If You’re LGBT and Live in Lagos Nigeria, Then You Should Boycott Litcaf

If You’re LGBT and Live in Lagos Nigeria, Then You Should Boycott Litcaf

A tweet was yesterday posted condemning homophobia and got retweeted by those who approved. Reacting to the tweet, Litcaf – a café in Yaba, Lagos, which provides a space for people to read and work on their computers – weighed in on its own take of homophobia.

The tweet drew the outrage of many Nigerians on Twitter, and was soon deleted. But screengrabs, like diamonds, are forever.

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  1. Victor Ukpa
    March 15, 07:45 Reply

    Seriously? First of all he did not delete the tweet as you claim. And there was no outrage! Only few people replied @LitCaf on that tweet (which is still on their page). Stop exaggerating! This is wrong! Boycotting a business because of their personal views? Imagine someone calling on straight people to boycott LGBT-run businesses. Let us separate personal opinions from business.

    I would rather employ a COMPETENT homophobe. I don’t care if you are homophobic. Since aunty Dennis said his criteria for employment would be sexual orientation/LGBT ally not minding whether they are competent or not.

    PP you can do better than what you just did!

    • KingB
      March 15, 08:50 Reply

      I would boycott any straight dude who makes me feel uncomfortable, less than human or degraded as a result of my sexuality. This is because they would do same if not worst. There’s this guy that I usually board his tricycle home from Costain to Oyingbo when my staff bus drops me off at Costain.After sometime of doing this, dude started giving me some weird attitude. This started after the day a friend of mine who is flamboyantly gay and catwalks without a care in the world, boarded his tricycle home someday. Ever since that day, dude started dishing attitude at himself. When I noticed this, I stopped patronizing him. When I get to that bus stop and notice he’s the only one there, I would wait till another one shows up. Stopped patronizing him entirely. Told my friend about him and he stopped boarding his vehicle too. Gay guys should avoid homophobes including their source of livelihood ?

      • Dennis Macaulay
        March 15, 13:47 Reply

        it is simple, why use your money to fund homophobia? And homophobic leaning businesses? They can call me all they want, as long as I am part of recruitment? No openly homophobic person will be hired on my watch! I will rather die 25 times than see it happen.

    • Lorde
      March 17, 07:28 Reply

      There s a reason you said ‘personal views’ …..that’s what they are…..fuckin personal…..Besides A business owner should be smarter than spewing hate online… and on you employing homophobic competent people to work in your job….I have no words for you on that…. keep wallowing in your ….whatever fucked up shit you wallow in…… because it’s obvious you don’t know anything about stepping on another human beings human rights…

    • Lorde
      March 17, 07:32 Reply

      As if people have not been fired from their jobs in Nigeria…because their sexual orientation was discovered… is it not the same thing you’re saying….separating business from personal matters…. does being gay make anyone less competent to do their work???? Yet….they get fired when they are found out…. they even loose their houses( if they live in a rental) ….abeg abeg abeg…. just crawl back to where you came from…. don’t annoy me this morning…I just woke up from sleep

  2. Dennis Macaulay
    March 15, 13:43 Reply

    Victor Ukpa makes me laugh but again I am reminded that black people criticized Rosa Parks for not giving up her seat. Its not today it started.

    Pander to homophobia all you want, nurture it, keep its gates. Remember that eventually it consumes its gate keepers.

    People are fired from their jobs in Nigeria for being gay but I am the bigot! How quaint!

    Meanwhile you think I find Aunty Denigrating? ??? you will be alright boo

    • baddest
      March 15, 14:23 Reply

      Mr Dennis you are useless person and a big shame to any Responsible Gay man out there, are you not the guy that was suggesting that Tobi of Big Brother Nigeria is in the closet…You always feel you are the Mr Tea Spiller until the Hottest Tea ever will pour on you and disfigure your so called baby boy face..I don’t know you in person or what you look like but I hate gays that suggest others are Gay,even if you know about them or even done something with them,why must always you always want to tell the world or make half baked suggestions which might not be facts….
      People like you are the reason why I will advise anybody that wanna stay in the closet to stay there forever because you are bad news, maybe you can Gossip with your follow bitches offline but coming on a platform like twitter or any public platform like to suggest that someone is Gay is all time Low he Mr Universal GayDar, I don’t know neither you nor Tobi in person but reading your tweets made me vomit at your personality and other gays that are masters in systematically outing people or making harmful suggestion..Freedom of Human right also means that people can decide to live their life the way they want it without people like you outing,everyone are not interested in living their truth like you,everyone is not interested in being a crusader,let people live the way they they want it as long they are not hurting you.. you can live a long life without suggesting that people re gay even if you have receipts or video of themselves,keep it to your baby boy busy body.Be careful.. I stay away from making gay friends because most can’t keep secret even an Ashawo in ikeja can be trusted with secrets than most of you guys,If someone wanna be downlow let them be,if someone wanna be low-key,let them be,if someone no do again ,let them be,this will make your community better and safer for others to join..Are you looking for numbers or what…once a gay man admires someone,next thing they start spreading gay rumours about the person….it makes me sick,Don’t let that Tea pour on you..

      • Omiete
        March 15, 14:55 Reply

        How did we enter this discussion bikonu?

          • baddest
            March 15, 19:21 Reply

            Oga what is worrying them? You are a pure disgrace to manhood,always trying to feel that there is something special about you,I wonder how you look sef,Change your ways so you can attract positivity,there re more about life than gossiping and stirring up gossip like a market woman wey no see customer …Upgrade and Update your Sense App.

        • baddest
          March 15, 19:25 Reply

          @ Victor, No time to shake table,as for me I go and throw away whatever that is on the table then donate the table to a school that needs it so they will us reduce the possibilities of more Dennis with no self respect and self worth…

      • Swan King
        March 16, 07:00 Reply

        Erm..Unku, is all well at home?
        Not only did U miss the point, U moved the goal post and attacked viciously. If all’s not well at home, we’ll understand. But if U are just another toxic person, namastay-out-of-this space!

      • bamidele
        February 06, 12:26 Reply

        I don’t know whom you’Re refering to and I don’t have to, but I agree with your points concerning how we gays unnecessarily poke-nose into people’s affairs, ans discriminating them While we gays fight discriminations by the day, the internal discriminations poses greater sometimes. Consequently, it’ll be challenging to fight for our rights with one voice when we keep serving as monsters to one another.

  3. Wytem
    March 15, 16:56 Reply

    What’s with all the name calling?
    Guys keep the discourse civil please.
    Try to stick to the theme of the post as much as possible.

  4. RiddleMe | as-I-am
    March 16, 07:06 Reply

    @ Baddest, Just shut up abeg, shut up, keep your fucking mouth shut. Shut up biko, just shut up.

    You and other retards like you are the reason we will never make progress on LGBT rights in Africa.

    Must you stain us with your useless stinking internalized homophobia. Is it our fault that you are gay, eh? is it our fault?

    If you are disgusted at who you are ( which reeks over all your post) please take a rope and hang yourself.

    “People that don’t want to live their truth.” Like seriously, If you want to live a lie to your generation forever, enjoy your stupidity and don’t come here to spill rubbish in the name of defending your backward thinking.

    See, stop commenting on this blog o; I will insult you anytime I see your useless comments.

    Kitodiaries should shut down so we can all live majestically in secret. In fact, your are an idiot.

    Useless shit of a thing called baddest………. mitschewwww……………

  5. baddest
    March 16, 12:11 Reply

    Who is this nasty piece of rag,I am replying you because I am free, madam if I have Internal problem,it is my problem,how is it your problem? I don’t go about taking about people,you don’t get it,whatever aliment weather u call it internalised homophobia or whatever as long as nobody is blocking your road,off how does it concern you? I have zero issues unlike you,I know have issues of gossip mongers like the one you support. Normally I won’t pay someone like you any attention,I am living a Very Happy Life! Next time I see someone not minding their business like you then I will say my mind….You sound depressed already…Grab a Rob Fam

  6. baddest
    March 16, 12:17 Reply

    Agents of people that want to live their truth,you don’t care if someone has eaten but you care if they are living their truth,go and live your own truth and move on,you did not come to this life with anybody,make yourself happy,live happy and don’t worry about others weather they re living their truth or their lie,it is their problem,stop carrying people’s problem like a try of Mango,ur neck go break,this is why depression is on a Major rise.Angels Gabriel keep living your truth and leave us with lies,is it your lie? Come and collect the Truth Award,Take 20 yards of living the truth garment so u can sew aseobi for you and your truth Gang…..my plea is pleasing stop spilling the tea that will burn your face one-day,That Expired and fake news Tea will burn you if you don’t trend well..I an watching

    • RiddleMe | as-I-am
      March 16, 17:33 Reply

      Useless piece of trash…mitschew….

      I’m a Certified Hacker and revealing your identity for the world to see isn’t an issue at all… so be very careful, if not I will be the least of your problems… Nonsense

      • baddest
        March 16, 23:40 Reply

        Uncle hacker I Dey wait,my identity will surely bring peace to the world…..Save the World and give them peace by revealing who I am since I am now world’s Most wanted man…Mumu…I always avoid trash like you,who in his senses will settle with lowlife like you..Use your Hacking skills and download Brain because you surely need a new one.

  7. HUMAN
    March 16, 19:55 Reply

    *sips tea*


  8. Malik
    March 17, 02:17 Reply

    I am not understanding this thread of comments.

  9. Lorde
    March 17, 07:37 Reply

    I just read these comments….. N I laff

  10. trystham
    March 17, 15:48 Reply

    From boycott to weave snatching…we will be alright las las true-true

    March 17, 19:11 Reply

    This is all so hilarious. Y’all r making my day ???

  12. Absalom
    March 18, 01:20 Reply

    26 comments. I was surprised. Is it how activism is now sweet? So I said lemme come and check. Tufts of weavon all over the floor!!!!! Hia oh.

  13. lotanna
    March 18, 20:22 Reply

    oh well!?..
    Drama left,right and centre.One would think the ‘high’ number of comments today was even about the subject matter.
    oya,all of you shuu enter ya hazz sharpaly.??

  14. Rigor
    March 19, 11:31 Reply

    Oshey! Barrest!
    unku hacker, how market? Any progress?

  15. xoxo
    March 21, 12:24 Reply

    Uncles and auntie, it’s ok, I don’t have much to say but I wee borrow a context from the good book, ” a house divided amongst itself will not stand”. So y’all should stop all this fights, truthfully, if I walked into a business center and the owner was seriously homophobic, I am sorry, that’s the end of me and the business, I cannot come and be fearing for my life while spending my money, plus we all know it’s very unethical business wise to come and talk about a controversial issue online

  16. Yazz soltana
    March 22, 20:04 Reply

    Tobi is a celebrity or somewhat he won’t be the first male celeb to have his sexuality questioned. Unless you would provide video of him having sex with a guy while mentioning his full name it is all speculation. .
    In fact you have not made it as an handsome male celeb if your sexuality has not been questioned… .
    It only adds to your publicity no harm done.

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