and just wanting d balling as much as you…in fact d guy said biko enter me…as e don tey….hmmm makes one wonder the wide horizon that d gay spirit has reached in this naija…..nice piece…lanre and kudos too to you panther for this!!!

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 16, 06:01 Reply

      Aswear eh, the carpenter that came to fix my neighbour’s net door… Ay! The guy was so ruggedly steaming I had to position myself on my doorpost, with my phone, under the guise of using the better internet connection out there to browse, just so I could ogle him to my heart’s content. There’s just a certain forbidden pleasure derived from such illicit fantasies.

      • max
        August 17, 14:33 Reply

        Hahahahahahaa @pinkpanther, you have no idea…I’m still eyeing my neighbor till today…when he comes to take his trash out, that’s when I take mine out too…I secretly wish he’ll invite me in for “cofee” one day or need my help with something… Sobs…

  3. daniel
    August 16, 06:00 Reply

    Lol, “a match made in gay heaven” such blasphemy!!!! Some Okada men can give a broda a nice hard-on. Nice story..

  4. Arabian Princess
    August 16, 08:09 Reply

    me I just choose my okada riders on basis of physique and looks. (flips my weave-on and sighs)
    plus I’m seriously crushing on my carpenter.

    ***strides away on Florence and the Machine’s Shake it Out***

  5. kendigin
    August 16, 08:20 Reply

    Nice story……but thats it, a story.
    Relationship wit d help never ends well
    unless they have smthing to benefit from u. Sex.yes.

  6. chestnut
    August 16, 09:10 Reply

    “…I wasn’t sure whether we were riding or fucking anymore…” LMAO! Oh Lawd swoop down and take me NOOOWWW!!! LWKMD.

  7. KingBey
    August 16, 09:25 Reply

    Boy you just turned me on…I thought I was the only one who had fantasies with sexy okada and keke drivers….damn! The one am crushing on now is killing me eveyday I see him. He’s such a man !

  8. enKayced
    August 16, 09:42 Reply

    Loooool… Reminds me of some slutty things I did while on bike rides. Going home from school a decade. I always did some touching and the man meat always got hard!
    Infact, one day, the bike man asked me “Anything for me?”
    … And the rest was history!

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 16, 09:50 Reply

      *gasp* You have to be kidding me! ☺ You slut! You get mind ghan! Lol

    • king
      September 14, 13:34 Reply

      Enkayced biko spill the story oo

  9. victor
    August 16, 10:04 Reply

    Yeah,I have had that fantasy too, I stopped this okada rider with this sexy bubble butt and he was sagging,just sat on the bike with no arguement on the fare,but I was out of luck cos try as he may, the crazy okada refused to start,but when I always got down,it starts working again,he apologised for his faulty okada nd left but that ass was payed tribute later that night with vaseline and imagination,lols

  10. JustJames
    August 16, 10:11 Reply

    Apparently um the only one who has never had the hits for okada riders.. Most of em have BO. as for helps.. yelz please. Even spied on one showering. His cock was the object of my fantasy for years.

    • Dennis Macauley
      August 16, 14:47 Reply

      Thankyou James! Okada men? Seriously? Okay this may sound like a high horse, but nothing beats a clean, well shaven man in ironed clothes and a nice butt! No Okada fantasies for me please! And helps? Are you kidding me? Maybe I sound like a sexual elitist (whatever that means) but please not the help!
      BO is one of my pet peeves, so no thank you very much I will pass!!!

      • daniel
        August 16, 15:46 Reply

        Dennis, some come clean u know… Meanwhile, sometimes all we do is fantasize and know deep down sex aint happening with them.. They may be tired up in rags, looking unkempt, but Jeez!! the razzness of some of them, is appealing in some kind of way.

        • pinkpanthertb
          August 16, 17:10 Reply

          Abeg help me and tell him o. Some fantasies are meant to be decadent abeg.

  11. Chizzie
    August 16, 16:28 Reply

    I find Lanre’s articles not only hard to believe but overtly explicit to the point where it becomes…unpalatable. I must however commend u for having a very active and vivid imagination ,akin to Dennis’

    • Dubem
      August 16, 17:06 Reply

      Abeg shuttup let’s hear word. As if you’ve written anything remotely palatable on this blog. Nonsense and ingredients.

      • Chizzie
        August 16, 17:52 Reply

        Dubem your opinions might begin to matter only when u finally have the balls to pen an article here. Till then put in a little more effort to avoid coming across as a rabid dog

  12. Dennis Macauley
    August 16, 16:59 Reply

    @Daniel I don’t know if okada men and clean go together, but I will just take your word for it. I will still pass tho! Thankyou! And the help? I will pass too! LOL
    So you will prefer an okada man to a sharp looking doctor in a ward coat wearing a husky perfume? I think not

  13. Lothario
    August 16, 17:59 Reply

    Lmao @ sexual elitist, maybe that’s what some of us are. Blue collar or scruffy dudes never do it for me, no matter how bubbly the butt is, as long as you fall below a certain social strata, I’ll just smile and pass.

    But wow Lanre….way to go! I hope he graduates and you guys have the whole she-bang… White picket fence, 2.5 kids and holidays in your house in the Bahamas, who knows what the future holds?

  14. Dubem
    August 16, 18:00 Reply

    @Chizzie, rabid dog? Ha. If its not the firewood stove pot calling the stainless steel plate black. My dear I’m no writer. I make no bones about that. And it doesn’t hold me back from recognizing when an attention seeking, not-so talented ‘writer’ (rolling my eyes here) keeps tearing down good efforts of better writers. Abeg go and sit down. We haven’t been perceiving your mouth odour around here in awhile. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

  15. sexstar
    August 16, 18:30 Reply

    I must confess I really love this piece… I sometimes fantasize abt a cute bike guy or some help so far they are neat n have no body odour but I have not really done them …

  16. lluvmua
    August 16, 19:14 Reply

    Lolzzzzzz. Nicestory lanre . Really really nice. Some okada riders though
    Have had my own fair share of fantasies ranging from okada riders to bricklayers(lols yes I said dat) to electrictians etc . Lolz yelz am a slut like dat. Hehhehehehehehehehhe *flips hair nd applies red lipstick*

  17. Mr.A
    August 16, 21:24 Reply

    This is a well written fantasy. I wish dis happened to me. Bike men, carpenters, brick layers, n manual laborers turn me on alot. And the big guys who love men in suits n tie, not everybody is going to get one.

  18. August 16, 22:03 Reply

    Cheap writing…and also auchi polytechnic is in the south not east

  19. Verified
    August 16, 23:06 Reply

    Nice piece Lanre! This really got me hard. I am currently having a crush on one of my company’s driver. We are very close that we call ourselves husband ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ wife. He is so naïve that I ask him over chat to kiss me ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ he does! If I sends him on an official errand ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ he doesn’t wanna go, he’ll say u’re not my wife again! Abeg, wetin una think? I jst wanna see ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ prolly touch what’s in btw his legs ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ maybe…

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 17, 02:23 Reply

      He kissed you and calls you his wife?! And you still hesitate? My dear, either he’s as gay as the rainbow colours or he’s really REALLY dense.

      • Verified
        August 17, 05:31 Reply

        Chai! I’m really waiting ƒøЯ an opportunity to invite him over. He’s actually married with 2 kids. But he’s jst so naïve ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ innocent! Lol @ being densed…

    • Dennis Macauley
      August 17, 05:40 Reply

      That is a sexual harassment complaint against you waiting to happen. Trust me when I say CAN IT IMMEDIATELY

  20. fashyking
    August 18, 22:15 Reply

    @ Verified….pls, I will ask you to just do a little digging further before you act on your fantasies with this driver……I’ve had very very friendly and nice guys before, and as innocent as a little kiss or a hug can be, most of them even think you’re being a very great friend and a special person for that matter who likes the touches and jokes and intimacy, they may become frightened or afraid or whatever at associating such gestures with a gay tendency…..and then, the you might get burnt. I’ve had such an experience before. With total strangers, you may get away with such an approach if you’re lucky….but with someone you see on a daily basis, that’s asking for a lifetime of regret…

    • Verified
      August 19, 08:50 Reply

      Thanks… I’ll sure be more careful. I think I”m d cause of all this though.

      • king
        September 06, 21:29 Reply

        So since then what’s happen jo! Have you kissed again…..wife?

  21. Verified
    September 07, 15:30 Reply

    Hmmm… Almost… Very close! I perceived his mouth for what kinda drink he drank, having the intention of kissing him. Our lips touched though, bt it was not kissing. He jst laughed and said ‘you self”. I do that frequently cos I want to have a close contact with his lips…

    • king
      September 14, 13:42 Reply

      I can bet he’s enjoying it too…he just wants u to feel as if you r the needy one…next time tell him to just stop teasing u and man up jo….and then plant the kiss!!! eh….but if d kito happens…eh..well it happens!!

      • Verified
        September 17, 08:01 Reply

        I think he is too really. Jst waiting for that right moment… When all wld be right.

  22. Som
    August 11, 10:40 Reply

    The part he said that the okada man’s phallus belittled the whiskey bottle. I died ???

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