Actor IK Ogbonna says he’ll never play a Gay Role

Actor IK Ogbonna says he’ll never play a Gay Role

Actor IK Ogbonna courted controversy when he sat down to a chat with Saturday Beats, where he said that he would not play any gay role. I mean, gay roles have never really been an issue in Nollywood, but whaddaeck, just in case any director is eyeing an actor for one such role, he just wants to get it out there that he’d never be interested.

He says:

“I have never done a gay movie in my life and I would never do such whether internationally or locally. There are certain things I don’t support and would never support and homosexuality is one of them. Inasmuch as people are free to be who they want to be, I mean God gave us all free will, so who am I to judge? I would accept you for who you are but I would not encourage certain things. I would not be on platforms to encourage these kinds of things. It does not mean that I would judge you or discriminate against you but I would not be a part of such.”

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      LOL. Okwa nno ‘splash of pink’ lol.
      Thanks, man. 😀

  2. Gad
    July 12, 15:48 Reply

    Movie directors take note

  3. Deola
    July 12, 15:53 Reply

    Purple is the new black. I like.

  4. Flecks
    July 12, 16:08 Reply

    Never really liked this guy,never would.. and yes my opinion matters! 
    Anyways, the new website is cool 

  5. Max
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    Silly blonde.. Who wants to hire you sef?
    I hate this dude so much.. I’ll knock that bitch down in Lag anyday I see his bald ugly ass.. Mtchew

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    This really is a pink castle.

    And I is fine oh. Chai.

    Max, who do you ever like?

    • Max
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      You really wanna know?

        • Max
          July 12, 18:25 Reply

          I like King Mufasa. 🙂

          • Absalom
            July 12, 20:42 Reply

            He finally got to hit it after all you shakara. 😛


  7. Lemuel
    July 12, 16:48 Reply

    Smh! So he actually thinks he can go intl? Very soon his nyash will be opened by his wife like the “every where Toke Makinwa” buh his own case will have a splash of rainbow.#thegodshasspoken

  8. kacee
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    Yay!!! Welcome back PP,i’ve missed u…

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    Aahhhhhh! I freaking love this site!!!! Pinky this is Amazing! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! This is what Nigerian women will call baby pink. So mild and loud at the same time. Can’t wait to start up something of mine, nah here I go first advertise.

    And for IK… This Oga can’t act nah! When I eventually become a film maker this guy will not even see my script cover page not to talk of role sef. Horrible line screamer.

  10. Paul
    July 12, 19:25 Reply

    Dude’s trying so hard to make us believe otherwise.
    Silence is golden.
    They tore him to shreds on ds same post on SDK blog.
    Pple claimed they know guys he’s asked out…. etc
    @ d end of the day,i pray he ends us appearing str8 to the whole world without any scandals

  11. McGray
    July 12, 21:19 Reply

    I dnt see anything special abt dis nwoke mbok. Biko he shld ga nwere oche na azu faculty of science

  12. posh6666
    July 12, 21:38 Reply

    Ermm am trying to be a better person so in that order he only said he cant act a gay role he didnt deny being gay.Pinkie nawao u are really serious bout carving a niche for urself aint u?your blog shall not fail like somebody’s *side eyes*.Really cool upgrade.mwahhh

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    wow! Congrats pinky your new website looks amazing! Just that posts from different dates are all jumbled up making it confusing!

  15. Chuck
    July 13, 04:09 Reply

    So he’s gay too? Him, D Banj, Mr. Ideal, D’ Prince and Mr Universe Nigeria

  16. MagDiva
    July 13, 05:39 Reply

    Maybe he should learn to act first before worrying about what roles he wants to play or not. KMT

  17. Dennis Macaulay
    July 13, 06:18 Reply

    This dumbo that cannot act to save his life? Mstchew!

    Pinky the site is amazeballs

  18. Mitch
    July 13, 07:42 Reply

    This one that cannot act to save his life is also talking. Abeg Iyke, stick to what works for you or better still, swerve enter gutter! Ode!

  19. pete
    July 13, 07:43 Reply

    most answers you see in interviews are responses to questions. he was asked & he answered. even if he’s gay and/or can’t act to save his life, is he not entitled to his preferences? read again, he said he has no problem with gays, just that he won’t act a gay role.

    • Gad
      July 13, 11:25 Reply

      The thing is tiresome. Just because he said he won’t take a gay role he is now ugly,dumb,hypocrite and all. All this coming from a people who have “suffered” long years of intolerance for being different. Okay

  20. YEKA
    July 13, 09:14 Reply

    Biko who is dis one? Dude be famzing…horrible actor at that. Scarraway from here!

  21. Zeus
    July 13, 15:22 Reply

    He need to have acting chops first. Even though he doesn’t have ish with sexual preferences.

    On a lighter note- Pink Panther big ups on the new site. U did good.

  22. queer Mike
    July 13, 16:04 Reply

    madam ogbonna so after Bromancing Alex finish you go come open your mouth and say “There are certain things you don’t support and Homosexuality is one of them”

    Agabaya!!! Why not learn how to act first before worrying about playing gay roles???

  23. metrosexual
    July 13, 21:47 Reply

    ‘Straight people can play gay roles; and gay people can play straight roles. That’s the whole point of being an actor. To be able to transform…(Reese Witherspoon)

    Now we know the difference between Hollywood actors and Nollywood actors…anyways, that’s by the way. He should keep staying irrelevant.

    I like this pink theme.. Pretty

  24. Diablo
    July 14, 10:59 Reply

    Well he doesn’t want to have an erection while acting one, there by outing himself and ruining his plans to finalise his European green card. Lets cut the girl some slack

  25. tobby
    July 14, 21:45 Reply

    What a ground-breaking piece of information. Duly noted

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