“It’s Never Too Late To Live.” – Kenny Brandmuse

“It’s Never Too Late To Live.” – Kenny Brandmuse

I’ve been seeing many same-gender loving men getting married to women on my Facebook timeline of late. Like one every other week. Congratulations, guys! I recalled how I used to be very specific about this issue: If you are gay and you know it, don’t marry a woman. It’s just unfair to put a woman through all that drama.

These days, however, my attitude has evolved.

This thanks to self compassion and the practice of mindfulness. Humans are as diverse as we come. No one is a standard of life. Our journeys and stories differ, and no one is better than the other.

Perhaps you are still figuring this out – who knows. Please don’t let anyone judge you. It’s your life.

However, I’m a believer of us living our authentic life, no matter what it costs. Make sure your spouse is aware that you like same sex too. There are bisexual people in this world and their experiences are valid. You don’t need to wear a rainbow flag to be a valid LGBTQ person, but never take for granted the fights many courageous people have fought – and are still fighting – to give us the rights many of us now enjoy.

Fight with us.

Speak up with us when it really matters, because silence is saying you are on the side of the oppressor.

The fight for LGBTQ rights can no longer be championed by the folks on the frontline. We need every voice, every ally, every heterosexual lover of the humankind. And if you got married just because you needed to fit in, think about your spouse. Think about love. True love is not selfish at all. And, why live to please people who don’t even know who they are! What is buried alive never dies.

Embrace your journey. Be honest with who you are. Be kind to yourself. It’s never too late to #Live.

Written by Kenny Brandmuse

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  1. Rehoboth
    May 22, 05:46 Reply

    Being bisexual is not a valid reason to be a douchebag. I know it’s not what Kenny meant but it can be construed that way.
    That said, you want to marry, do so but be ready to take responsibility for your actions and not pin it on anyone else.

    • Mandy
      May 22, 07:24 Reply

      Anyone can be a douchebag though. It’s not a prerogative of bisexuals

  2. Mandy
    May 22, 07:29 Reply

    No Nigerian can possibly know the disaster of getting married as a gay man more than Kenny. Why then does it seem like he’s encouraging gay men to marry women? ?

    • Malik
      May 22, 10:03 Reply

      He’s not encouraging them, he’s just stating the obvious that each person’s story and decision making process is different. We all have different factors we consider. The most important thing, he pointed out and I agree, is being honest with your partner.

  3. Shamiso
    May 22, 17:25 Reply

    I think he’s right in every sense of it. We all have our struggles. By the way me I’m looking for a really nice hook up. My man pussy craves some action.

  4. soty
    May 25, 09:32 Reply

    Owwwwwwe so true I feel most women’s pain but how will you as a gay man do when your family requires you to give them children but you have no choice to

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